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Month: June 2015

Hand Tears and Crossfit: 5 Tips to prevent tearing

My hands are disgusting!  I’m just keeping it real!  When I get a manicure, the manicurist always says “oh my goodness” what happened to your hands? I always say its from weightlifting and she always say’s, “stop doing that, you are a lady not a boy”. I die laughing every time. I have a love/hate relationship with my hands. I love that I have a built up amount of calluses to protect my hands, but I hate that they are rough. Man hands, eewwwww.

I competed with a team two years ago and this was the first time I had multiple rips. HAMBURGER HANDS!!!! I didn’t feel any pain during, but after it hurt like a SOB!!! I had blood running down my arms, it was gross.




























I still had pull-ups to finish so I had to finished my reps with my bloody hands (poor girl that went after me). Our team still had a portion of the workout left, and I needed to take my turn. I wasn’t going to bow out so I sucked it up, and took my turn. A guy from the crowd must have felt sorry for me because he wrapped my bloody hands. Such a generous soul. I would have said, girl you are on your own! Joking! Maybe not. So, I took my turn with my half wrapped bloody hands. We had to push a weighted sled 100 yards, I think. I didn’t want to think about my hands hurting, so I just grabbed the sled and ran with it. My palms were toast so I used my fingers. I was so glad when it was over!

All the blood made my rips seem worse than they were. Either way the shit hurt. To this day, if I start to rip even a little bit, I stop. When I ripped my hands, it sucked. Washing my hands was a task. Everything was a task. I used healing ointment on my palms, and did NOT keep them wrapped. Doing so seemed to harden the skin and help it heal faster.

If you can prevent your hands from ripping do so. Seriously, it’s STUPID to keep going when you have an open sore in the palm of your hand. I took one for the team, but in my everyday workout life I would have stopped.

Five tips to prevent HAMBURGER HANDS!

1. Don’t use an excessive amount of chalk. (I use way too much)

2. Consider using leather grips, or athletic tape.

3. Take care of your hands, and shave down any calluses you may have. 

4. Evaluate your grip! I was gripping the bar with the palm of my hand. The bar should not be at the bottom of your palm.

5. Lastly, STOP when your hands begin to rip. This will prevent further injury. No one will think you are a hero for finishing your reps with obvious rips. After you finish we will gawk at you because the pull-up bars are now bloody because of YOU. Eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww




Apple Watch Review 2 (4.5 pounds down)


 I hope everyone is doing well. My Monday has been uneventful, and that is always a plus!

In any event, I wanted to take a few minutes, and give an update on my Apple Watch. In my last post I discussed how I was over estimating on the amount of calories I actually burn each day. I was over estimating by a shit ton. Needless to say I was somewhat disappointed. My efforts were not near as great as I thought they were. 

Check out my example below: 

My watch/and the the elliptical’s count…sad day









I set my goal on my Apple watch to 590 calories per day. Before I had my Apple watch hitting 590 calories was simple. Ask me if it’s simple now? Heck NO!!! I’m lucky if I hit 590 calories by 10:00pm. If I am solely lifting weights, I can FORGET it…I am not hitting anywhere near 590 calories. I have found myself doing jumping jacks, or other random stuff just to meet my goal.

 So, I adjusted my daily caloric intake to 1700 calories per day. Some people may say that is too high, and some may say its too low. It works for me, and my body. #Icannot survive off of 1200 calories per day. I would be a complete asshole if I only ate 1200 calories per day. #keepingitreal!

Since my last post I have dropped 4.5 pounds. Simply knowing the actual amount of calories burned helped me to make adjustments. I was eating way too much damn food. I am still managing to lose about a half of a pound per day.

 If you are stuck in your weight loss journey, you could be eating too much, or over estimating on the amount of calories you actually burn. Overall, I will say that my watch has been highly effective.




Lesley and Eve  


Apple Watch Initial Review

Hi ya’ll!!!

I hope everyone is having a great week!!!

I was finally able to get my hands on an Apple watch. The only reason I wanted an Apple Watch was to keep an accurate count of my calories. It is extremely important to me to know how many calories I burn during my workouts. I could really care less about the other functions. I am all about accurate results. Traditionally, and like everyone else, I guessed on the amount of calories I thought I burned.

My calories burned estimate was way off. The machines at the gym are WRONG!!! Today I jumped on the elliptical for 30 minutes. The elliptical computed 402 calories based upon my weight and age. My Apple watch calculated 267 calories. I base my caloric intake on the amount of activity I do each day. If I am not active, or having an active recovery day keep my calories at about 1500. During active days my caloric intake increases based on the amount of activity for that day. When I’m asked how many calories I eat each day, I always say 1700, or it depends. I never eat the amount of calories I burned during my activity. Eating the calories you burned, and your caloric allowance for the day will keep you at the same weight. We are basically exercising to eat which limits progress.

I wore my Apple watch half of the day yesterday, and then this morning. So, I’m not going to lie, I was pissed with my results after an hour of cardio. I thought I burned way more calories than my Apple watch computed. My intensity needs to increase substantially. The Apple watch has this really cool heart rate sensor. Apple’s heart rate sensor is able to detect our heart rate during activity, and the intensity during workouts. This in turn gives us an accurate count of our active calories burned. Despite my calories burned estimate being off, I am still excited about my Apple watch. I can now take my more accurate information and use my results to make precise changes/progress. I also have a Fitbit, and the calculations are similar. So, if you need a more affordable device, the Fitbit will do the job!!!

Enjoy your day!!!!

Lesley and Eve

Weekly Workouts

Today has been rainy, and gloomy. Despite the rain, I still kept moving today!

I hope everyone had a great Wednesday!!! Today was a productive day for me. I was able to spend time with one of my best friends, which is always a blast.

Anyway, I wanted to get the second weekly workout to you all for tonight, or tomorrow morning. Today was a cardio day for me. No real weight lifting today, its nice not to lift heavy everyday!

So here we go……

Repeat 3 times!!!

40 sit-ups

40 lunges

40 high knees

40 butt kicks

40 jumping jacks

Feel free to let me know how things are going!!!

I did this quick little workout in the stretching are at Rambler. People only stared for the first round 😉

Adult Acne, and Isotretinoin (Accutane)


I hope everyone is doing well. I sincerely hope that my last blog post about my Acne was helpful. Adult Acne has plagued my life for a really long time, and have started treating my acne with Isotretinoin (Accutane).  I know the frustration Acne can cause. If I can help anyone at all, I have accomplished my goal.

Before I update you all on my progress, I have to vent for a tiny bit. I love Instagram and I draw inspiration from a ton of people. I don’t copy anyone, and I have my own voice and beliefs.

I scrolled through my feed as per usual. I see a picture from a popular blogger doing a skin comparison. She was comparing her skin after eating dairy while away from home, and then photo’s of her recovery after not eating dairy.

Her photo’s showed an improvement of her skin after eliminating dairy. Her skin still had some scaring but was clear of acne with no inflammation. I have suffered from acne my entire life. When I read her post, I was irritated. I was irritated because I know first hand that food elimination does not work for everyone. It is the exception, and not the rule.

Studies have been published that show some people that consume milk regularly have more breakouts than people that don’t consume milk. It is important to note that other factors are also linked, such as the consumption of sports drinks. I have eliminated dairy from my diet in the past, and my acne did not improve. Dairy elimination could work for some people, but any kind of food elimination should be discussed with a physician. This particular blogger didn’t once suggest that anyone consult with a physician.

Pin-pointing what the exact causes of acne are extremely difficult. If the cause of acne and the treatment were easy so many wouldn’t be plagued with it. The author of the post stated that she was on vacation consuming dairy when her breakout occurred. A change in her environment could have caused her skin to breakout. A ton of factors could have been the culprit. My biggest gripe is that people who follow her believe every word she preaches. People are willing to take advice from someone who is not a healthcare provider, and actually consider eliminating all dairy, because of the results she posted. Truthfully, I felt that a majority of her post was an ad was advertisement for casein free ghee. I personally would not eliminate items in my diet without speaking with my healthcare provider. People who suffer from Acne are willing to try or do anything to rid themselves of Acne. The publication of this type of information gives people false hope. What works for some people may not work for everyone. I feel the more appropriate thing to do would have been to add a disclaimer that eliminating dairy worked for her, but that she is not 100% certain that it could work for everyone.

All right, rant over!

Over the last week I have been fortunate to speak to other girlfriends of mine who also suffer from Acne. It is more prevalent than I thought. The beauty business is a booming business. Many of my friends have spent tons of money on Acne products to only get nominal results. I will say this; if a product is burning your skin or causing excessive drying seek assistance. We don’t want to ruin our skin during the process of healing our skin.

I am well into my second month on Isotretinoin (Accutane). I can see some minor changes, but I am still getting breakouts. Blackheads have plagued my nose and made a home on my nose. All of the black heads that were once deeply embedded in my nose are ALL gone!!! I’m stoked!!! Progress!

My lips are extremely dry, and the corners of my mouth have small lacerations. I keep Aquaphor on my lips 24/7, its very messy. Moisturizing my entire body has been my priority, but the dryness has started to appear in random places. I noticed two dry spots on my arms. I have never had dry skin, so I assume these dry patches occurred due to the Isotretinoin. Tons of people complain of joint pain, and fatigue while on Isotretinoin, but I don’t have any of those systems after an increase to 80mg. Fatigue was brutal during the first week of my treatment, I am not anywhere near my maximum dosage. I can only hope that my symptoms don’t back track once my dosage increases. Kat Von D’s lock-it foundation has been and continues to be my foundation of choice. A little goes a long way with this foundation, and the coverage is absolutely amazing.

My eyes were and still are extremely dry. The dryness was so bad that it began to affect my vision. I called my Dermatologist, because the dryness was unbearable. During our conversation she had me alternate the dosage.

I am currently taking 40 mg three times a week, and 80mg 4 times a week. I think alternating the dosages has caused me to have more breakouts. My breakouts on the medication are nowhere near the breakouts I had prior to starting treatment. My symptoms have been tolerable, besides the dry eyes. I still stand by my decision in this being on of the best course of treatment for me.

As I continue on my journey, feel free to ask me questions. I have received questions about the side effects, the side effects are brutal. But with the supervision of a Dermatologist the symptoms can be manageable. Isotretinoin isn’t the only oral medication that I have taken for my acne, the list would be too long. So far Isotretinoin has been the most effective in treating my adult acne. I personally don’t think any over the counter medications, or soaps would have cured me of my acne. Since starting treatment I have still been able to have gentle chemical peels to assist with scaring. Acne scaring is brutal, chemical peels can assist in evening your skin tone and eliminating sun spots/scarring.

Taking Isotretinoin can be a double-edged sword. We can either rid ourselves of acne and deal with the symptoms, or have the pain and scarring of acne. Whatever your choice may be, make it with your family and healthcare professional.


Dryness on my arm









Minor lacerations in the corner of my mouth…also a breakout! My scarring has reduced significantly. I am still using Kiehl’s dark spot corrector for sun spots and dark spot correction. 









Share your stories with us!!! We respond to everyone!

Love you all,

Lesley and Eve

Weekly Workout

Happy Monday!!!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!!! How did you like the first full week of weekly workouts? Hopefully it has helped someone? Lets make this week a good one!


Repeat 4 times: 

25 push-ups 

25 squat jumps 

25 sit-ups


Weekly Workouts

Happy Friday!!!!

I hope everyone is ready for the weekend! I know I am. Any big plans? I am doing an in-house competition at Elite tomorrow. I haven’t done any sort of competition in forever.

In any event I figured I would wrap things up with a workout. Feel free to do this workout tonight, Saturday or Sunday.

It’s extremely important to stay consistent with your workouts. If I can’t make it to my regular 9:00am class, I make sure to get some sort of workout accomplished. I did this workout 3 times instead of twice. I also jumped on the Stairmaster for 18 minutes.

Try it and see how you like it!!!


Repeat twice (2) 

50 squats 

50 crunches 

50 high knees 

50 butt kicks 

50 jumping jacks 


Lesley and Eve 

Weekly Workout #1 Move your BODY!!!

Weekly workouts are designed to get your BODY moving. The weekly workout is simple and can be done in the comfort of your own home!!! I will summarize my workouts on a regularly basis Please feel free to duplicate what I do. Sometimes we all get in a rut, and need workout ideas. I am all about it. If you would like to share your workout, feel free to do so in the comment section. The purpose of the Weekly workouts is to get your BODY moving. If you are at a place in your journey in which you can only walk, do so. Tell us about it. There is not a lot that I can’t relate too. I have been on the spectrum of being overweight, and I have been been on the spectrum of being fit. Whatever you choose to do, be proud of it!!!

My photo’s….My photo’s are photo’s that were captured in the moment, or are selfies (sorry for the reflection in my glass). I don’t have a camera man following me around. My story is real, and I write my own content. What you see is what you get. I figured I would post two similar pictures, both of me sitting down.

Overweight 2















The workouts that I post, will be workouts that I do at home, the base gym and of course at Elite Crossfit in San Antonio. I love Crossfit because the workout can always be scaled to your fitness level. My goal is to help you, and provide variety. Look for my blog post tomorrow on the Workout of the Day (WOD) from (click, elite for website) Elite Crossfit. If I scaled my workout, I will tell you why. I will also explain what it means to scale a workout. I promise it will all make since.

I usually start my workout week on Sunday. On Sunday’s I make sure I do some running. I am going to be negative for one quick second…..#ICANT with running. Okay, I’m done.

I promise to always provide consistency. If I promise a post, it will always get done.

Today my workout consisted of: 

8-200 meter sprints with equal rest to work ratio.

15 minutes on the stair master at level 13.

AND…..I’m done!!!

Here is something you can do at home: 

18 walking lunges 

18 situps 

18 push-ups 

3 rounds and #DONE 

Put your best face forward…Beauty obsessions

Do you remember how old you were when you started applying make-up? I had to sneak make-up when I was younger.  My mom wasn’t on board with me and my secret relationship with make-up. I always felt ugly around the age of 13. I’m did not feel that I was half as pretty as many of my peers. In any event I have beauty obsessions, as many other people have obsessions with other hobbies or things.

Anyway, I started off with lipstick and my obsession gradually grew.  I discussed my problems with acne, make-up was my savior. As a young adolescent with acne, I was obsessed with anything beauty related.  I often looked to hide my many blemishes with cosmetics.I worked at Dairy Queen when I was 15, so I had my own money to buy whatever I wanted.  The different chemicals within the different cosmetics caused my face to breakout more so than EVER!!! My acne was angry!!!  I I have always been plagued with acne, and oily skin. The worst combination on the planet in my opinion. I would and still envy women who have perfect skin. I always wondered what it would be like to not have to try so hard to cover up my skin and not be so embarrassed of my skin. The one thing I can say is that I was not overweight as child or teen. I was actually very thin. I didn’t become overweight until well into adulthood. I promise you will learn all about it!

Anyway, I have tried a wide variety of cosmetic brands. I don’t use one brand in particular. It’s not because I have an agenda. I use different brands because not all cosmetic products from one specific cosmetic’s line suits all of my needs. As far as foundation is concerned, I use Kat Von D’s  Lock-it Tattoo Foundation, and primer. I use this particular foundation because prior to starting acne treatment this did the best to cover my acne scars, and blemishes. This is the best foundation I have ever tried, a little goes a long way. I only need one small pump. I am also a  Younique presenter, and for the longest time I only used their mascara. I have tried a vast array of mascara’s, and nothing in my opinion tops their 3D lashes. I have heard complaints of the fibers falling, and causing issues, the best piece of advice I can offer is patience. Rome was not built in a day people! Applying this brand of mascara is going to take a few coats to lock in the fiber lashes. Believe me when I tell you its worth it! A rush job applying our face is never good for anyone. I also use Younique’s BB creams, best BB creams ever!!! I promise! This is the only BB cream that I can use that will cover all of blemishes without added concealer or foundation. It’s my go to,  and its sweat proof. LOVE IT!!! Have you ever been the person at the gym with mascara and foundation rolling down your face with the sweat? Yeah, me too.

There are far too many products for me to review within this one blog post. I promise I will review products on a consistent basis.

My regime includes products from different cosmetic brands, and is different almost daily. As I embark on my journey to heal my acne, I have to work with different products to ensure my skin is moisturized at all times. Sometimes it’s easier for me to not wear a full face of make-up, and thats perfectly okay. I love myself with or without make-up.

What are some of your favorite cosmetic lines?


Adult Acne and Isotretinoin

Alright! Time to get things started. I love reading blogs, and I also like to know about the author. You know, what hair care products they use, their skin care regime, what they eat, and above all else what their wearing!!! Pretty much EVERYTHING!!! Yes, I am nosey. I am not afraid to admit it.  I feel it’s only fair to invite you into those aspects of my life.

At the age of 12 I began to develop acne. Why me? At the age of 12, I had the body of an adolescent boy, couple that with acne, and that describes me at that time period in my life. I have never had cystic acne, but the kind of acne that forms large inflamed white heads, deep black heads, and a large amount of small pimples all over my face.

Acne affects 40-50 million people in the United States, primarily targeting adolescent boys and girls. But, 54% of the 40-50 million affect woman!!! I was in shock when my dermatologist informed me of this information. At every stage of my life I battled acne. While in high school, my acne was at its absolute worst. Acne is embarrassing. I have always been insecure about my acne. I rarely made eye contact with anyone, due to my insecurities. Never in my life have I tried a new product for my face without extensive research. If I did, my periodic tamed acne would come to surface with hostility and vengeance. The ridicule was unbearable at times, I think everyone’s favorite mean name for someone with acne was “pizza face”. Seriously, come up with something better. Who would want to eat a pizza with pimples? Joking 😉

My mother, bless her big heart, being very much “old school” suggested that I wash my face with bar soap (ouch), and then swab my face down with alcohol. I was in complete agony. I can still feel the stinging sensation. Despite cleansing my face day, and night, my acne worsened. As time evolved so did the market for acne products. I have literally been on every product in any local drug store. There were times that I would get a short period of relief, but quickly rebounded during menses. At the age of 15, I had pimple cover-up down to a science.

After I graduated high school, I joined the Air Force. With joining the Air Force I was afforded great medical care.

The first thing I wanted assistance with was my acne. I tried, topical antibiotics, oral medication, birth control, topical medications with benzoyl peroxide, you name it, I have taken it. My selection of medications were limited, I could not take any sort of medication that would prevent me from being deployable. I couldn’t take certain prescriptions that weren’t readily available in another country. I more than understood, and as a service member, I always put my service to my country before myself. I put my acne on the back burner, and accepted that I would have good and bad days.

Please, raise your hand if you have spent copious amounts of money on acne products? Both of my hands are up. I have personally spent unknown scary amounts on products to cure my acne, each time getting nominal results. I moved up to higher end products thinking that would definitely work, spending hundreds on expensive products. Higher end products produced nominal results as well.

After years of fighting with my acne, I decided it was time for medical intervention. As an adult in my 30’s I was more than over acne.  A few of my friends said I was “vain” for wanting the medication I wanted. My acne wasn’t that “bad” to them. I love my friends, but until they have walked the walk, kindly keep your opinions to yourself. I still love you all!!!

Armed with all of my medical history I went to see a dermatologist. I knew in my mind what I wanted her to prescribe. I wanted what every person who has ever struggled with acne often sought after disappointment, Accutane. Before I go any further, I want to inform everyone that this medication has a ton of side effects. It’s a personal choice, it may not be the choice for everyone, and that is perfectly fine.

Millions of people still refer to this medication as Accutane, but it’s actually Isotretinoin.

My acne as I mentioned before isn’t the worst type of acne, with a strict regime I could be somewhat clear, but serve breakouts would always find a way back to me. The moment my dermatologist walked into the room and asked what could she do for me, I let it all flow, my frustration, anger and disappointment. With no hesitation, she agreed Isotretinoin was the appropriate treatment for me. The source of my acne as an adult female over 30 is a direct reflection of a hormonal imbalance.

The side effects of Isotretinoin are tough. Isotretinoin is in a class of medications referred to as retinoids, and was originally marketed as a chemotherapy drug. I know, YIKES!!! The medication is basically a very high dosage of vitamin A, and works by controlling the oil in the sebaceous glands. Almost every part of your body is drained of any oil.

My lips feel like cracked leather, my skin like alligator scales, my scalp constantly itches, and my joints ache. My first week on 40mg of Isotretinoin I felt awful, I was ill with Flu like symptoms. I was beyond exhausted. Exercising was a chore, and everyday tasks took longer than normal. I had to think of the end result when faced with the side effects.

While taking Isotretinoin a woman CANNOT become pregnant and must have 2 forms of documented birth control.

Isotretinoin can be harmful to unborn babies. The IPLEDGE program is in place to ensure patients comply with the rules, and guidelines of the medication. Every month before I receive my prescription I have to get a pregnancy test with negative results before the pharmacy will fill my prescription. The process is time consuming, but in my opinion thus far, totally worth it.

I just finished month one, of my five-six month treatment plan. My symptoms began to stabilize in weeks three and four. I’m not sure how my symptoms will change once I am on a higher dosage. Not to worry, I will keep everyone in the loop. My objective is to document my journey for anyone who may suffer from acne, and have questions or need tips. Why re-invent the wheel?

As I progress on my path, I will document makeup used, my skin care regime as well as skin moisturizers.

This path may not be for everyone, and I think it’s important to allow each person, and their provider to choose their own treatment plan. Everyone is entitled to there own opinion. We are all free to agree or disagree, as long as we do so in a respectful manner.

NEVER EVER get your eyebrows waxed while on Isotretinoin. I had my eyebrows waxed as per usual, completely forgetting that this is a BIG no! You can see in my photo where the wax burned my skin. Very painful! I applied aloe and Osmotic’s blue copper prime, day and night, and I’m healing up perfectly.










My skin care regime to date:

I am often asked why I use anti-aging products at my age, 34. I use anti-aging as a preventative. I don’t have any wrinkles on my face, and have an even skin tone. I will save my recommendations on anti-aging products in a later blog post. The majority of my purchases were made at Nordstrom, but can also be purchased online.


Step 1- Osmotic’s hydrating cleanser.

I also clean my face with a clarisonic, ssssshhhh don’t tell. You are not supposed to use a facial brush while on Isotretinoin, but I can’t fathom washing my face with my hands. I know, I know…..it’s silly.

Step 2- Osmotic’s blue cooper prime cooling mist (acts as toner)

Step 3 – Osmotic’s blue cooper prime (extremely hydrating and helps calm inflammation) Love this product!!

Step 4 – Kiehl’s Cleary Corrective Dark Spot Solution. The ingredients in Kiehls products are all natural. I have found that this product has helped diminish my acne scaring without irritation.

Step 5 – Aveeno Positively Ageless youth protecting moisturizer, Broad Spectrum SPF 30.

Step 6- I don’t wear a full face of makeup everyday, when I don’t, I use Younique’s BB cream in honey. Younique’s BB cream by far gives the best coverage. It’s lightweight and looks so natural. It’s also sweat proof.

My nighttime regime includes: Steps 1-4

I add Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate after steps 1-4. This serum smells delightful. It’s an oily serum and it helps soothe the dry skin that is caused by the dryness from the Isotretinoin.

Body- As for moisturizers for my skins dryness, I use Aquaphor for my lips. My lips get extremely dry, Aquaphor has proven to be the best for keeping my lips moisturized.

I also use Aveeno intensive moisturizer for my body. I love this moisturizer!!! I only have to apply this moisturizer to my body once a day. Excellent product!One last tip! Always, always apply sunscreen with at-least an SPF 30.

I never leave my home without SPF!!!

I look forward to sharing my journey with you!!!

Lesley and Eve