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Month: October 2015

Weekly Workout

Weekly Workout

Good Morning! Happy Friday!

Lets get our morning started with a workout to kick off FRIDAY!

20 Burpee’s Complete X 1 (only perform prior to beginning the workout below) This is the workout buy-in. 

Workout Repeat X2 

30 Mountain Climbers

30 Crunches 

30 Mountain Climbers 

30 Russian twist (Use a weighted ball or 5 pound weight if possible) 

30 Mountain Climbers 

30 Toe Touches (lay on your back an move your arms and torso to reach up an touch your toes)

30 Mountain Climbers 

Dark’s and Over the Knee Boots

Dark’s and Over the Knee BootsIMG_0920IMG_0879IMG_0937IMG_0920IMG_0923IMG_0919














































































Happy Thursday!

I hope everyone is enjoying their week! So, I love dark colors! And I am loving over the knee boots as of late. Everyone seems to be head over heels for the Stuart Weitzman version of this boot, but I fell in love with these! Guess what? They were no where near $800.00 dollars! I found them at Macy’s for $149.00, and then received a 20% discount! Cannot beat that ya’ll! Be bold this fall and step out of your comfort zone! In the past, I would have never worn over the knee boots! Now, I’m loving them!

Look for a post about how I decreased the size of my thighs soon! Back in the day, there is NO way these boots would have made it past my knees :-0 

Top:Ultra Flirt // Jeans:American Eagle  // Boots:Steve Madden //  Necklace (old) // Bracelet:Baublebar (back in stock!) //  Bracelet: (Stella and Dot) // Watch:Michele

Enjoy your day! 


Weekly Workout

Weekly Workout

Good Morning! 

I hope everyone is having a fantastic morning! Let’s get our weekly workout’s rolling! The holiday’s are upon us, and they will not win this year!!!!

I woke up a little sore this morning, so I spent a good amount of time stretching. After stretching, I took a quick little jog down to the end of my neighborhood. The fresh air felt great! 

Inspirational comments, and stories inspire me! I receive a good amount of emails with questions/suggestions, and understand any reservation anyone may have to post a comment. But, your comments could very well help someone else who is struggling with their journey. My comment section is a safe place, and I will never let anyone be attacked.

This is a happy, and positive environment! 

Okay, calorie burn time! 

Repeat X 3    If 3 is too easy for you Repeat X4 

8 Burpee’s (because I love you, and I don’t love burpee’s) 

20 High Knees

20 Superman’s (on your stomach, lifting your arms and legs in succession) 

20 lunges (practice staying in place to work on balance and strength) 

20 Seal Jacks 

8 Burpee’s 

Grey’s and Moto Jackets


Grey’s and Moto Jackets IMG_0817IMG_0728IMG_0828IMG_0753




I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Grey has become one of my favorite colors! I added this Oxblood Moto Jacket for a pop of dark color, and I was well on my way! I snagged this jacket back in July at the #NSALE! These heels are EVERYTHING! They are 4 inches, but so comfortable to walk in! Most 4 inch heels are killer, but these are amazing!

Top:Tommy Hilfiger  // Moto Jacket:BLANKNYC (oxblood) // Jeans:American Eagle Heels:Steve Madden // Watch:Michele (old) // Earrings:Kendra Scott 

My Mother and Breast Cancer

My Mother and Breast Cancer








I hope everyone is having an awesome week!

As some, but not all of us know, the month of October is breast cancer awareness month. October was like any other month in the past, until my mother was diagnosed. You see, my mom is a good keeper of secrets. Especially if she thinks the secret will cause anyone, or me worry and anxiety.

Performing her monthly breast exam per usual, my mother discovered a painful lump on one of her breast. After discovering the lump, she contacted her primary care provider to have a mammogram scheduled. After the mammogram, she had the lump biopsied.

In a time of information overload, and fear, she cared more about others than she cared about herself. My mom called me on the telephone to tell me that she had a biopsy of a lump on one of her breast, and that it was cancerous. I was instantly terrified! I asked my mom, WHEN did all of this happen? I could tell that she trying to be brave for me, but I was trying to be brave for her in the same breath. Why my mom? Even though cancer isn’t an actual being, I was ANGRY at cancer. Never in a million years did I think cancer would hit this close to home.

My mom was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. A diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer means that the three most common types of receptors known to fuel most breast cancer growth–estrogen, progesterone, and the HER-2/neu gene are not present in the cancer tumor. Triple negative breast cancer occurs in about 10-20% of diagnosed breast cancers and is more likely to affect younger people, African Americans, Hispanics, and/or those with a BRCA1 gene mutation. Triple negative breast cancer can be more aggressive, and difficult to treat.  Also, the cancer is more likely to spread and recur.

I was prepared to travel this journey with my mother, and be her strength. My mom is a quiet person. Most people say they can’t read my mother, and it’s true. But, to know her is to love her. Battling cancer is a long journey. My mom went through surgery to remove the cancer, and insertion of a port for chemotherapy, chemotherapy, and then reconstructive surgery.

During this journey, there are a ton of decisions that have to be made. The first thing of concern is removing the cancer. Surgeons rarely know how much surrounding tissue is cancerous until they actually perform the surgery. My mother knew that she was going to have the affected breast removed, but was unsure if she should have the other breast removed as well? Most people think this is an easy decision, but it’s not. Having a double mastectomy does not guarantee that the cancer won’t return. But for peace of mind of cancer possibly not returning to the other breast, my mom decided to have both breast removed.

After removal of the cancer, and both breast, the real journey begins in my opinion. Chemotherapy! Chemotherapy is treatment with cancer-killing drugs that may be given intravenously (or by mouth). The drugs travel through the bloodstream to reach cancer cells in most parts of the body. Chemo is given in cycles, with each period of treatment followed by a recovery period. Treatment usually lasts for several months.

My mother was fortunate enough to be guided into the directions of Dr. Sherronda Henderson. Dr. Henderson is board certified in Internal Medicine, and Oncology. I think Dr. Henderson has one of the hardest jobs in the medical profession. Patients are guided to her for a process that can be agonizing, long, and painful. I value Dr. Henderson for her unwavering patience, knowledge, support, and understanding. My mom can be a very difficult patient 😉

Chemotherapy is hard on the body. I remember my mother being small, and frail. Her bones ached constantly, and she was just outright tired. She was so strong and determined to fight a good fight! My mom is by far my hero, a warrior, and a fighter. Little by little she lost every bit of hair on her body. Despite all of it, she was still the strong, and the beautiful mother that I have always known. Always positive, with a no lose attitude. After completion of her chemo, one would think that’s enough. Surgery for removal of the cancer, a double mastectomy and chemotherapy…how much more could be left to accomplish?

Reconstructive surgery is the last step in making a person whole that may have scars, one breast or in my moms case the removal of both of her breast. More decisions? My mom met with a reconstructive surgeon to discuss her options. Some women never reconstruct their breast, and that is a viable option.

My mother sought her version of normalcy after a long journey of sickness. She decided to have her breast completely reconstructed versus, the insertion of breast implants. This surgery and process was extremely hard on her. Reconstructive surgery is no joke! My mom actually had to stay in the hospital a few nights. She was asleep most of the time, but when she was awake, I could tell that she was experiencing some level of pain. Her recovery from her reconstructive surgery was tough, but she handled every step like the warrior she has always been.

My mother’s strength throughout this journey is admirable. I was extremely uneducated about cancer, and the overall process. The journey is different for many. But indeed a journey. Cancer doesn’t discriminate, detection and prevention is key.

Ladies, perform your monthly breast exams. My mother doing her do diligence saved her life!

Sweaters, Denim, & White after Labor Day

Sweaters, Denim, & White after Labor Day






























Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Columbus Day! This weekend has been amazing, the craziness never slows down in our house. But, I like it! There is always something to do, or that needs to be accomplished.

So, about my outfit…As most of you can see I am a fan of destroyed denim. I am shying more and more away from skinny jeans, and loving boyfriend jeans. Don’t get me wrong, I love skinny jeans, but as of late, I am living in boyfriend jeans. I have a few pair of high end boyfriend jeans but love American Eagle’s brand. I actually wear a size 4 in American Eagles brand, so I feel extra skinny on the inside 😉 Speaking of sizes, I ran into an old friend who said I look smaller in person than I do in my blog photo’s. That was odd to me, I can’t explain it!


The time has come to transition clothing. I am well aware that it may still be warm weather for some of us. But, some clothing should be reserved for particular times of the year. I am sure that I am EXTREMELY annoying to my close friends. My saying lately has been “that is out of season”. My best friend, always say’s “so, I don’t care” its on sale. I look at her and say, obviously. All of my wedges, and summer sandals have been safely put into shoe bags, and stored away. I left out my Stuart Weitzman Nudist’s, as those heels can be worn all year long! 

Okay, so white after Labor Day!  I have read fellow bloggers blog about rule breaking etc, etc. Bloggers don’t count! Why? Most of our OOTD’s are planned in advance. If your fav blogger is wearing white in the fall, it is pieced together well and makes perfect since. So, where did this “rule” come from?! 

The summer season’s start and end date is considered to be between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Decades ago people left in masses from towns during the summer months to much cooler areas such as the mountains, or sea side cottages to escape the heat. City clothes were left behind, and lighter, whiter, summer outfits accompanied most people. In the fall everyone returned to the city, and summer clothes were packed away, and more heavier warmer clothing was worn. 

Here is my take on white clothing in the fall/winter: white tops, t-shirts, sweaters, and jackets/accessories are more than acceptable. I am not a fan of white bottoms, or shoes in the fall/winter. I am an advocate of white in the spring, and summer. Those are my rules. You won’t ever catch me in a pair of white pumps, sandals or boots #ICANT, #ICANNOT. I don’t wear white bottoms in the fall. Your sense of fashion belongs to you, if you want to rock it, do your thing. But, be sure to rock your white appropriately. Rules are made to be broken, when done so in a way that makes since. Don’t be that person wearing white lien pants in the winter, get my drift!? Personally, I transition more towards nudes, and darker colors in the fall/winter. 

So, if I had to choose a side, as far as white jeans, pants or skirts in the fall/winter, I say….MAKE IT STOP!

Sweater:Forever21 // Jeans:Tomgirl // Booties:Eastland (old, similar) // Necklace:Kendra Scott  Watch:Michele // Bracelet:Mary’s Link Bracelet (old, sold out 🙁 ) // Handbag:Tori Burch // Ring:Stella&Dot // Ring:Forever 21 // Foundation:Lock it, Kat Von D // Lipstain:Anastasia of Beverly Hills (Pure Hollywood) // Eye Shadow:Naked // Blush:Urban Decay // illuminator: Anastasia of Beverly Hills (So Hollywood) 

My make-up selection’s have worked amazingly while battling adult acne with Accutane! 

Over the knee boots + Sweater Dress

Over the knee boots + Sweater Dress










































































Happy Friday! I am so ready for the weekend! Lot’s of great things going on this weekend! I know for sure I will be attending the Cibolo Fest this weekend, super EXCITED!

Anyway, have I told you how obsessed I am with sweater dresses? Self control is an absolute must! I have come across a few really expensive sweater dresses as of late. Seriously, go to Forever 21 and stock up! The prices are amazing!!

Over the knee boots are a big trend for the fall season. I don’t own a ton of over the knee boots. Why you ask? I have big calfs, and big thighs! Just putting it all out there. The boots in my photo’s are Ivanka Trump, and they are giving me MY LIFE!  The fit is a little baggy on bare legs, but are a perfect fit over skinny jeans. When buying shoes in general, don’t always select the cheaper version. I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for.

Dress:Forever21 (wearing size small) // Boots:Ivanka Trump // Handbag:Tori Burch // Necklace:Kendra Scott // Bracelet:Baublebar & Stella Dot (similar) // Watch:Michele // Lips:Anastasia Beverly Hills