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Month: January 2016




Today I’m mixing topics! I am adding the last look to three ways to maximizing your wardrobe, and an open letter to a special person I met yesterday. Instead of my photo’s being first, they will appear at bottom of my blog post!

I mixing topics because I came extremely close to not publishing the photo’s for my look without a jacket. I had a moment of clarity that put a lot of my insecurities in perspective. I can only hope that the young lady who helped me, but didn’t know it, is reading this post.

Yesterday, I ran into Dillard’s to get a sensor removed that was accidentally left on at the time of my purchase. On my way out, I decided to browse a little, I always do. I’m not sure why I’m making it seem like this is out of my norm..LOL! A very beautiful young lady in the junior’s department was extremely kind and just overall cheery. Is that even a word? We started with small talk, and a little bit of random chit chat. I walked over to the 3 way mirror to try on a few jackets I grabbed…yes, I’m that person who stands outside of the dressing room trying on clothing…don’t you just love me!

Anyway, I removed my runners jacket to try on a blazer, my new friend looked at me and said “you have a lot of muscles”. I said I have a few, and quickly put my jacket back on. Her perception of my muscles suggested that I’m fit, and workout. Never in a million years would she, or anyone guess that my arms are my biggest insecurity. My arm’s, and traps are the biggest they have ever been in my life. It doesn’t matter if I lift light ,or heavy, they maintain a muscular appearance. I can’t explain it, I do the same workouts as others.

My new friend began to tell me how she started a new workout regime, she was excited to talk about it, and I was happy to share this moment with her. As I browsed around the store a little more she asked me a few more questions. I could tell she wanted to ask me more, but was hesitant. I found a few items, like ALWAYS, and was ready to check out. After I paid, she asked, “how long did it take for you to look like you do”? In my heart, and in that moment,  I knew she needed a light at the end of the tunnel. My appearance was a concern in my journey, but not my goal, my goal was overall wellness. I wanted to be fit, healthy, happy, and live without thousands of restrictions. Balance is what helped me arrive at the place I am today. Not shakes, not green juice, and not low carb diets. BALANCE!

I seem to always be in a hurry, all the time. But, I stopped, and knew I needed to be still. I listened to her without interrupting. Yes, just listened. I listened to her talk about food being the hardest part. I listened to her talk about being hungry, a feeling I knew all too well. It was important to me to share I too endure similar struggles.

 Our external features don’t show what we battle internally, our insecurities. Her struggle and success put things in perspective for me. Her struggles are current and real! My muscular arm’s aren’t causing me any harm, and so petty in my moment of clarity. I’m far from perfect, I’m human, I make mistakes, and I am not without flaws.

I won’t say her name within this post, but please know that I heard you today! Your kindness is overwhelmingly AMAZING, and you are beautiful in a million ways!  I know you will be successful in your journey! Please know that you helped me more today more than I could have ever helped you.

Stay Strong, Stay Consistent!























































Hello, and happy Thursday! So, in an effort to show everyone how I maximize my wardrobe, I styled the same black dress 3 different ways! This LBD is the same dress I wore with my last post with the gold sequined blazer! I added a small belt to give my dress a little more LIFE! I purchased this dress from Express about 2-3 years ago, CRAZY right! I’m a clothing and purse hoarder….seriously I am! LOL!

I will reveal my last #ootd on the next post!

Dress:Express (old, similar) // Jacket:BLANKNYC // Belt:(old, similar) // Handbag:Rebecca Minkoff (LOVE) // Watch:Michele // Bracelet: Baublebar



BLANKNYC Moto Jacket + Christian Louboutin


BLANKNYC Moto Jacket + Christian Louboutin








































































































Good Morning! The weather in Texas has been seriously crazy! The weather at night seems to be somewhat chilly, but the afternoons have been in the 60’s or 70’s! I feel like I haven’t really had to wear a coat at ALL! But, I actually own ton’s of sweaters, moto jackets and coats!

I literally wear moto jackets year round! It’s kind of my blazer. I love a crisp white t-shirt, I own tons of white t-shirts as well, ALWAYS a staple. You don’t have to spend a fortune to be fashionable! I will buy clothes from anywhere as long as the item! When limitations are set, you limit your fashion creativity!

Soooooooo, about this OOTD! I actually bought this jacket from the #nsale back in July of last year! Def. a favorite in my wardrobe!

Jacket:BLANKNYC // T-Shirt:Old, similar here  and here (LOVE)  // Jeans:American Eagle (FAV) // Watch:Michele // Bracelet:Baublebar 

Happy Tuesday!



Red+Blazer+Destroyed-Denim-Clothing Mentor- Selma


Red Blazer’s and Clothing Mentor (Selma)



















































































Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I spent a good amount of time this weekend simply catching up, and cleaning out my closet!

YOU GUYS! You have to check out Clothing Mentor! I took tons of clothes, shoes and jewelry to their store in Selma, and was given a fair amount for my items! Whatever didn’t work, I donated! I’m not holding on to clothes that I’m not wearing anymore! It’s frustrating, and unnecessary. I still have tons of clothes to go through, but I’m taking it one step at a time, #thestruggle.

I am having an EXTREMELY difficult time parting with handbags that I don’t use 🙁 There comes a time when you have to just let it go! Everyone’s style evolves, but I feel that my current style is where I am most comfortable. I like a more relaxed look, I love chic. I will say this ya’ll, I am sick to death of booties! LOL, I want that trend to be over, but I highly doubt that will happen. Contrary to popular belief, booties cannot be worn with everything in your wardrobe…LOL!

But, in all light seriousness, I’m transitioning the vast majority of my shoes to pumps. More to come on my transitions in upcoming posts! But, FOR SURE you have to check out Clothing Mentor, if you live in the San Antonio, Schertz, UC, or Selma area check out the Clothing Mentor location in Selma. They are in the process of buying clothes, super neat place!

If you have clothes that  are no longer your style take them over. You don’t know unless you try! Take RECENT items ya’ll, not things from 10 years ago;-) And they consider LULU! I am a Lululemon hoarder! I confess! Make sure your items are clean!

Lastly, don’t be offended if they don’t want to buy your items. Remember they are in the business of re-sale, and plan to re-sale what they purchase. I donated all of my items that didn’t pass. Great place, amazing concept, and amazing PEOPLE!

Blazer:BCX (Size up!, seriously) Destroyed Denim:Tomgirl // Clutch (old, similar here) Heels:Jessica Simpson  // Watch:Michele // Bracelet:Baublebar (love)

All things discussed about Clothing Mentor represent my opinion, and my opinion alone.




Black + Destroyed Denim

Black + Destroyed Denim 




Whew! It’s Thursday! Almost the weekend! I’m not sure why I get excited about weekends anymore, I seem to work on something almost every weekend…LOL! I am happy to announce that my closet is now functional. It has been a PROCESS! It’s so crazy how our styles change so often!

Quick, rant! I am all about people having a different style. But there is style, and then there is tacky! Boho seems to be a big trend as of late, but boho is not throwing on a layered skirt, Frye boots, and an old t-shirt with a flower in your hair. Make it stop….PLEASE! Rant over 😉 

My #ootd is really simple today! A black sweater, which is my FAV….and drum roll please…DESTROYED denim! I love destroyed denim, ALOT! I do have other jeans, but I migrate to this style all the time.

Sweater:Vince Camuto // Denim:American Eagle // Watch:Michele // Boot:Vince Camuto

Love ya’ll, 





Stripes + Skirt + Gorgeous 



I hope that everyone’s week is off to a fantastic start! I figured I would post an outfit with boots and a skirt since the weather actually permits it! Ya’ll it has been extremely warm in Texas! I’m not saying pull out the tank tops, but dang this weather is something else! Not only that, one of my readers asked that I post something other than jeans! LOL! Love ya’ll, seriously! I usually post outfits that I am actually wearing.

Now, like right now is the perfect time to buy boots. I don’t need any, so I won’t partake, but seriously stock up for next YEAR!

Okay, so about this #ootd! I love this little Aline mini skirt! I bought one in denim as well. I have had them stashed for a few months…lol! I found this cutie on sale…I’m sure you’re not surprised, being that you know I buy most of my clothes on sale. I bought this skirt from #Bloomingdales, but linked similar options. My sweater is from #Dillards, but I bought it some time ago…I also linked similar’s!

Sweater:Vince  (old, similar here) // Blank NYC (similar) // Boots:Steve Madden  // Lips:NYX (get this, its a must)! Watch:Michele

Weekly Workout

Good Morning!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! My weekend was pretty chill, I took two full days of active recovery. My body really needed it! As always, listen to your body! Working out while exhausted doesn’t do any of us any good! 

I know, I know…today is a holiday! But, guess what? It’s a workout day for me! I will take it easy of you guys today! 

Okay…here we go! See video for a quick demo! 

5 rounds as fast as possible! 

20 Mountain Climbers 

20 Superman’s 



Happy Friday!

I hope everyone had a FANTASTIC week! I am so happy to share a collaboration between Lesley and Eve, and Sweety wedding!

But, before we go any further I want to chat about one tiny thing. I have decided that 2016 is going to be the year of Lesley and Eve. I feel that I have always been some level of shy. I remember when I posted my first blog post, I was so scared. I was primarily scared of what people might say, or think about me. To have a successful blog, I knew I had to stay true to myself, and be open.

Okay, now on to these gorgeous dresses! 

Ya’ll, you have to check out  Sweety Wedding’s website! So many dresses to choose from, and their website ls gorgeous. If you have an upcoming wedding, or special event coming up search their online boutique FIRST!

All of their dresses are LIFE it’s self! Sweety Wedding is a boutique that features hundreds, if not thousands of wedding, bridesmaid, and special occasion dresses. And guess what? A large selection of their dresses, including wedding dresses, are extremely beautiful and AFFORDABLE!  Ya’ll know I love affordable! I feel like Sweety Wedding offers dresses that can be used for more than one occasion. Let’s be honest, no one likes a dress that can only be used once.  Let’s stop the cycle of questionable bridesmaid’s and prom dresses, and step into elegant fashion with Sweety Wedding dresses! #sponsored 

All opinions are my own opinions about Sweety Wedding! 

Sweety Wedding 



Weekly Workout


Good Morning and Happy Friday!

I am so ready for the weekend! How is your workout week going? Great I hope!

So, if anyone who subscribes to my blog hasn’t followed me on Instagram you may want too! I don’t post my day to day exercise activities on my blog, but I show little snaps of what I do on Instagram! Ya’ll, don’t fight the change, and not create an Instagram account! Instagram can provide tons of useful information for you, and a business if you own one. Instagram has well over 100-200 million users, if not more! 

I added this workout that can be done with light weight. If you don’t have weights, be creative! Weights are important to any workout regime! If you don’t have any weights at all, do push-ups instead! 

Workout! Complete 8 rounds as fast as possible! 

10 Mountain Climbers 

5 Row’s on each side 

1 2