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Month: February 2016


Ali McCully-Crossfit-Women-ADVOCARE

Ali McCauley-Crossfit-Women-ADVOCARE

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend This lovely article will also be posted in the motivational Monday section! It’s 1000% motivational! ! I’m continuing on with Crossfit and Women this week. I feel like so many women are scared of Crossfit due to certain stigma’s, and mainstream medias definition of the perfect body! There is no such thing as the perfect body! This beautiful person is my friend Ali McCully! Amazing mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend and athlete! You guys! Ali is so inspirational, and I wanted to share a little of her story. Ali, and her husband Richard are determined to help 300 people achieve their health, and wellness goal this YEAR! I don’t talk much about supplements on Lesley and Eve, but I do have a routine of supplements. My go to is Advocare! I want to steer you all in Ali, and Richards direction when it comes to supplementation. I am super protective of all of my readers, but I know I’m steering you in the right direction. I feel that it takes more than me to reach all of you! Ali-Maculey-Crossfit-Women-Pregnancy-ADVOCARE

Ali maintained her fitness regime throughout her entire pregnancy! Which is no small feat! She looked amazing, and still does. I know how difficult picking the right supplements can be, especially for women! Ugh! There are so many choices out there…it’s so crazy! Think about some of your goals, and then take a look at Ali’s AdvoCare page! If you have any questions comment below, or contact her via her AdvoCare page, or through our contact page! We will try our best to respond within 24 hours or less! I love all AdvoCare products! Seriously I do! AdvoCare has supplements to help everyone, no matter what stage you are at in your journey. Ali also has amazing workouts on her Instagram( click here), and Pinterest, so be sure to follow her. Crossfit isn’t the only type of workout Ali follows, so be sure to check her out on ALL of her social media channels for motivation! I know she is going to start a Youtube channel as well! #excited!


Ali is extremely knowledgeable, and her guidance won’t have you starving. She understands the importance of eating well, and taking the appropriate amount of time to rest! Exercising everyday with no rest isn’t good for your body! Ali-Maculey-Crossfit-Women-Pregnancy-ADVOCARE                                                                           Ali-Maculey-Crossfit-Women-Pregnancy-ADVOCARE
Ali-Maculey-Crossfit-Women-Pregnancy-ADVOCARESeriously the most ADORABLE baby GIRL!!!!! Ali, and Richards baby girl seriously LOVE’s the gym! I love seeing her gorgeous blue eyes, and big smiles! No doubt makes my DAY! I asked Ali what motivates her, and she said being healthy for her family is her motivation. And that is the best motivation you guys! Having a healthy lifestyle helps us mentally, and physically. Seeing, and knowing Ali before and after her baby, shows that it is possible to be active, and keep moving through your pregnancy. Always consult your physician before starting any workout regime, but being pregnant doesn’t mean your dead, and need to sit in a corner. I did, I sat in a corner, and ate my my entire kitchen, and I have ZERO photo’s of myself during that time. LOL!

Did you workout during your pregnancy?

Ali’s Contact Info- 

AdvoCare Page- https://www.advocare.com/140261615/

Instagram- @fitmomstrongmoms

Pinterest- @Fitmomstrongmoms











































Good Afternoon! I hope everyone is having a FANTASTIC Thursday! So, in my scurry to be productive I posted the wrong outfit yesterday! WONK WONK! But, that’s perfectly okay! I alway’s like to keep this real with you all! This is a #spon post! But, I literally love the clothes from the site!

Anyway-I AM IN LOVE with this MOTO Jacket! This moto jacket is super light! It’s the perfect year around jacket. I always have a little jacket I use when I go to a movie ,or to a place that’s known to be a bit chilly!

This jacket is from one of my FAVORITE online stores, SHEIN! Love them, and everything is so affordable! I like to make one big order at a time instead of multiple small orders. It takes about 2 weeks for your items to arrive, but it’s SO worth the wait! Any-wayz, check SHEIN out!

My Crop Top set is so comfortable, and TO DIE FOR! If you don’t want it showing all of your business, size up UP! Seriously, I am wearing a small, and I wish I would have bought a MEDIUM! Someone recently asked me if I was plus size, not there is anything wrong with being plus size, but no I am not. I weigh 148 pounds. Our world is going through some craziness ya’ll!

And no I’m not going crop top crazy! LOL!

Jacket:SHEIN // Crop Top Set // Heel:Varcityy // Bracelet:Mary’s Link Bracelet // Watch:Michele

All opinions are my own!
























































Happy Wednesday! We are almost through the week! Texas  weather is so crazy in that it’s chilly today, but was close to 80 degrees out when I took these snaps!

I am so in love with this outfit! You will never guess where I bought it from!  Well you may? You now I don’t like to spend tons of money on clothing….I say it all the time! LOL! I had to snatch it up! I feel like this is a piece that I can have as a staple, and dress it up or down! If you don’t think you can wear a crop top, you CAN! Size up in regards to the top if you don’t want to show your mid-section. OWN IT, and be confident! I am not a fan of crop tops that bare all! Just keeping it 1000%!!! If you are building a wardrobe, just know to take it one step at a time. Don’t try buying all new clothes at once. You will end up with a whole bunch of stuff you don’t like and won’t wear. Florals are going to be BIG this spring! DO NOT go crazy buying a ton of FLORAL pieces. Buy a few, and move on!

Have an AWESOME DAY!!!

Crop Top & Midi Skirt // Heels:Varcityy // Bracelet:Mary’s Link Bracelet // Watch:Michele








Well I registered for the open last week! I usually wait until the first workout comes out to register, but I couldn’t do that this year…LOL! I’m really excited! But more excited that we are split into teams within the box in which I am member. A little in house competition never hurt anyone! If you haven’t registered, Why not?

Last week I received a few emails about Crossfit, and reason’s why its not for you. In every email someone stated that Crossfit was dangerous. I wouldn’t promote anything that is dangerous. Every movement in Crossfit can be scaled to a level that is doable for YOU! There are still a ton of movements that I cannot do, so I scale. Does this mean you are not getting the same level of a workout? No, doesn’t  mean that at all! We all progress differently, and have to work at a level that is suitable for our body!

Anyway! I thought I would share a few photo’s of women I Crossfit with! We are all at different stages, but we have a blast! Mega our featured image is a trooper and makes it through workouts at a pace that workout for her, baby and her body! When people ask me about Crossfit, I automatically think of pain! JOKING! I think of how fun it is to workout with such a diverse group of women beautiful fun women!






Hello! I am so excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with Du North Designs! I am so in love with this look! Du North Design’s saying is ” Life is TOO short to wearing boring clothes”! AND, of COURSE I agree! Keep scrolling to see my entire look! I ADORE this CAMO tank! Seriously a MUST!!!!Du-North-DesignsDu-North-DesignsDu-North-DesignsDu-North-DesignsDu-North-DesignsDu-North-DesignsDu-North-DesignsIMG_7970Du-North-Designs























































































































So, Now! Tell me what you think of this look?! I am loving the color of this light cardi ! It’s so beautiful and comfy! Du North Designs is based out of Canada, and offers a large variety of Women’s leggings, clothing and accessories! There is something for everyone! Du North Designs also has a Mommy, and Me selection of clothing! SUPER CUTE! Check them out guys!!!

C/O Jean Day Jacket // C/O Camo Chiffon Tank // Heels:Valentino // Pants:American Eagle (similar, here and here) // Clutch (sold out, similar here, and here) // Earrings:Kendra Scott // Watch:Michele // Bracelet:Mary’s Link Bracelet




Motivational Monday

Black Sweater - Destroyed Denim

Motivational Monday

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Can you believe how fast the month of Feb. has gone by! I feel like it was Christmas like yesterday!

So, on to Motivational Monday! Have you ever had a dream or wanted to accomplish something that you just didn’t do? Or thought you couldn’t do? I dreamed of starting a blog for a good while, but was so fearful. I was fearful because of how many blogs fail on a daily basis. I am truly sadden when I visit blogs and see that they have been abandoned!

Every-time I tell someone new that I have a blog, I get the blog eye roll! LOL! I know a lot of blog’s exist, but my blog is my passion. I write, and publish as if I am writing to millions of people. I remember when my mom was most likely my only reader! I still wrote with passion!  I am a determined person, and refuse to lose! As long as I am breathing, my blog will be in circulation!

My message today is to make your dream a reality! If there is a will, there is a way! Find resource’s or do it yourself. My biggest investment in my blogging journey has been my digital camera. I did have my blog built, but my camera cost more. CRAZY right! I’m so grateful that I found the  right person/organization to build my blog! He has been a true blessing! My blog is still a baby, and continues to grow! But, we still have a a lot more to ACCOMPLISH!

I have attached a few of my favorite motivational/inspirational books! Check them out!





































































Hey! I hope everyone is enjoying this fab Tuesday! Today is my Birthday, and I am the big 22! Sike, but seriously I have been 22 for the last 10 years..LOL! I am 35 years young today! I don’t make a big deal about my birthday, but Facebook put me on blast! Thank you for all the well wishes! I love ALL of ya’ll!

So, these SHOES! They are breathing life into my entire body! They were a gift from my family for my birthday. I was so tempted to get online, and buy every color. I am seriously going to stop doing that. It’s a bad habit, and it has to stop! I don’t suggest buying the same shoe in every color. Buy a different style instead!

Steve Madden has been my best friend as of late. His shoe game……is TOO CRITICAL! Most of his heels are 4 inches, and above. I am 5’6, and his shoes make me about 5’10ish. I don’t care if I’m taller than everyone else….I’m wearing my heels! I will link a few of his shoes that are on my list, as well as a few that are already in my collection! In all seriousness, shop the sales! It rare for me to buy a shoe full price! I usually only purchase designer shoes at full price, and I cringe every time..LOL! You will also notice in upcoming post, especially this Spring, that I broke up with most wedges. More to come on that soon!

Vest:Chelsea and Violet (Sold out, similar here, and here) // Jeans:Tomgirl (FAVORITE, wearing a size 2) // Heels:Steve Madden (ON SALE) // Tee:Topshop (ON SALE) // Watch:Michele // Bracelet:Mary’s link bracelet (STAPLE) I usually wear the same staple jewelry pieces.




My Top 10 Steve Madden Craves!

























































































Good Morning!

Have you registered for the Reebok Crossfit Open yet? I know the decision can be difficult for many people! The number one reasoning I hear people say is “it’s not like I’m going to win”. LOL! It’s not like I’m going to win either, but I’m still going to register. Take a positive approach, and set a realistic goal that works for you!

I have worked extremely hard since the last open, well maybe not extremely…LOL, joking!  I feel that I am more developed in certain areas. Last year, I couldn’t string together any Toes-to-bar. I still pretend like I can’t sometimes 😉 … But I can now effectively string together 7, or more.

My mental approach to workouts are also different. I don’t approach a workout without some sort of plan, and I’m not starting off balls to the wall. In my few years of Crossfit, I know that the balls to the wall approach is not effective. I’m doing the open to see my progress, and to also support my friends who have also progressed. We are also going to be on different teams within the box I attend, (Elite Crossfit) and of COURSE I want to be on a winning team!   I mean, lets be honest…everyone likes to win!!! Everything about the Reebok Crossfit Open is positive, and you can only gain from the experience!

Alright! Yesterday was a holiday, and the workout wasn’t too bad! Back squats, and then a 9 minute AMRAP.

Elite Crossfit 

MONDAY 2/15/16

A) back squat 3, 2, 1; rest 3′ between sets
B) 9min amrap
20 BB front rack lunges in place 115/75 (I did #55, I should have went up to atleast #65) 
15 HSPU (I scaled to the box) 
10 PS 115/75 (same #55, used the same bar) 





Good Morning!

Happy Tuesday! I’m not sure who was able to get yesterday’s workout accomplished, but yesterday was an intro to how the workouts are going to be set-up! If you don’t have a watch with a heart rate monitor, you REALLY need one! I cannot begin to tell you how adding 30-45 minutes of low and slow cardio has changed my body, and my body fat percentage. I have linked a few at the bottom that range from $25.00-$150.00.

I invested in an Apple Watch, but understand that is not a reasonable option for everyone. In any event you really need to complete the LISS portion of the workout! You have no excuse as you can walk outside to meet this expectation! LOVE YA’LL!!!!  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!

Part 1 

Warm up 

20 High Knees 

20 Butt Kicks 


Repeat X3

15 Push Ups 

50 Jumping Jacks 


Part 2

Repeat X 3 

30 Walking Lunges (15 Lunges each leg) 

20 Bicycle’s (10 each leg) 

50 High Knee’s 

30-40 Minutes of Low and Slow Cardio (Heart Rate between 100-120)





Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I’m sorry I didn’t get this out to everyone this morning! I needed some extra time to actually do the workout! This workout is a 20-25 minute workout! So be prepared to work hard for the entire time!

Remember to incorporate 30 minutes of low, and slow cardio! Your heart rate should be between 110-120. You can complete this walking outside, or on a treadmill. A treadmill is ideal as you can speed up, or slow down more efficiently.

Part 1 

Warm Up- Repeat X2 

12 High Knee’s 

12 Butt Kicks 


Repeat X 3 

12 Jumping Squats 

12 Burpees 

12 Walking Lunges 


Part 2

Repeat X 3 

40 Mountain Climbers 

40 Crunches 

30 minutes of Low and Slow Cardio! Heart rate between 110-120! 


I put together a few links of equipment! If you don’t have weights, consider investing! I am slowly incorporating light weight! Also check garage sell’s! 



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