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Month: March 2016

Tunic + Du North Designs

Tunic + Du North Designs

Tunic + Du North DesignsTunic + Du North DesignsimageTunic + Du North DesignsTunic + Du North Designs



































Hey ya’ll, hey! So, this post was scheduled to go out this morning! Not sure why it didn’t! Boo, on my editorial calendar! N-E-WAY…..I LOVE this TUNIC! This tunic is from Du North Design’s, LOVE, LOVE this online boutique! Super comfy, and I plan to wear this bad boy throughout all seasons!

I decided to pair this tunic with a pair of Loubs, because….why not? I mean, CLB’s go with EVERYTHING! I was actually on my way out to lunch with my friend Nick. He thought I was crazy for wearing heels with shorts…..say’s the guy who still wears socks with SANDALS………eeekkkkkkkkkkk! So head over to Du North Design’s, and check them out! Oh, and these short are TDF! A must, you know I don’t like short, shorts……SIZE up if you’re like me!

Tunic//Shorts//Camo Clutch//Heels//Bracelet//Necklace//Sunnies (LOVE)//Apple Watch

#spon post! All opinions are my own ūüôā

Thursday Sales!

Off The Shoulder + Denim Dress

Thursday Sales!

Hey! Really quick before I dive in, I was asked on insta why I never do quick mirror snaps, etc. I really have no excuse! LOL! My only excuse is that I’m LAZY! LOL! I will do my best going forward to get quick snaps of my lipstick, nail polish, bedroom furniture, living room etc. My lifestyle, per say. I’m not the biggest fan of mirror snaps, and would just rather do all my #ootd’s with an digi, but I know that’s unfair and not realistic. I always eat my food before thinking of a photo, so that’s out the window!


So, I am always on the look out for a good deal, or a sale! I mean, I blog about fashion….LOL! A human can never ¬†too many pairs of shoes, or jeans! Anyway, Express is having a an amazing SALE, it’s basically 20% off of all of their clearance merchandise! I linked a few of my fav’s, as well as a few of my fav’s from Forever 21 that are all under $20! My Forever 21 picks all under $20! Snatch them up!

The shoes I linked from Express are a STEAL! I bought the red heeled fringed pair, YES I already have a pair from BR. I bought this pair because they are a little different, and a red heel can add that instant pop to any outfit! Everyone needs a red heel! For the PRICE, its A WIN!

Happy Thursday!

Weekly Workout + Squats + Lunges + HIIT

Off The Shoulder + Denim Dress

Weekly Workout 

Good Morning!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

I have been running around like crazy lately, but wanted to get a workout posted. I am linking my Apple Watch, because it is seriously the best investment ever! It really helps me stay accountable in regards to how much I’m eating etc.

N-E-Way, on to the workout!


50 Jumping Jacks

20 Squats


Part 1 Repeat X3 

20 Superman’s

20 Jumping Squats

20 Lunges in place


Part 2  Repeat X 2 

20 Sit-ups

20 Push-ups


Off The Shoulder + Denim Dress

Off The Shoulder + Denim Dress

Off The Shoulder + Denim Dress Off The Shoulder + Denim Dress

 Off The Shoulder + Denim DressIMG_1345 Off The Shoulder + Denim DressIMG_1348IMG_1356 Off The Shoulder + Denim Dress Off The Shoulder + Denim Dress Off The Shoulder + Denim Dress




































































































Hi! I hope everyone is having a fab morning! Sorry for being MIA yesterday! I have been feeling the worst lately, and have had a few doctor’s appointments to see what’s going on in this little life of mine! Doctor’s appointments are always so depressing to me. I try to wear bright colors or nail polish to brighten up the mood to sick, I seem to get a few compliments every now and again.

N-E-Way! This DRESS! You guys, this dress is EVERYTHING! It was on sale, and think it still is…..Either way, it’s worth the $$$!!! #confession! When I find a piece of clothing that I love, I will usually buy two of the same thing. Don’t do that though, it’s an awful habit. But, I did buy two of these dresses. LOL! I bought a small and an extra small, this little dress runs big, so size down. Or if you want it a little bigger, size up! This is my first time wearing these shoes, and I LOVE them! They are so comfy! I added this Camo Clutch from Love Cortnie for some flare! LOVE IT! I really love supporting small businesses like Love Cortnie! She ships really fast, and her products are amazing!

As far as my Apple Watch, this isn’t the band that came with it. I change it out every so often! Seriously, worth the investment and I will link it below as well!

You know the drill, everything is linked BELOW!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE ya!

Dress//Clutch(LOVE)//Heels/Apple Watch/Bracelet//Necklace

Stripes + Red + Print

Stripes + Red + More

Stripes + Red + PrintStripes + Red + Print Stripes + Red + MoreStripes + Red + Print Stripes + Red + MoreStripes + Red + MoreStripes + Red + MoreStripes + Red + MoreStripes + Red + More
























































































































Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! From the looks off my #ootd looks like I was having a blast as well too huh??! These pants are so much fun! Sooo, I spend my life on Instagram these days, joking, but not really! I follow #BR (Banana Republic) on Instagram, and they #re-grammed someone wearing these pants! But of course, by the time I was able to click on the link to purchase the pants, they were sold out! Talking about bummed! Literally happens to me every SINGLE TIME! Kidding, its rare, that I really want to purchase something really really bad that sells out. LOL! I can usually wait it out.

So, I moved on with my blogger life! LOL! I had to go to Lulu in the Quarry Market (Lululemon), I needed to grab a few spring essentials, so I figured I would pop in, and pop out really quickly after my workout. My eyes scanned BR as my Jeep passed by to go to LULU, I literally busted a U-turn…oops, parked my jeep, and skipped a few steps into BR.

Insert ******angels singing****, there hung the pants in the very front of the store. Only 3 pairs left! Shit! Of course they only had 3 pairs left. They were one INSTA! What are the odds that they were going to have my size, and seriously, I thought these pants were AMAZE, but I didn’t feel like driving all over SA looking for my size. They had a size 4, 6 and a size 2! TBH, I really don’t wear pants like this too often so I don’t know my slack size. I took all three like the greedy blogger that I am to the dressing room. Guess what I did?! I bought the size 2, and the size 4! LOL! HAaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! They both fit, and I wanted to have a baggy pair, and baggier pair! Call me greedy go ahead. IDC! LOL! I’m really fatter in person, I promise! I have NO I idea how I can fit into a size 2. This pant must run extremely big! The pant’s in the photo are the size 2.

N-E-Way, if you want this pant, you will have to go into the store to see if they have it. It’s not available online, they sold out. I am linking some similar’s that are pretty awesome as well! I won’t leave you hanging..but if you don’t ready my story, and you just click, you may be pretty mad at me! LOL! Your fault not mine! I was able to get snag these babies for 40% off, with an additional 50% off my entire purchase. Or something like that! So, it was a pretty sweet deal! Oh, what a day it was….the day in the life L&E, you know you’re glad you are my friend and follow my journeys on here!

Love ya!

Top//Pants(Here, and Here) //Heels//Clutch(MUST HAVE) Bracelet//Necklace//Bangles


Sale Saturday!

Sale Saturday

Sale Saturday!

Happy Saturday!

I hope everyone’s Saturday morning is off to an amazing start! Soooo, there are a TON SALES going on right now! Especially at #EXPRESS !!! They are having 40% off of their entire store! I linked a ton of my favorites! I snagged this dress, because its a CLASSIC, and will never ever go out of STYLE! It was only $35.00 BUCKS! #steal! N-E-Way, my picks are below! Seriously, this is THE best time to stock up on a few affordable Spring, and Summer pieces!

Love ya!

Cute + Culottes

Cute + Culottes

Cute + CulottesCute + CulottesCute + CulottesCute + CulottesCute + CulottesIMG_0838
Cute + CulottesIMG_0776



Good Morning! Happy Good Friday Everyone! I hope everyone’s morning is off to a great start! I’m up, and going like every morning. I’m usually up at 5:00am, no matter what time I go to bed. I just cannot sleep. My wheels are always turning. It can be quite frustrating at times! N-E-Way! How about this #ootd! Isn’t it the cutest! I knew I had to have it! But, you know me, I wasn’t paying full price! LOL! I pretty much know when retailers are going to have a sale, they have a sale nearly everyday, or every week. So, I waited, and bought this jumpsuit on sale and used my military discount! #yesssssss!!!! You need this is your wardrobe! AND its 40% off!!! GET it and tag me when you wear it on INSTA!!!!!


Easter Sunday Best + Dresses

Easter Sunday Best + Dresses

Easter Sunday Best + Dresses

Good Morning! I hope everyone has had a fantastic week! I wanted to get out a few of my favorite dresses for Easter Sunday best! Easter Sunday Best always means dresses to me. I’m not sure why? It’s totally appropriate to wear a suit if anyone so choose, or to simply come as you are. Anyway,¬†Nordstrom has a ton of beautiful dresses, but I also linked from other retail stores too! I decided to wear floral for my Easter Sunday best this year! I am looking forward to spending time with my family, and simply enjoying the day. ¬†What are your plans? ¬†You still have time to grab something bright, and beautiful! Check out my picks below!¬†I hope you have a fantastic day!¬†


Blazer+Stripes+Animal Print

Blazer+Stripes+Animal Print

Blazer+Stripes+Animal PrintBlazer+Stripes+Animal PrintIMG_1048Blazer+Stripes+Animal PrintBlazer+Stripes+Animal PrintBlazer+Stripes+Animal PrintBlazer+Stripes+Animal Print




































































Good Morning! I hope everyone is having a fantastic Wednesday morning! I am loving mixing patterns! I have seen a few interesting looks, but figured I would keep things somewhat relatable. The weather has been kind of up and down here! One day it’s in the 80’s, and the next it’s in the 40’s! Good grief Charlie Brown! Texas weather is CRAZY! So BLAZERS! I personally feel that everyone should own a few blazers! They can be dressed up in seconds! Next on my list is finding a really cute knit blazer!

Have an amazing day!

Blazer (old) (similar here) and (here)  //Top (on SALE) //Denim (FAV) //Belt//Heels(old) (linked similar) //Bracelet//Watch

Life AsRx + WristWrap Review

Life AsRx-WristWrap-Review

Good Morning!

“It’s always safer when you wrap it. ASRX wristwraps are built to handle the toughest CrossFit WOD and are made in the USA.”


I hope everyone is doing well! How is the Crossfit Open going for everyone? Hopefully great! I had the opportunity to collaborate with Life AsRx on a few things, and I’m excited to give you my review on their wristwraps!

So, when I started CF I knew nothing! I mean nada! I was living in a world of one pair of running shoes, and no gym bag. Sooo, one day I sign up for a noon CF class, and see that almost everyone has a gym bag, lifting shoes, wrist wraps, weightlifting belts, speed ropes etc, and what did I have? I had my car keys, and a bottle of water…. LOL! Who am I kidding, I still show up like that sometimes! LOL! After a few months of CF I understood how different support gear offered support to different movements.

I knew AsRx wristwraps would be the perfect item to review, and to give some understanding to the purpose of this specific piece of support gear. The purpose of wristwraps are to  provide support to the wrist during heavy movements, especially heavy overhead movements. Our wrist can be put under a ton of tension with heavy loads.

I like that AsRx wristwraps are long in length, making their product suitable for people of all body types (we are all at different places in our fitness journey’s). The wristwraps are cotton, and wrap all the way around the wrist, and are secured by a black 1/2 inch string tie. I felt like the fit was amazing! Very snug, and not irritating at all, loved the color! If only they had a PINK color! I have a velcro pair, and those don’t work for me, I am in for the win with AsRX wristwraps!¬†

Life AsRx-Wrist Wrap-Review


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