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Month: April 2016

Another Day Another Maxi

Another Day + Another Maxi

Another Day Another Maxi
IMG_5393Another Day + Another MaxiAnother Day + Another MaxiAnother Day + Another MaxiAnother Day + Another Maxi




Another day another maxi! Maxi dresses are THE best! They are so versatile and can often be dressed up or down! This maxi was on sale, and is so soft!  I have been wearing my espadrilles to DEATH! They are my absolute FAV! They are definitely worth the money!

Maxi//Espadrilles//Watch//Bracelet//Earrings(Love These)Necklace

Have an amazing day babes! 



Chely Galvan=Competitive Athlete+Coach+Crossfit Mettle+Lion Life

Chely Galvan=Competitive Athlete+Coach+Crossfit Mettle+Lion Life

Chely Galvan=Competitive Athlete+Coach+Crossfit Mettle+Lion Life

Hey, ya’ll hey!

So, we are back with a feature with not only a Coach, but a competitive CrossFit Athlete!  My mind is always working, and thinking of the right people to feature in general! I knew Chely Galvan would be perfect! Not only is she a beauty, but she is STRENGTH defined! CrossFit is a large community, and I want to open this section up to include EVERYONE, from every BOX!

Chely Galvan (JEALOUS OF HER HAIR, IJS) (THAT’S THAT LION LIFE THO) Chely Galvan=Competitive Athlete+Coach+Crossfit Mettle+Lion Life















Chely Galvan=Competitive Athlete+Coach+Crossfit Mettle+Lion Life

So, you know I always have a story about my features right? My first encounter with Chely was during a Sunday CrossFit class. I was new to CrossFit, and back then no one really worked out on a Sunday. Except ME! Smart right? Dumb! The WOD had rope climbs, and I didn’t know how to rope climb yet. I figured she would find something else for me to do…NOPE! First she showed me her way, easy right?! FAIL! So, she say’s “just keeping trying” you’ll eventually get it sometime during the 20 minutes. WTF! LOL! GUESS WHAT? I did, eventually get an half ass rope climb. Crazy right? Sometimes, the best way to learn is to actually do it, and practice it!

Chely Galvan=Competitive Athlete+Coach+Crossfit Mettle+Lion Life

Chely Galvan is a competitive CrossFit athlete, and CrossFit Coach. Chely coaches at Crossfit Mettle from 5:00am-9:00am, Noon, and 1 evening class from 4:15-5:15pm. Chely was introduced to Crossfit in March of 2010, and was instantly hooked. After a short time period of CrossFitting she attending Regionals in 2011. The top athletes and teams, based on their performance in their region advance to regionals, Chely has advanced to regionals multiple times. The woman is talented!  Being a competitive athlete is one thing, but helping others better their lives is another. Chely coaches because its rewarding to see people make life changing behaviors that contribute to their overall health. Being a competitive athlete takes TONS of discipline, and consistent training. I don’t think people understand the amount of work it takes to compete at her level! It’s extremely inspirational! Chely feels that it’s always fun competing, and striving to be better, stronger and faster. But, the true reward and joy is seeing people in her Crossfit community make life altering health changes. Being able to have that sort of an impact on people is invaluable!

If you have certain goals that you want to reach or want to become better, faster or stronger, Chely’s contact info is below! She walks the walks, and will definitely challenge you! Chely is a personal trainer, and can tailor training to fit your specific needs. If you are interested in Crossfit in general give her a shout as well! Chely Galvan=Competitive Athlete+Coach+Crossfit Mettle+Lion Life


Chely Galvan 

Coach at Crossfit Mettle 

Regional Athlete 2011-2015 

Personal Trainer 




Best of Benefit Cosmetics

Best of Benefit Cosmetics

Best of Benefit Cosmetics

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a fantastic morning so far! I LOVE make-up, ALOT! I created a room in my house just for getting ready (photo below). So, I love pretty much all of Benefit’s products! They have some amazing PRODUCT! I have linked some of my favorites! I am in love with their BB cream, BIG EASY! It’s super smooth, and gives a perfect matte finish! So AMAZE! Second on my list is Benefit’s Speed Brow Wiz, its super quick for filling in those brows ladies! A must for sure! If I had to pick a third, it would be their bronzer Hoola! It’s just LIFE! If you have ever wanted to try foundation, but are on the fence, try BIG EASY! You won’t regret it!

Have an amazing day babes!


My Glam Room! I love being in this little SPACE! 

Glam room


Shorts + Off the Shoulders

Shorts + Off the Shoulders

Shorts + Off the ShouldersShorts + Off the Shoulders IMG_5470IMG_5476IMG_5567Shorts + Off the Shoulders Shorts + Off the Shoulders IMG_5475


Hey! It’s Tuesday! One step closer to the weekend! Not that I’m counting, or anything! So, my first photo is the only running, well I’ll say skipping that I have done is close to two weeks! Oops! LOL! I have had the worst sinus infection! N-E-Way….. I am OBSESSED with American Eagle shorts! Not only are they affordable, but they are super comfy. My best friend, and I were talking yesterday, on sizing, and I’m usually pretty spot on when I tell someone to size up in a brand. If you don’t want these shorts way, way up…then you need to size up! I literally, just made that up! I know, I know I’m good!  I am also loving these espadrilles that I purchased from #bloomingdales! They are so comfy! These were as close as I could get to dupes! I am linking my oufit today as an extra #ootd post, as today is usually an accessories, or sale day posting, but will also link my traditional fashion finds below! Have an amazing day babes!

Top//Shorts//Espadrilles//Necklace C/o @LaceysLayers//Sunnies (ONLY $12.00)


Tuesday Fashion Find Files!

Boho Chic + LaceysLayers

American Eagle + Maxi Dress

Boho Chic + LaceysLayersLacey's Layers Lacey's Layers Lacey's Layers Lacey's Layers Lacey's Layers Lacey's Layers Lacey's Layers Lacey's Layers IMG_4754IMG_4808












Happy Monday ya’ll! So how about this boho look! OMG! I am in love with LaceysLayers Jewerly! Everyone I know loves Etsy! Am I right? I love Etsy because it empowers people to be in business, and live out their passion!

Lacey Deppisch is the owner of Laceys Layers, and lives in San Diego California. She is not new to the fashion industry, and is in the Visual Mechandising Managing, and styling industry. Lacey began expressing her creativity while home with her new baby on maternity leave. Her friends, and family loved her jewelry so much that she decided to expand her creativity to Etsy! Her jewelry line is Boho Chic inspired, and GORGEOUS!

As many of you know, I am always on the look out for a GREAT deal! All of Lacey’s pieces can be purchased for UNDER $20.00, with $3.00 flat RATE shipping! Seriously a STEAL! All of her jewelry is handmade, and made with LOVE! The best kind of jewelry to own! Be sure to follow her on Instagram @laceyslayers ! She does fab give aways as well as sales, and contest!

Dress//Sandals//Earrings(Sold out, similar here)//Necklace c/o


All opinions are my own! 



















Shoulder Trend Alert!

Off The Shoulder + Denim Dress

Shoulder Trend Alert!

Good Morning! I hope everyone is having a fantastic Thursday morning! Soooo, how do you feel about all of the off the shoulder top, and dress trend? I am loving some of them, ALOT! As with any trend, be careful with your selections, and don’t go and buy out the store! You will be stuck with a ton of off the shoulder tops, and dresses in the fall! I think one in a few different colors offers a good amount of variety for Spring, and Summer! N-E-Way, I did a round up of a ton of my favorites, and linked them all below! Guess which 3 I bought? I found a few that were under $10.00! CRAZY!

Have a great day babes! 

Destroyed Denim + Statement Earrings

Destroyed Denim + Statement Earrings

Destroyed Denim + Statement EarringsDestroyed Denim + Statement Earrings Destroyed Denim + Statement Earrings Destroyed Denim + Statement Earrings Destroyed Denim + Statement Earrings Destroyed Denim + Statement Earrings Destroyed Denim + Statement Earrings IMG_4370

Good Morning! I hope everyone’s Wednesday is off to an amazing start! I was hit with a cold or some severe allergies yesterday! WooooW! Can a gal check a tiny break! Dang!  Soooo, my outfit for is simple, jeans, black tank, and statement earrings! These earrings are the best! I have seen similar earrings for $250.00-$300.00! Yeah, I am not paying that! I am not going to be held captive by labels. I found these for about $12.00!

Alright, so don’t be mad at me…I couldn’t find the exact earrings to link. I actually bought the earrings I’m wearing at H&M, the NorthStar Mall location for my SA readers. They had a bunch! I linked others, and I actually own 3 of the similar pairs. Accessories can take an outfit from DAB, to FAB!

Have a wonderful day beauties!

Cami//Jeans//Wedges//Clutch//Earrings (similar)//Bracelet 

Weekly Workout + Lunges + Squats

Leilani Garrett = 's Wife+Mother+Coach+Life Changer

Weekly Workout + Lunges + Squats

Good Morning!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week so far! It has been pretty rainy in San Antonio, but I still open up the windows and let in whatever lighting I can! I’m having surgery fairly soon so my exercise regime is going to change a lot! But, don’t worry! I will keep you all update with wonderful workouts along the way!

N-e-way! Lets get going with a little workout!

Warm up

15 Burpee’s 


Repeat X 5 

24 Walking Lunges 

24 Squats 

24 Sit-ups 


Happy Birthday Anna + Black & Gold

Black and Gold

Happy Birthday Anna + Black & GoldBlack and GoldBlack and GoldIMG_4052Black and GoldIMG_4114IMG_4108

Happy Tuesday, and Happy Birthday to my Aunt Anna! We celebrated my Aunt Anna’s birthday on Saturday, and and she step into 60 looking FAB! Anna is my second mom and has been a major part, and key in my life.  She had an amazing time with all of our family, and friends! The theme was black and gold! Black and gold are two of my favorites! I loved how Anna wore all black! I wish I would have worn black too! Maybe next time! I wore this little shift dress I bought from Nordstrom. They still carry it! I will link below!

Enjoy your day!

Dress//Heels//Bracelet//Earrings(LOVE)//Watch//Valentino Handbag 

Fiesta + Spring Dress

Fiesta + Spring Dress

Fiesta + Spring Dress  Fiesta + Spring DressIMG_3943

 Fiesta + Spring DressFiesta + Spring DressFiesta + Spring Dress

Happy Friday! I know everyone is ready for the weekend! Festival weekend right! Well, I hope everyone’s morning is off to a fantastic start! So, about this little dress! Some like to call it a party dress, I like to call it, a dress up or down wardrobe staple! You can wear this dress with flats, or add some flare to it with a pair of heels! I love gold jewelry, so I add that in for the win every time!

I want to add a little side note because I get a lot of email, especially from younger ladies about skin issues, or weight loss struggles. Please, please remember that no one has a picture perfect life. I don’t care how a person’s Instagram, or blog portray’s their life, it’s not all Pitch Perfect. I have struggles to ladies, we all do. Keep your head up in the clouds, and not down in the ground!

Have a FAB weekend!

Dress(similar, similar) //Heels//Bracelet//Cuff//Highlight

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