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Month: July 2016

The BEST black DRESS!

The BEST black DRESS!

The BEST black DRESS!The BEST black DRESS! The BEST black DRESS!

The BEST black DRESS! The BEST black DRESS! The BEST black DRESS! The BEST black DRESS!


















Hey! I hope everyone is having a FAB Sunday! Soooooooo! This is The BEST black DRESS! This dress was an #NSALE find and was a GREAT deal! At first I was like nah, because it reminded me of a moo moo…am I right? Then when it came in the mail, I was like I can totally rock with this dress! When I was reallllyyyy overweight I lived in dresses! Dresses hide weight very well. Nordy’s had a few other color available, and I will like those as well! It’s time to start transitioning away from the floral pieces. Do not get the cranberry COLOR! Everyone and their family bought that color! LOL! These mules are a must! So, real quick! I know I don’t post a lot of before and after photo’s on my Instagram, but my weightloss and being overweight is something that I have never kept a secret. My weight has always been an  issue. So before you open your cute little mouth, and say that my before are after’s are not me, or not “real”, please think TWICE! LOL! I would never lie about a time in my life that was extremely painful. Being overweight is hard, and no matter what journey you choose to take to lose the weight, no journey is easier than another. Be KIND PEOPLE!

SORRY, the WIDGETS are not working so I couldn’t display photo’s of the products. I tired for like 2 hours….waaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! I linked everything below tho!



Enjoy your Sunday babes!

More Stripes + Platforms

More Stripes + Platforms

More Stripes + PlatformsMore Stripes + Platforms More Stripes + Platforms image

More Stripes + Platforms More Stripes + Platforms image

Hey! I hope everyone is enjoying this rainy Thursday! I added a few more picks from the #nsale! I also added a bunch of sunnies that are all $12! Just scroll through the selections above! I included some new heels that are a MUST for FALL, and NOW! A ton of stuff has sold out, but I have noticed that some of the items have been restocked! Be sure to check my other post for other picks!

Tour Shirt + Destroyed Denim

Tour Shirt + Destroyed Denim

Tour Shirt + Destroyed DenimTour Shirt + Destroyed DenimTour Shirt + Destroyed DenimTour Shirt + Destroyed DenimTour Shirt + Destroyed Denim

Hey! I hope everyone had a great day! I had surgery yesterday, and I am on the road to recovery. So glad it over, and I am so ready to go home. I’m still in the hospital, but had the best surgeon ever! But, wait? How did you take these photos? Go, figure…well before of course! We snapped these over the weekend while out and about. I snagged these boots at the #nsale, and this T-shirt was the best find and under $18.00! I will blog more about this whole process as I get better, and have more strength!

Have a great one babes!


Leith Tank + Olive

Leith Tank + Olive

Leith Tank + Olive Leith Tank + Olive Leith Tank + Olive Leith Tank + Olive Leith Tank + Olive Leith Tank + Olive












Hey! I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday morning! I am trying my best to do so! I have been on a liquid diet so my energy has been blah….I haven’t had the energy to do much of anything. It’s hard to even really think..LOL! I haven’t worked out in a while, I actually lost count…eekkkkk! Friday afternoon at 3:40ish I received the worst news from the WORST healthcare system in America the VA. So I am seriously in panic mode. I am supposed to have surgery on Monday, but as usual someone at the VA didn’t do their job, and an aspect of the process fell through the cracks. So, I am on pins and needles waiting to see if the situation will be rectified by 9:00am Monday morning. I am so pissed! I LITERALLY, HATE the VA. And I don’t use the word hate lightly.

N-E-WAY, the #NSALE is in full swing. There are a lot of items that have sold out! The moto jackets were a hit, and I know some have sold out. I snagged this little tank, and the material is EVERYTHING! You can wear in now as well as layer it up in the fall! Everything I am wearing is on MAJOR SALE! Except my sunnies! I linked Everything! I also snagged the dress I linked, but grabbed it in marbled grey!

Enjoy your Sunday!

BEST MOTO Jacket EVER + Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!


BEST MOTO Jacket EVER + Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

The ANNIVERSARY SALE STARTS IN A FEW HOURS! EEKKKKK! It’s the first day that the #NSALE is open to everyone! I am linking most of what I bought to include my makeup finds! Soooo, the jacket I’m wearing is EVERYTHING! GRAB THIS BAD BOY UP YA’LL!!! It is worth the MONEY! Best #NSALE find! I bought some stuff in store, and ordered some stuff online. It would take FOREVER to style what I bought. Some of it is TOO HOT to attempt to style. Just take my word for it, okay, okay…okay good. All of my picks are things I bought, or things I would buy, and think you should grab. The NARS cheek palate is a MUST! I hope you like my stuff, and my PICKS! The sale opens to everyone in like 3 hours! EEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!!



So Basic Look + Blue

So Basic Look + Blue

So Basic Look + Blue So Basic Look + Blue So Basic Look + Blue So Basic Look + Blue So Basic Look + Blue So Basic Look + Blue




























Hey! I hope everyone is having a good morning so far! I have another #NSALE style for you guys! This stripe tee is a staple, and can be styled in so many different ways.I am sure you have seen this little tee floating around Instagram, but you have not seen me style it! LOL! This tee is not true to size, it runs quite large. I bought the olive color as well. I haven’t listed all of the items I bought from the #NSALE for one reason, I’m LAZY. LOL! I bet you thought I was going to say something else! I have linked a ton of the items that I have bought though.  I will continue post practical versatile pieces. If you are looking for long boots, you will not get that from me on my blog at this time.  LOL, not happening. See previous post for details.

I call this look my so basic look, and added my blue bag for a pop of color!

Have a fab day babes!


Cold Shoulder Favorites + #NSALE

Gold + Cold Shoulder

Cold Shoulder Favorites + NSALE

Hey! I took a few minutes to pick out a few of my favorite Cold Shoulder dresses! I found a few under $40.00!!! I found most of them at Nordstrom! I will post my #NSALE picks either tomorrow or Thursday. I am having a hard time picking my favorite items, I have a ton of the #NSALE items from last year. I bought tons of boots last year, and the weather didn’t get to the point of wearability…is that even a word? YIKES! N-E-WAY, have a good one!

Weekly Workout + HIIT

Black + Black

Weekly Workout + HIIT 

I hope everyone is doing well today! I wanted to take some time and get a workout posted this morning. I know we can all get into the routine of doing the same workouts over and over. On Saturday I was driving to the bank in Cibolo and I noticed that an Orange Theory is going to be opening! I wish it was a Soul Cycle, but I have wanted to try out Orange Theory! Anyway, I think it would be neat to get a punch card or something. Maybe go once a week.

Alright, on to the workout!

Warm up 

25 Jumping Jacks

25 Squats

Part 1 Repeat X 5 

15 Burpee’s

15 Push-up’s

15 Sit-ups


Casual + Heels

Casual + HeelsIMG_1752


Hey! I hope everyone is having great morning so far, and had a great weekend! I didn’t do much at all, the heat is just hard to beat! It doesn’t really matter what you wear at this point, its just hot! My favorite thing to wear is destroyed denim paired with some sort of heel, it seems like it adds a bit of flare to any look!

I am having trouble adding separate links. Please use links above! Have a good one!



Boho + Platforms + Be Still

Boho + Platforms + Be Still


I have few words today…so I will be still.I love you all no matter what race, religion, weight, shoe size, or sexual orientation you may be. It is your right, and you choice to live your life as you so choose. Those are the freedom’s in which you should always be afforded. I see you in only one way, HUMAN.  In times of despair, I will simply be still.

I had a hard time hyper-linking everything below like I usually do. Please use the photo’s above to find the items I’m wearing. The dress I am wearing is no longer available in white, but it is available in blue! Which is just as gorgeous! I also linked a few of my favorites from this brand, it’s so light comfortable, and free!

Enjoy your day, reflect, and be still my friends.