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Month: August 2016

Jean Jacket + Black

Jean Jacket + Black

Jean Jacket + BlacK 
Jean Jacket + Black Jean Jacket + Black Jean Jacket + Black Jean Jacket + Black

Hey! Happy Friday! This week seems like a blur! So glad it is Friday, this has been a long week! I have been MIA like crazy in every aspect of my life. Sometimes I have to knock on my own head and ask if anyone is home! LOL! My little mini human is back in school so we have been getting back into the swing of things with school. Let me stop! DEAR LESLEY, stop being a lazy ass, and post your blog post! Sincerely, GET OVER YOURSELF!!! LOL!

N-E-way! How cute is this little jean jacket?! I am dying over it! I can’t wait to style it in future post.I wore it with a little swing dress with all of the rain we were having, and it was perfect! Not to heavy at all! Def. a staple! Can we talk about this little handbag from BR for a second?!!! First you know I am the cheapest blogger on the planet right? I believe in choosing what you spend on fashion pieces wisely. Shoes are my favorite…probably because I spent a lot of time being overweight, and shoes always fit no matter what. I grabbed this little handbag when BR had an additional 40% off, and I had reward $$$ so it was a MAJOR win! This little beauty goes with everything! Someone asked in a IG post if this is really what I wear? ummmmmmmmm Yes? What do you mean? I wear all of my jewelry, and my makeup and heels when I get ready for the day. I think getting ready, and fully dressed helps a persons overall wellbeing. I think everyone judges people by their appearance. I would be lying if I said I never have. Do I skim past a person and don’t care about them at all, sure. I judge my Doctors in every since. If they are overweight, how can they give me advice about losing weight? Or advise me to lose weight. If they smell of cigarette smoke, F-O-R-G-E-T IT!!! Nothing they say has VALUE!!!!!

As always…I am rambling…

Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites 

Good Morning! I took some time a did a round up of a few of my fall favorites! I pretty much like the dupes of all of the super expensive designer items that I REFUSE to pay for. LOL! I did add a couple of tall boots in the mix as I have reader who live in Canada, and other areas where summer will come to an abrupt hault. The Ivanka Trump boots are a winner, I have them in Grey. I love all of the booties I linked below! And no, my fashion choices don’t reflect my political opinion. LOL!

I have great one babes!

Weekly Workout

Lace up + White Shorts

Weekly Workout 

Good Morning! I know there are a lot of new subscribers, so I your probably wondering what does she know about working out? LOL! Well I am a Certified Personal Trainer, and I did actually personal train for a little bit in a very small privately own gym. Not, going to lie…it was primarily women. I offer workouts on my blog as my way of giving back to my readers/subscribers. A little variety is always nice.

I’m trying to stay ahead of the game this week, and add a workout early. I’m hoping you check your email, and can have this workout for tomorrow morning. It’s kind of a gloomy this morning in San Anotnio, well I should say the Schertz’s area. I am actually able to sit out back, and write this post. My back yard is one of the two top things I love most about my house. I didn’t have such appreciation until about a year or so ago. It’s my place of serinty, and where I have found expound up my new love of meditation.

What do you all have going on today? I am once again tackling the beast that is my closet. I found that if I attack my closet in sections I feel more accomplished. I’m a clothing hoarder. With the change in seasons I need to purge my closet of things that I wore once last season, or that I didn’t wear at all. I’m trying really hard to stick to neutrals, with some pops of colors. But, my moto is to dress for the weather, and not for the season. If it’s hot out, you will not see me in knee high boots.

N-E-Way, Let’s gets grinding on a workout! Skinny jean season is coming, AND let’s not have to jump up, and down to get into our skinny jeans, or have to lay on the bed and pull, pull, pull to get them over our butt this skinny jean season!

(Plus size options are also included in the selections below)

Warm up- Repeat X 2 

20 Jumping Squats

20 Crunches

20 Jumping Jacks


Part 1 Repeat X 5 

10 Burpee’s

10 Lunge’s (In place, make sure your back knee touches the ground)

10 Jumping squats

10 Mountain Climbers

20 Crunches


Happiness Boutique + Plaid

Happiness Boutique + Plaid Love

Happiness Boutique + Plaid 

Good Mornining everyone! I apologize for not being MIA! My laptop crashed so it has been CRAZY! N-E-Way, I want to talk about a few of the amazing pieces that I have received from Happiness Boutique! Happiness Boutique has all of the latest styles, and fashion trends! They are a vintage boutique! I found so many things on their website that I LOVED!!! They get new arrivals all the time! AND most importantly, their pieces are beautiful and AFFORADABLE!!! LOVE IT!!! I have been all about tassel earrings as of late, so of course these were my go too! Sooooo, head over to their boutique and check out their accessories! Without accessories an outfit just isn’t a blah outfit….AM I RIGHT??!!!

Earrings // Top // Sunnies // Shorts

Happiness Boutique + Plaid LoveIMG_3370IMG_3387IMG_3444

Lace up + White Shorts

Lace up + White ShortsLace up + White Shorts Lace up + White Shorts


Hey! It’s Friday! Time to unwind, right! This sweater is TDF! It’s also apart of the NSALE and is back in stock!!! It’s super lighttttt, and was not too hot to throw on with shorts and heels! LOVE IT! My heels, what can I say besides….they are THE BEST! MY sunnies are linked but they show up in a taupe like color! The should let you select the color red! These sunnies, are LIFE!
Have a great one babes!

Weekly Workout + HIIT

Weekly Workout + HIIT

Hey, ya’ll hey!

So lets get back together for another weekly workout with HIIT! I know its hot, but the workouts must go on! You guys know that I am still recovering, and feel like a straight up smoker! But, its cool or whatever. Actually, its not! LOL!

Alright! Lets get this party started! Take very little BREAKS! The goal is to consistently move! Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids…..cause its HOT outside ya’ll!

Warm up 

25 Burpee’s 

Part 1 Repeat X3 

40 Mountain Climbers 

40 Jumping Jacks 

40 Walking Lunges 

40 Situps 

20 Push-ups 

Perfect Sleeveless Tunic + NSALE

Perfect Sleeveless Tunic + NSALE

Perfect Sleeveless Tunic + NSALEPerfect Sleeveless Tunic + NSALE Perfect Sleeveless Tunic + NSALE Perfect Sleeveless Tunic + NSALE Perfect Sleeveless Tunic + NSALE Perfect Sleeveless Tunic + NSALE Perfect Sleeveless Tunic + NSALE
Hey! I hope everyone is doing well this morning! Its almost Friday, so that is always a good thing right? So the #NSALE is almost over, and this is another top that I was able to grab! LOVE IT! I am so frustrated with shopstyle lately. I like to post clickable links with photo’s and something is wrong with their platform, and its giving me major ANXIETY!!! WAAAAAAAA! So annoyed. I’m a visual person so I like to see what I click! What about you? Anyway, this sleeveless tunic is TDF!!! You can throw a moto over it, or wear it now with shorts, leggings or destroyed denim. I have ZERO fashion rules, and will wear the most off the wall tops with shorts! IDK, it always come out cuteeeeeee!!! I am still recovering, and drinking a shit ton of water. TBH, I hate water. It’s just not my beverage of choice, get my drift. LOL!


Weekly Workout + HIIT

Leith Tank + Olive

Weekly Workout + HIIT

Good morning! I hope everyone is doing well this morning! I wanted to get a workout going for people who workout at home, or who are looking for some variety! I know I have a ton of the blog, but sometimes its fun to add something new. I am just out of surgery, so I am not working out at full capacity. I literally feel like I have been a smoker for like 20 years. It is sooo  hard to catch my breath. I know with diligence I will get back to a good fitness level!

N-E-Way lets get this workout going!

Warm Up 

100 Jumping Jacking’s 

Part 1 (Complete this Rep Scheme for 28 minutes, and DONE)! 

15 Burpee’s 

15 Mountain Climbers 

15 Superman’s 

15 Jumping Squats 

15 Push-Ups