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Month: October 2016

Black Moto + OTK Boots

Black Moto + OTK BootsBlack Moto + OTK Boots Black Moto + OTK Boots Black Moto + OTK Boots Black Moto + OTK Boots Black Moto + OTK Boots Black Moto + OTK Boots

Hello! I hope all is well with everyone! The weather is starting to cool off somewhat in the morning hours in Texas, but it is still blazing in the afternoon. I figured I would break out a pair of OTK boots I grabbed last season. I have kept to my word and haven’t bought any new tall boots. LOL! I love wearing booties, but sometimes having a OTK boot is a good change of pace. My dress is another piece that I received from Zaful! I love this little dress! This dress seems to taper in at the waist, which helps with shaping out your figure. Enjoy the rest of your day beauties!

Also find my dress here!

The BEST Bodysuit + Stripes on Repeat

The BEST Bodysuit + Stripes on Repeat                                                                                               The BEST Bodysuit + Stripes on Repeat The BEST Bodysuit + Stripes on Repeat The BEST Bodysuit + Stripes on Repeat The BEST Bodysuit + Stripes on Repeat The BEST Bodysuit + Stripes on Repeat The BEST Bodysuit + Stripes on Repeat

Hi ya’ll! I hope all is well with everyone! Sooooo, I took both pieces from my #ootd directly from my closet! This bodysuit is LIFE! It is the best bodysuit to own, and I have a few from other brands. I have a few white bodysuits from American Apparel, and its imperative that you be careful when taking it off! I stained the neckline trying to pull it off with my makeup! #superpissed. The first time I went to American Apparel was interesting. I took my mini human upon request. I figured it was just a teen store. When we walked in the vibe was different, I felt like we walked into the 70’s! If you have never been to an American Apparel, you have to see for yourself! My pants are old, but I linked similar as well!

Enjoy your Monday!

Trendy + Zaful

Trendy + Zafulimg_3115Trendy + ZafulTrendy + Zafulimg_3138Trendy + Zaful

Hey ya’ll! I hope all is well with everyone. Last week was rough for me! N-E-Way, I am back with this sponsored post in colab with Zaful! So velvet is trending like no one’s business! When I spotted this dress, I knew I wanted to give it a try! I am not sure if I am on board with a velvet bodycon dress though…hmmmm.

Zaful is not based in the US, so it does take some time to get your items. I like to put this out to everyone! I feel like I am always behind on sponsored post, so I feel like I receive my items really quickly! LOL! I haven’t been well, and last week posed some challenges with posting. I am still waiting on a few items from Zaful, but its not big deal for me. If you like your items to arrive quickly, waiting may be difficult. A vast majority of Zaful’s items are more than affordable. I was happy with the quality of this dress, and feel that it is more than worth the price. This dress can be easily styled with knee high boots, or OTK boots. The color is AMAZING, and it what is happening for FALL! Find my DRESS HERE! 

Please remember to always SIZE up! Even if you are traditionally an extra small. Don’t tag shame yourself and order an extra small, to only receive your item to have it fit like a onezie. I selected this dress in a size medium, and I’m comfortable with my size selection. I can usually read the reviews and decide on sizing.

Be fierce babes…..xoxo

Bodysuit + Faux Suede Bells

Bodysuit + Faux Suede Bell’sBodysuit + Faux Suede Bells

Hey everyone! I hope all is well on this Monday morning! I know some people have off today, so I hope you enjoy your day off! Soooo, let me tell you about these faux suede bell’s! Aren’t they the best! My bodysuit, and bottoms are both from  Fin & Ellie  ! I never in a million years thought I would be in love with a pant, but I LOVE these! I added a bodysuit for some extra sleek, and a long sweater for a dressy casual look!

Be sure to follow Fin & Ellie on Instagram, and check them out for amazing fall fashion!

Enjoy your day babes!

Small Fall Transitions + (Outre’s “Neesha” Review)

Small Fall Transitions + (Outre’s “Neesha” Review)                                                                     

Small Fall Transitions Small Fall Transitions Small Fall Transitions Small Fall Transitions Small Fall Transitions img_2419img_2353

Hey ya’ll! I hope all is well with everyone. We are almost to Friday so that is always a good thing right? I have LITERALLY had a Doctor’s appointment’s everyday this week! Such a drain on my LIFE! N-E-Way, I am incorporating aspects of fall into my outfits, but to TBH it is still blazing in Texas. I see women wearing knee high boots, and think HOW? LIKE how? It’s 90 degrees outside! The Things we do for fashion! So this little dress is the BEST! So flattering, and you can easily dress it up with a pair of heels. My DRESS is only $14.99!!!!! I paired my look with a pair of booties. My booties have a scuffed up look, am I RIGHT? I can’t remember if they came like that, or if I was extra careless. Either way, I LOVE them imperfect.

My dress can be found HERE! 

Hair – So I consider my hair to be an accessory! I have had a few people ask me about video’s, Youtube is so much different than the blogger platform. But, I am in the R&D phase, but still wanted to give you reviews on my hair. LOL! My actual hair natural hair is in a protective braided style underneath the wig (unit), and I place a wig cap on top on my natural hair to protect it. The #1 question I am asked via direct message, or email is if people of all nationalities can wear units. The answer is YES! And if you see a style you love, get it and werrrrkkkkkkk. If you have really thick or long hair, you will most likely need someone to braid your hair so that the wig will fit appropriately over your natural hair. When people ask you if it’s your “real hair”, simply stare back at them blankly! People STAY on my NERVES with that QUESTION! When a wig is worn correctly people can’t tell where you hairline starts,  or if it is in fact a wig. I know, my stylist knows, but the everyday person DOES not know. The wig also needs to be secure! What gives off a wig-ish appearance is when the wig is moving all around on your head. Don’t be her ya’ll, don’t be her.

I am wearing OUTRE’S LACE FRONT, L PART WIG “NEESHA” in the color DR425. Neesha has a yaki texture, meaning this unit doesn’t have a softer relaxed look. This unit is synthetic, meaning its made up of synthetic fibers not human hair. I LOVE this unit. I love the color, and volume of this unit. I usually don’t step out of my comfort zone, but wanted to give DR425 a go. This unit is kinda hot, but is perfect for fall. I would say, buy this until if you are looking for something different for the fall and not willing to dye, but or change your own hair.

Outre Lace Front Wig L Part NEESHA
MATERIAL: Synthetic – Heat resistant fiber
TYPE: Lace front wig
HEAT SAFE: Yes – Up to 400F / Heat resistant fiber

Anastasia Beverly Hill Favorite’s!

Anastasia Beverly Hill Favorite’s!

Hi everyone! Make up, and beauty product’s have been giving me life lately. Even when you feel like crap, make up can still make us shine BRIGHT! I linked some of my favorite ABH products today! I love ALMOST ALL OF their products! Especially the clear brow gel! All of her illuminators are BOSS!

REMEMBER a woman can never have too much HIGHLIGHT! So keep on shinning!


Fin & Ellie + Fall MUST have!

Fin & Ellie + Fall Must Have's

Fin & Ellie + Fall MUST have!
Fin & Ellie + Fall Must Have's Fin & Ellie + Fall Must Have's Fin & Ellie + Fall Must Have's Fin & Ellie + Fall Must Have's Fin & Ellie + Fall Must Have's Fin & Ellie + Fall Must Have's Fin & Ellie + Fall Must Have's img_1992Fin & Ellie + Fall Must Have's
Hey Ya’ll! I hope everyone had a great weekend! On Saturday I posted about attending Fin and Ellie’s Hello October event! Ya’ll, this boutique is EVERYTHING! I had some time to chat with the owner Kimberlee, and Jennifer a serious hair MAVEN! Jennifer can do a WIDE variety of styles! She can EVEN make WIGS! You know I was in hair heaven when she told me that right? The Fashion is to KILL at Fin & Ellie, and you know I am picky!

Fin & Ellie is a salon, and boutique! I’m all about it! We are going to swing into fall, likkeeeeeee! Am I right? I will always tag, and link Fin and Ellie on all of my social media outlets, but I will always I post everything HERE first! Remember sharing is caring! So, if you want a particular item you HAVE to give them a call, and reserve the piece.

If you are in the San Antonio area, simply swoop in and pick up your items! If you live out of state, no worries they can ship it to you! I’m talking gorgeous FASH, I found a body suit that I am dreaming of styling, and it was only $10.00 dollars! AMAZE! This asymmetrical sweater dress is one of their pieces, and it is a MUST! LOVE IT! You can easily style this dress with booties or OTK boots!

Fin & Ellie

http://www.finandellie.com (website coming very soon)!

(210) 426-5154

2277 NW Military Ste 120, San Antonio, Texas

Instagram- @finandellie