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Month: November 2016

Makeup & Christmas Ideas

Hey Everyone! I picked out some of the things that caught my eye and some of my favorite lip colors from AB! Which is just about tall of them! Opps! It should help with shopping for Christmas! I hope everyone is having a great night!


Camo + All Black Everything

Camo + All Black Everything

Camo + All Black Everything

Hey everyone! I hope all is well! I am back this week with another post as promised! My apologies that I can’t post as often as I would like too. I am battling with some health issues, and fatigue. I am hoping that I will start feeling better soon, and dying to have the energy that I once had back! I am praying that I can see a Neuropath a few hours away who is supposed to be one of the best! Nothing yet, but still hopeful. 

N-E-Way, I was able to get out with my mini human this weekend. That kid dies to get out every weekend. He wanted to spend some of his Christmas money on “Black Friday’ Deals! I don’t think there are really any “Black Friday” deals. Only “STEALS”. Get it! Ha! We found a few things in H&M, but I am always suspect of their sizing. I always recommend sizing up at H&M. Hopefully I can get some of the stuff I bought posted before it sells out. I am usually dead to the world by early afternoon. My fatigue has been outrageous.

So about this outfit! I love wearing ALL BLACK! I added the camo jacket just to shake things up a bit. CAMO seems to be all the rave lately. I bought this jacket a while back from the mens section at GAP, and sized down. Now you know my secret! I don’t think anyone can go wrong with all black! I added a red lip, and #boom! I dropped a few funny pictures of myself including the first picture. Sometimes the faces that I make kill me! I can never seem to stop talking. Ha! Real life isn’t perfect, nor my photos or my life.

Stoppable links below! 

Camo + All Black Everything Camo + All Black Everything
Camo + All Black Everything Camo + All Black Everything Camo + All Black Everything Camo + All Black Everything img_6284img_6307img_6202

Festive Green + Bell’s

Festive Green + Bell's

Hey ya’ll! I hope everyone is doing well! I woke up with a small burst of motivation…LOL! I figured I would post with that burst of energy! The temps are finally somewhat cooler in Texas!  I’m excited, and scared at the same time. Be careful what you wish for right? In a month from now everyone will be wishing for warm weather! Am I right?!

N-E-WAY, I am loving the fact that I can pull out some of my sweater’s and jackets! I am loving the bell bottom trend! NON-JEANS! THESE BELL’s are TDF!!! They are from Fin & Ellie and they are AMAZE! I plan to wear these a TON this season, and the price point is amazing! Call them and place your order! Sometimes you have to trust a blogger, and that blogger is me! You will love these. As far as sizing…..If you have larger legs, SIZE UP! Do not be modest when it comes to sizing. My thighs are big, and I needed to size up. If you don’t have big thighs, normal sizing will be fine. Be honest with yourself. ALL LINKS for the rest of my OOTD are below the photos!

Enjoy your DAY babes!!!


img_5926Festive Green + Bell's Festive Green + Bell's Festive Green + Bell's Festive Green + Bell's img_5949Festive Green + Bell's img_5923

Zaful + Sweater Dress

Zaful + Sweater Dress

Hey Everyone! I hope all is well! I have had a ton of things going on and have not be as present on the blog as I would like to be. I am still working on my wellness, and focusing on healing internally. Concentration and Meditation. It has helped so much versus running to the Doctor for every single ache and pain. It’s called the PRACTICING Medicine for a reason, because they are practicing on your ass! I am going to do my best to be you guys some good gift idea’s and content for the upcoming holiday season. I have had a few companies write and offer discount codes for black Friday, so that’s awesome! I try to respond to everyone, but that proves to be difficult at times. The number one question is about starting a blog, and earning money. First, DON”T expect to make money when starting a blog. You will be disappointed. People think that blogging is super easy, and you take photo’s and post. Far from the truth. Most successfully blogs that do earn full-time incomes are 3-5 years old or older. Blog because you are passionate about something that you would like to share. Any who! Zaful sent me this little sweater dress and it is so FAB! It is super soft, and the length is PERFECTION! Click on the hyper links with the paragraph to check this beauty out!


Zaful + Sweater Dress Zaful + Sweater Dress Zaful + Sweater Dress Zaful + Sweater Dress Zaful + Sweater Dress

Fall + Some Cold Shoulder

Fall + Some Cold Shoulder

Fall + Some Cold Shoulder Fall + Some Cold Shoulder Fall + Some Cold Shoulder Fall + Some Cold Shoulder
Hey guys! 

I hope everyone is doing well. I haven’t been able to blog as much, but I am determined to post a few times per week if possible! This little dress is super cute! It gives you a little shoulder exposure but warmth at the same time. Ribbed seems to be a trend for this season. I am sure that you could wear this dress with tights, or long boots. I went with booties since the temps are still rather warm in Texas. I’m wearing minimal make-up, just enough to not look like death! LOL! I linked everything below in hyperlinks! Shop style is having some error issues.

Cold Shoulder Rib Knit Dress;Cromwell Booties; Bracelets (DUPES) ; Watch (DUPE)


Having a great day!