Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well!!! Weather has been crazy in some areas, but still remains unpredictable in Texas. A snow storm in March is rather crazy! The last few weeks have been a roller coaster for me, hence no posts. We do the best we can right? With that roller coaster came two weekends of non-stop rain (boo). When its raining my attire consists of yoga paint,s and a sweatshirt. Beautiful right? Who is ready to transition into full fledge spring clothes. RAISING my hand! This girl has been ready to transition since realizing that we have had no real boot season in Texas.

Soooo, about my look! I have always had a secret love for wide leg “trousers”. Finding wide leg pants “gaucho style”  can be a task, but when I find a pair I grab them. They are so comfortable. Off the shoulder tops will remain a staple this spring, and summer. Some of the prices for off the shoulder tops are outrageous! Luckily I have found a few that have been $15-20 or so dollars that I will be sharing. I am also linking some of my favorite sandals for Spring! ALL DETAILS BELOW!

PS. one of my ties on my top came loose! Opps! #bloggingdoesntequalperfection #notatall

xoxo, Lesley