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Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday

White Tank + Destroyed Denim Shorts

Motivational Monday

Hey! I felt like a little motivational Monday was in order for today! I have shared some of my recent struggles with everyone over the past few blog post. Most people give up when things become challenging. Did you know that? Gym’s bank on people quitting every year at the because they know they won’t actually follow through, they will quit. And then they make a huge profit and don’t end up servicing all of those people who signed up for 1 or 2 year contacts. It took me over 2 years to get my first pull-up in Crossfit, but I kept trying. I didn’t quit even though it seemed impossible.

Never QUIT! If you quit, you will never know the outcome. When I started my blog, EVERYONE laughed and made fun of me. That didn’t matter. I am still here doing what I love to do, write, and bring awareness. It helps me is so many ways. I alway’s tell anyone in any sort of situation, that I will never give up, quit, or fail to fight. Especially if I feel really strongly about something. I may have to find different avenue’s, but I won’t ever not fight a good fight!

I have some major challenges ahead of me as it relates to my health. I could cry in a corner, or I can do something about it, and get healthy. I choose to be proactive, and to be healthy for my family.

Have a happy Monday! 

Motivational Monday

High Slits + Long Dresses

Motivational Monday

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is having a fantastic START to their Monday morning!

I had a pretty decent weekend. My weekend started off pretty rough though. I spent all day Friday at a Doctors appointment. I am not a fan of going to Dr. appointments. I always feel so drained afterwards. I was at this particular appointment from 9:45am, until 4:00pm! So wild! I feel that since I have a blog, and live parts of my life in the open that I should share parts of my life with all of you!

Last month I shared that I had an emergency surgery. Well, this surgery wasn’t supposed to be emergent. Sometimes, well most of the time, we depend on our providers to give us any and all information.This was my first mistake. I don’t want to dwell on this too much, but there is a lesson to be taken away. I am most upset about the recovery process, and anesthesia. Anesthesia, isn’t normal to me. It’s just weird! LOL!

I don’t like feeling out of body, does that even make since? So here I am, kinda starting all over again, preparing for another surgery next month that will complete my care. In a perfect world, everything would have been done all at one time.

My motivation is coming here, to my blog and helping just one person feel just a little better. Rather it be, a workout, finding a good deal on an outfit, or simply taking away from one of my experiences. Being healthy is my motivation! Feeling like I am not out of my body is my motivation!

What’s yours?

Motivational Monday

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Happy Monday! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I had a bit of the Monday blues yesterday, but I woke up this morning! That is itself is motivation!  While I may not be operating at 100%, I woke up this morning to see another day, and write on my blog that gives me an outlet to express, and share my passion! 

Have a wonderful day and be AMAZING! 


Motivational Monday


Good Morning!

I have a few post coming out to you all this morning, please bare with me as I half-way flood your inbox. Sooooo, today I feel 1000% unmotivated. I’m just keeping it real. It hurts to breath in, and out ,and I really want my body to heel so that I can get back into a good workout routine.

My motivation for today is PATIENCE! I have to be patient, and listen to my body. I have to let my body heal as it needs too! Being over zealous, and going back to Crossfit would be ridiculous. My primary goal at this point is to keep my diet strong with good protein, and fruits and veggies!

PATIENCE is my driving motivation for today! What’s yours?




Ali McCully-Crossfit-Women-ADVOCARE

Ali McCauley-Crossfit-Women-ADVOCARE

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend This lovely article will also be posted in the motivational Monday section! It’s 1000% motivational! ! I’m continuing on with Crossfit and Women this week. I feel like so many women are scared of Crossfit due to certain stigma’s, and mainstream medias definition of the perfect body! There is no such thing as the perfect body! This beautiful person is my friend Ali McCully! Amazing mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend and athlete! You guys! Ali is so inspirational, and I wanted to share a little of her story. Ali, and her husband Richard are determined to help 300 people achieve their health, and wellness goal this YEAR! I don’t talk much about supplements on Lesley and Eve, but I do have a routine of supplements. My go to is Advocare! I want to steer you all in Ali, and Richards direction when it comes to supplementation. I am super protective of all of my readers, but I know I’m steering you in the right direction. I feel that it takes more than me to reach all of you! Ali-Maculey-Crossfit-Women-Pregnancy-ADVOCARE

Ali maintained her fitness regime throughout her entire pregnancy! Which is no small feat! She looked amazing, and still does. I know how difficult picking the right supplements can be, especially for women! Ugh! There are so many choices out there…it’s so crazy! Think about some of your goals, and then take a look at Ali’s AdvoCare page! If you have any questions comment below, or contact her via her AdvoCare page, or through our contact page! We will try our best to respond within 24 hours or less! I love all AdvoCare products! Seriously I do! AdvoCare has supplements to help everyone, no matter what stage you are at in your journey. Ali also has amazing workouts on her Instagram( click here), and Pinterest, so be sure to follow her. Crossfit isn’t the only type of workout Ali follows, so be sure to check her out on ALL of her social media channels for motivation! I know she is going to start a Youtube channel as well! #excited!


Ali is extremely knowledgeable, and her guidance won’t have you starving. She understands the importance of eating well, and taking the appropriate amount of time to rest! Exercising everyday with no rest isn’t good for your body! Ali-Maculey-Crossfit-Women-Pregnancy-ADVOCARE                                                                           Ali-Maculey-Crossfit-Women-Pregnancy-ADVOCARE
Ali-Maculey-Crossfit-Women-Pregnancy-ADVOCARESeriously the most ADORABLE baby GIRL!!!!! Ali, and Richards baby girl seriously LOVE’s the gym! I love seeing her gorgeous blue eyes, and big smiles! No doubt makes my DAY! I asked Ali what motivates her, and she said being healthy for her family is her motivation. And that is the best motivation you guys! Having a healthy lifestyle helps us mentally, and physically. Seeing, and knowing Ali before and after her baby, shows that it is possible to be active, and keep moving through your pregnancy. Always consult your physician before starting any workout regime, but being pregnant doesn’t mean your dead, and need to sit in a corner. I did, I sat in a corner, and ate my my entire kitchen, and I have ZERO photo’s of myself during that time. LOL!

Did you workout during your pregnancy?

Ali’s Contact Info- 

AdvoCare Page- https://www.advocare.com/140261615/

Instagram- @fitmomstrongmoms

Pinterest- @Fitmomstrongmoms




Motivational Monday

Black Sweater - Destroyed Denim

Motivational Monday

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Can you believe how fast the month of Feb. has gone by! I feel like it was Christmas like yesterday!

So, on to Motivational Monday! Have you ever had a dream or wanted to accomplish something that you just didn’t do? Or thought you couldn’t do? I dreamed of starting a blog for a good while, but was so fearful. I was fearful because of how many blogs fail on a daily basis. I am truly sadden when I visit blogs and see that they have been abandoned!

Every-time I tell someone new that I have a blog, I get the blog eye roll! LOL! I know a lot of blog’s exist, but my blog is my passion. I write, and publish as if I am writing to millions of people. I remember when my mom was most likely my only reader! I still wrote with passion!  I am a determined person, and refuse to lose! As long as I am breathing, my blog will be in circulation!

My message today is to make your dream a reality! If there is a will, there is a way! Find resource’s or do it yourself. My biggest investment in my blogging journey has been my digital camera. I did have my blog built, but my camera cost more. CRAZY right! I’m so grateful that I found the  right person/organization to build my blog! He has been a true blessing! My blog is still a baby, and continues to grow! But, we still have a a lot more to ACCOMPLISH!

I have attached a few of my favorite motivational/inspirational books! Check them out!





Motivational Monday

Happy Monday!

My motivation for today is balance! I live my life by balance without torture. What in the world does that mean? I define my level of balance by being efficient! I am going work as efficiently as possible in all aspects of my life. My balance is interrupted when I pay little attention to the foods I eat, or I skip workouts. My diet, and exercise are just as important as going to work.

My family is my daily motivation! I want to live a life with as little stress as possible, and be physically, and mentally fit!

Always remember to do your best! If you do your best, you never truly fail!

What’s your motivation? What sparks you out of bed wanting to start your Monday?


A few inspiring picks for you!