Chely Galvan=Competitive Athlete+Coach+Crossfit Mettle+Lion Life

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So, we are back with a feature with not only a Coach, but a competitive CrossFit Athlete!  My mind is always working, and thinking of the right people to feature in general! I knew Chely Galvan would be perfect! Not only is she a beauty, but she is STRENGTH defined! CrossFit is a large community, and I want to open this section up to include EVERYONE, from every BOX!

Chely Galvan (JEALOUS OF HER HAIR, IJS) (THAT’S THAT LION LIFE THO) Chely Galvan=Competitive Athlete+Coach+Crossfit Mettle+Lion Life















Chely Galvan=Competitive Athlete+Coach+Crossfit Mettle+Lion Life

So, you know I always have a story about my features right? My first encounter with Chely was during a Sunday CrossFit class. I was new to CrossFit, and back then no one really worked out on a Sunday. Except ME! Smart right? Dumb! The WOD had rope climbs, and I didn’t know how to rope climb yet. I figured she would find something else for me to do…NOPE! First she showed me her way, easy right?! FAIL! So, she say’s “just keeping trying” you’ll eventually get it sometime during the 20 minutes. WTF! LOL! GUESS WHAT? I did, eventually get an half ass rope climb. Crazy right? Sometimes, the best way to learn is to actually do it, and practice it!

Chely Galvan=Competitive Athlete+Coach+Crossfit Mettle+Lion Life

Chely Galvan is a competitive CrossFit athlete, and CrossFit Coach. Chely coaches at Crossfit Mettle from 5:00am-9:00am, Noon, and 1 evening class from 4:15-5:15pm. Chely was introduced to Crossfit in March of 2010, and was instantly hooked. After a short time period of CrossFitting she attending Regionals in 2011. The top athletes and teams, based on their performance in their region advance to regionals, Chely has advanced to regionals multiple times. The woman is talented!  Being a competitive athlete is one thing, but helping others better their lives is another. Chely coaches because its rewarding to see people make life changing behaviors that contribute to their overall health. Being a competitive athlete takes TONS of discipline, and consistent training. I don’t think people understand the amount of work it takes to compete at her level! It’s extremely inspirational! Chely feels that it’s always fun competing, and striving to be better, stronger and faster. But, the true reward and joy is seeing people in her Crossfit community make life altering health changes. Being able to have that sort of an impact on people is invaluable!

If you have certain goals that you want to reach or want to become better, faster or stronger, Chely’s contact info is below! She walks the walks, and will definitely challenge you! Chely is a personal trainer, and can tailor training to fit your specific needs. If you are interested in Crossfit in general give her a shout as well! Chely Galvan=Competitive Athlete+Coach+Crossfit Mettle+Lion Life


Chely Galvan 

Coach at Crossfit Mettle 

Regional Athlete 2011-2015 

Personal Trainer



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