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Hi everyone! We are back with another Crossfit FEATURE! I would like to Introduce Mandy Flores! Simply STUNNING! Am I right?! I met Mandy a few years back, we are both members at Elite Crossfit . We don’t actually workout at the same gym though. Mandy workouts out at the Selma location, and I workout at the best location RIDE OR DIE REDLINE! I’m kidding….am I? LOL! We have a little back and fourth competition, but its all love. Mandy is super quiet. So it took me a a good year to actually talk to her. She is the sweetest person when you get to know her. IMG_8733

Mandy is married, and the day that she married her husband Manny was the best day of her life! She had an amazing wedding thanks to their generous parents, and it was a day her and her husband will never forget. Her faith is very important to her, and something she takes seriously holds close to her heart.IMG_8763
Mandy has been involved in Crossfit for about 4 1/2 years, and has competed in a variety of competitions. Her motivation for joining Crossfit initially was weight loss, and is still part of her motivation. Mandy likes seeing how far she can continue to grow, and do things she never thought were physically possible. She is lifting weight she never thought she could or would ever do. IMG_8740
The gym is second nature to Mandy, and she is transitioning into the personal training arena. I mean, who wouldn’t want her as a personal trainer?! Mandy aspires to be a personal trainer because she wants to help people reach their goals. I wouldn’t have met any of my weight loss goals without personal trainers or Crossfit. I wasn’t capable of meeting my goals on my own.

Personal training isn’t always about losing weight, but whatever that goal may be, Mandy wants to help people achieve their goals! Mandy was overweight in the past, and has completely transformed her body. SHE knows the STRUGGLE! IMG_8749

Mandy continues to grow, train, gain strength, and learn different aspects of fitness everyday!  Be sure to follow Mandy on Instagram so you are the first to know when she starts accepting CLIENTS!!!!

Instagram- @muscleslikemandy


If you are interested in Crossfit Contact @ Elite Crossfit






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