Motivational Monday

Hey! I felt like a little motivational Monday was in order for today! I have shared some of my recent struggles with everyone over the past few blog post. Most people give up when things become challenging. Did you know that? Gym’s bank on people quitting every year at the because they know they won’t actually follow through, they will quit. And then they make a huge profit and don’t end up servicing all of those people who signed up for 1 or 2 year contacts. It took me over 2 years to get my first pull-up in Crossfit, but I kept trying. I didn’t quit even though it seemed impossible.

Never QUIT! If you quit, you will never know the outcome. When I started my blog, EVERYONE laughed and made fun of me. That didn’t matter. I am still here doing what I love to do, write, and bring awareness. It helps me is so many ways. I alway’s tell anyone in any sort of situation, that I will never give up, quit, or fail to fight. Especially if I feel really strongly about something. I may have to find different avenue’s, but I won’t ever not fight a good fight!

I have some major challenges ahead of me as it relates to my health. I could cry in a corner, or I can do something about it, and get healthy. I choose to be proactive, and to be healthy for my family.

Have a happy Monday! 

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