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Grey Sweater + Denim Skirt

Grey Sweater + Denim Skirt

Hey! I hope everyone is having a great week! It’t almost Friday so that is always an amazing thing right! I finally put up the Christmas tree last night! I know, I know! My son brought it down from the attic, and it was literally sitting in the middle of my living room for over a week! EEEKKKK! Anyway, I was able to get it done! I wore this little outfit over the weekend and it was quick and easy! Have a great day babes! Widgets are not working today so click on the links below for deets!

Sweater, Skirt, Booties,(Similar here), Lips

Grey Sweater + Denim Skirt img_6541facetuneimg_6535Grey Sweater + Denim Skirt


Camo + All Black Everything

Camo + All Black Everything

Camo + All Black Everything

Hey everyone! I hope all is well! I am back this week with another post as promised! My apologies that I can’t post as often as I would like too. I am battling with some health issues, and fatigue. I am hoping that I will start feeling better soon, and dying to have the energy that I once had back! I am praying that I can see a Neuropath a few hours away who is supposed to be one of the best! Nothing yet, but still hopeful. 

N-E-Way, I was able to get out with my mini human this weekend. That kid dies to get out every weekend. He wanted to spend some of his Christmas money on “Black Friday’ Deals! I don’t think there are really any “Black Friday” deals. Only “STEALS”. Get it! Ha! We found a few things in H&M, but I am always suspect of their sizing. I always recommend sizing up at H&M. Hopefully I can get some of the stuff I bought posted before it sells out. I am usually dead to the world by early afternoon. My fatigue has been outrageous.

So about this outfit! I love wearing ALL BLACK! I added the camo jacket just to shake things up a bit. CAMO seems to be all the rave lately. I bought this jacket a while back from the mens section at GAP, and sized down. Now you know my secret! I don’t think anyone can go wrong with all black! I added a red lip, and #boom! I dropped a few funny pictures of myself including the first picture. Sometimes the faces that I make kill me! I can never seem to stop talking. Ha! Real life isn’t perfect, nor my photos or my life.

Stoppable links below! 

Camo + All Black Everything Camo + All Black Everything
Camo + All Black Everything Camo + All Black Everything Camo + All Black Everything Camo + All Black Everything img_6284img_6307img_6202

The BEST Bodysuit + Stripes on Repeat

The BEST Bodysuit + Stripes on Repeat                                                                                               The BEST Bodysuit + Stripes on Repeat The BEST Bodysuit + Stripes on Repeat The BEST Bodysuit + Stripes on Repeat The BEST Bodysuit + Stripes on Repeat The BEST Bodysuit + Stripes on Repeat The BEST Bodysuit + Stripes on Repeat

Hi ya’ll! I hope all is well with everyone! Sooooo, I took both pieces from my #ootd directly from my closet! This bodysuit is LIFE! It is the best bodysuit to own, and I have a few from other brands. I have a few white bodysuits from American Apparel, and its imperative that you be careful when taking it off! I stained the neckline trying to pull it off with my makeup! #superpissed. The first time I went to American Apparel was interesting. I took my mini human upon request. I figured it was just a teen store. When we walked in the vibe was different, I felt like we walked into the 70’s! If you have never been to an American Apparel, you have to see for yourself! My pants are old, but I linked similar as well!

Enjoy your Monday!

Trendy + Zaful

Trendy + Zafulimg_3115Trendy + ZafulTrendy + Zafulimg_3138Trendy + Zaful

Hey ya’ll! I hope all is well with everyone. Last week was rough for me! N-E-Way, I am back with this sponsored post in colab with Zaful! So velvet is trending like no one’s business! When I spotted this dress, I knew I wanted to give it a try! I am not sure if I am on board with a velvet bodycon dress though…hmmmm.

Zaful is not based in the US, so it does take some time to get your items. I like to put this out to everyone! I feel like I am always behind on sponsored post, so I feel like I receive my items really quickly! LOL! I haven’t been well, and last week posed some challenges with posting. I am still waiting on a few items from Zaful, but its not big deal for me. If you like your items to arrive quickly, waiting may be difficult. A vast majority of Zaful’s items are more than affordable. I was happy with the quality of this dress, and feel that it is more than worth the price. This dress can be easily styled with knee high boots, or OTK boots. The color is AMAZING, and it what is happening for FALL! Find my DRESS HERE! 

Please remember to always SIZE up! Even if you are traditionally an extra small. Don’t tag shame yourself and order an extra small, to only receive your item to have it fit like a onezie. I selected this dress in a size medium, and I’m comfortable with my size selection. I can usually read the reviews and decide on sizing.

Be fierce babes…..xoxo





Hey y’all! I hope everyone is safe on this rainy Monday! Well it’s rainy is Schertz/San Antonio Texas. It has literally been raining all night. Did not sleep AT ALL! But, my house is spic and SPAN! LOL! We had pretty good weather on Saturday and snapped these photos, later that day my mini human ventured downtown. I am not a big fan of crowds of people in enclosed spaces. If we are spread out cool, but if we are like sardines….I CANNOT DEAL! LOL! He LOVE’s The Pearl, and anything historic. More so for the beauty, and photo’s! So I obliged and took him downtown. We ate at LaGloria, which is HIS favorite! If you are ever in San Antonio you have to give it a try.

So N-E-Way, this little dress, hat and BOOTIES are TDF? Am I right! Sooooo, this hat was apart of the POPSUGAR box that they graciously sent to me. I LOVE IT! The September box it worthy for this HAT ALONE! I will leave a link below that you can  grab to snag $5.00 dollars off! Seriously, you need this months box!

These booties THO???!!!! Ya’ll they are so comfy, and I could walk around in these bad boys for hours! I cleansed my closet last season of a lot of old booties that I wasn’t wearing, or that just weren’t my style anymore. That left me with like 2 pairs of booties. I am being picky about my selection of booties this season, I see so many of the same booties on repeat on Insta, and I AM DYING slowly for creativity__________________! The long line was me crashing, and flat lining, like resuscitate me! Ha!


The September MUST HAVE are everything! Use http://bit.ly/2bGxCSA to get 5 dollars off! Use code SHOP5 !!! @popsugarmh #septembermusthave

I hope you babes have a good one! 


Chambray + Reebok Classics

Chambray + Reebok ClassicsChambray + Reebok ClassicsChambray + Reebok ClassicsChambray + Reebok ClassicsChambray + Reebok Classics

Chambray + Reebok Classicsimg_0915

Hey, ya’ll hey ! I have decided that I am going to continue to kill the game with the off the shoulder trend. I will simply drap, a moto jacket over my shoulders! I mean….why not! Everyone is loving the sneaker trend! Again, I have had MY classics since DAY one, stay one! LOL! 😉 As well as my Air Force 1’s low’s, and mid’s. I’m not a gangster or anything…LOL! I just know sneakers a little bit. N-E-Way rocking Chambray with classics is always easy, and quick. You can never go wrong. Everyone needs a Chambray off the shoulder dress in their wardrobe! I added a little cross body, that I scored @ 40% off and I was good to go!

Chambray Dress for $13.99

Blue Striped Off The Shoulder Ruffle Dress $14.99  

Have a good one babes!

Moto Jacket + BR Favorite

Moto Jacket + BR Favorite

Moto Jacket + BR FavoriteMoto Jacket + BR FavoriteMoto Jacket + BR FavoriteMoto Jacket + BR Favorite
Moto Jacket + BR FavoriteMoto Jacket + BR FavoriteMoto Jacket + BR Favoriteimage

Good Morning! I hope everyone is having a good Tuesday morning, and had a nice long weekend! I know we are into the Fall season, and despite the warm weather in Texas some people are actually experiencing Fall like weather! I m doing my best to transition somewhat, while dressing for the weather at the same time! I am attempting to be cognizant of all readers from everywhere! Ya’ll, we are still having BLAZING temps in TEXAS!

This Moto Jacket was an NSALE find, and it is TDF! So gorgeous! I think it comes in one other color and will link that color as well! This brand is known for their moto jackets and their prices are ALWAYS reasonable! SNAG you one, because you WILL not find one at a better PRICE!

Have an amazing day loves!

Jean Jacket + Black

Jean Jacket + Black

Jean Jacket + BlacK 
Jean Jacket + Black Jean Jacket + Black Jean Jacket + Black Jean Jacket + Black

Hey! Happy Friday! This week seems like a blur! So glad it is Friday, this has been a long week! I have been MIA like crazy in every aspect of my life. Sometimes I have to knock on my own head and ask if anyone is home! LOL! My little mini human is back in school so we have been getting back into the swing of things with school. Let me stop! DEAR LESLEY, stop being a lazy ass, and post your blog post! Sincerely, GET OVER YOURSELF!!! LOL!

N-E-way! How cute is this little jean jacket?! I am dying over it! I can’t wait to style it in future post.I wore it with a little swing dress with all of the rain we were having, and it was perfect! Not to heavy at all! Def. a staple! Can we talk about this little handbag from BR for a second?!!! First you know I am the cheapest blogger on the planet right? I believe in choosing what you spend on fashion pieces wisely. Shoes are my favorite…probably because I spent a lot of time being overweight, and shoes always fit no matter what. I grabbed this little handbag when BR had an additional 40% off, and I had reward $$$ so it was a MAJOR win! This little beauty goes with everything! Someone asked in a IG post if this is really what I wear? ummmmmmmmm Yes? What do you mean? I wear all of my jewelry, and my makeup and heels when I get ready for the day. I think getting ready, and fully dressed helps a persons overall wellbeing. I think everyone judges people by their appearance. I would be lying if I said I never have. Do I skim past a person and don’t care about them at all, sure. I judge my Doctors in every since. If they are overweight, how can they give me advice about losing weight? Or advise me to lose weight. If they smell of cigarette smoke, F-O-R-G-E-T IT!!! Nothing they say has VALUE!!!!!

As always…I am rambling…

Honor + Memorial Day

Honor + Memorial Day

Honor + Memorial Day

I would to thank those who have taken the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Thank you to all who have served, and continue to serve. IMG_8428Honor + Memorial DayHonor + Memorial DayHonor + Memorial DayIMG_8330Honor + Memorial Day








































































Hey! I hope everyone is having a fab day! If you had a long weekend, I’m sure it’s been amazing! I spent my weekend resting overall, I am still not feeling as well as I would like. My brain felt fried! I am having a hard time recovering overall in general! Which is odd for me!

I hope you babes are having an FAB day! Eat tons of BBQ for me, and have some fun in the sun!

Dress // Heels (similar) // Handbag // Sunnies // Watch // Bracelet 

Thursday Sales!

Off The Shoulder + Denim Dress

Thursday Sales!

Hey! Really quick before I dive in, I was asked on insta why I never do quick mirror snaps, etc. I really have no excuse! LOL! My only excuse is that I’m LAZY! LOL! I will do my best going forward to get quick snaps of my lipstick, nail polish, bedroom furniture, living room etc. My lifestyle, per say. I’m not the biggest fan of mirror snaps, and would just rather do all my #ootd’s with an digi, but I know that’s unfair and not realistic. I always eat my food before thinking of a photo, so that’s out the window!


So, I am always on the look out for a good deal, or a sale! I mean, I blog about fashion….LOL! A human can never  too many pairs of shoes, or jeans! Anyway, Express is having a an amazing SALE, it’s basically 20% off of all of their clearance merchandise! I linked a few of my fav’s, as well as a few of my fav’s from Forever 21 that are all under $20! My Forever 21 picks all under $20! Snatch them up!

The shoes I linked from Express are a STEAL! I bought the red heeled fringed pair, YES I already have a pair from BR. I bought this pair because they are a little different, and a red heel can add that instant pop to any outfit! Everyone needs a red heel! For the PRICE, its A WIN!

Happy Thursday!

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