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Henley + My Favorite Pair of Jeans

Henley + My Favorite Pair of Jeans

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and is off to a great Monday! Who loves Mondays? Kidding!  The weather was really nice in the San Antonio area. It was well into the 70’s, and one day 80’s. Current events have been so crazy lately. Yesterday there was a shooting at a mall that my son and I frequent, about 10 minutes or less from my house.  In many instances I have allowed my son to go to Rolling Oaks Mall with his friend to shop etc. My heart sunk as one of his friends sent him a text message saying that they were physically there at the time of the shooting. I am still horrified. One person was killed, and seven were injured. Two individuals were attempting to rob a jewelry store. I am still in disbelief. Why would someone do such a thing? Public shootings have really become a norm in our country and its VERY scary. My kiddo immediately said he never wanted to go to that mall again. I am so sad that he has to live his life in fear. I didn’t live my child or teen years in fear of mass or public shootings. It’s disheartening. Praying for peace in our country.

Alright! Sorry for the moment of sadness! Finding clothes during this up and down weather has proven to be a task! I REFUSE to bust out shorts. Its not that type of party. Besides the extreme paleness of my legs would SCARE everyone. I appreciate that I can wear sandals in the “colder” months, LOL, so I pulled out my Animal Print Steven Madden Carson’s. Ya’ll, I SEARCHED high, and low and cannot find these anywhere. Steve Madden usually repeats shoes over multiple seasons, and I though for sure these would be repeats! NOPE! Don’t worry, I linked similar! As the season progresses into Spring I will post all of my Spring favorites. White t-shirts are always a staple in my wardrobe…LADIES please don’t allow your bra to show. I’ll leave it there. My jeans are EVERYTHING! Ya’ll grab these! I was able to squeeze these thighs of mine into a size 2, they must run BIG! LOL! I would say they run large. This particular pair of destroyed denim is VERY popular. They had them in like 2 stores in SA. I bought two pair, jeans are not forgiving on me at all! Anywho- Have an AMAZING DAY babes!


Tour Shirt + Destroyed Denim

Tour Shirt + Destroyed Denim

Tour Shirt + Destroyed DenimTour Shirt + Destroyed DenimTour Shirt + Destroyed DenimTour Shirt + Destroyed DenimTour Shirt + Destroyed Denim

Hey! I hope everyone had a great day! I had surgery yesterday, and I am on the road to recovery. So glad it over, and I am so ready to go home. I’m still in the hospital, but had the best surgeon ever! But, wait? How did you take these photos? Go, figure…well before of course! We snapped these over the weekend while out and about. I snagged these boots at the #nsale, and this T-shirt was the best find and under $18.00! I will blog more about this whole process as I get better, and have more strength!

Have a great one babes!


Gold + Cold Shoulder

Gold + Cold Shoulder

Gold + Cold ShoulderGold + Cold Shoulder Gold + Cold Shoulder Gold + Cold Shoulder Gold + Cold Shoulder _MG_0660_MG_0708Gold + Cold Shoulder























Hey! I hope everyone had a great weekend! We had a few moments of off the wall rain over the weekend, and then sunshine! Texas is so weird sometimes! I didn’t do N-E-THING! But, I said I wasn’t going to do anything, and I kept my promise. My son loves to take photo’s, so I took him to a few places to take a few cool snaps. I dragged myself out of my chase and threw on this little dress! I have those days where I have to force myself to move. This dress is gorgeous! I was kinda meh about it when It was sent to me as a suggestion, but it looks better on than it did folded up in the box.

I’m not sure, but I think it sold out…………long pause. While on Instagram over the weekend, a few other bloggers had my dress on! Yes, my dress! The price point for this dress is what most people are willing to pay. I figured it would sell out. Don’t worry! I linked favorites! I like to be honest and say that an item is sold out, so you’re not annoyed when it’s not the dress in my photo’s.

Fashion posts are for idea’s, and inspiration! I have always loved clothes, shoes and make-up. My ENTIRE LIFE! I could have the flu, and still have on a full face of make-up….LOL! I went with minimal accessories for this look, I felt that the detailing on the sleeves was enough to complete this look!

Dress sold out (similar here)  // Heels // Sunnies // Necklace 

Heels + Pops of Blue

Heels + Pops of Blue

Heels + Pops of BlueHeels + Pops of BlueHeels + Pops of BlueIMG_9252Heels + Pops of Blue


Hey ya’ll! I hope everyone is having a great day so far! The weekend went by really fast, but I spent time around the house with my mom. My mom is literally my best friend, and the best mom I could have ever been given in life.  My mom, and I went to Salata for lunch, and I wore this little outfit! I felt like I needed to dress up a little to get out of my work wearing funk! You know, when you wear workout clothes like errrrday. I feel like I have been doing that  a bunch as of late. We dropped my son off at his friends on the way, and he snapped a few photo’s before we dropped him off. I decided to dress up this little maxi with these heels! I LOVE THEM! Seriously they were super comfy! I have had these bad boys for a long while but have never worn them. You can easily dress these heels down with shorts or destroyed denim as well.

I love the color of this maxi! It was super comfy, and I loved the color combo! I could easily dress this maxi down with a pair of flats as well! I am very careful with maxi dresses, as they hide weight VERY well. And, I have gained weight! EEEEEKKKKKKKK! I will alway have a fat girl mind, and know that I have to be aware at all times. More to come of those struggles soon!  N-E-Way, have an amazing day babes!

Please use the click-able photo’s above for details! I’m having difficulties with Shopstyle today 🙁

Mixing + Matching

Mixing + MatchingMixing + Matching IMG_9087imageimage






















Happy Friday! I hope everyone’s Friday is off the a great start! How is everyone enjoying this weather! I am so surprised it hasn’t been well into the 100’s yet! I bought this dress some time ago, but haven’t had a chance to wear it. I try my best to take photo’s of outfits that I am actually wearing that day! LOL! TBH, I don’t dress up everyday of my life. It’s not possible…LOL! I do think it’s important to not be a slob kabob, and just run around like you just rolled out of bed. Adding, just a touch of accessories can change your entire look, and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune!

Have a good one babes!

Dress ( similar here)  // Heels // Bag // Necklace // Bracelet // Sunnies 

Du North Designs + Maxi Fever!

Du North Designs + Maxi Fever!Du North Designs + Maxi Fever! IMG_8811Du North Designs + Maxi Fever! IMG_8900IMG_8850

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a fantastic week! This week seemed to fly by! Tons of rain here in the Schertz/San Antonio Area, but with pops of sunshine! I learned to take advantage of the pops of sunshine!

So! Summer time often means MAXI fever! I am loving all of the gorgeous Maxi’s over on Du North Designs! The colors are so vibrant, and the stripes give the look an extra amount of SPICE! I added a pair of leopard print heels, a chunky necklace, and #bam! Cute little outfit! This outfit is PERFECTION for brunch! And we all love to brunch, am I right?

Everyone is loving block heels as of late #btw! I haven’t seem many peeps with these!I love the variety of clothing that Du North offers! AND, they have PLUS sizes! So all my plus size ladies, put your hands up! I love that they have something for EVERYONE!

Have a wonderful day babes! 

Dress (c/o) // Heels // Handbag // Earrings (sold out, similar) // Necklace // Sunnies

Camo + Animal Print Heels

Camo + Animal Print Heels

Camo + Animal Print HeelsCamo + Animal Print Heels IMG_8074IMG_8101Camo + Animal Print Heels IMG_8123IMG_8129

Happy Wednesday! We are almost through the week! I hope everyone is doing well, and have a FAB morning! I am trying to get back into somewhat or a normal routine. I still feel out of body, it’s difficult to explain. N-E-Way, anytime I have the opportunity to take a snap, I do!

Dressing up always makes me feel better! I am loving camo print, and animal print as of late. I don’t like certain patterns of animal print though. I snagged this little dress a while back, and haven’t had a chance to wear it! I added a pair of animal print heels for some flair! Rebecca Minkoff is killing the game with her handbags as of late! I alway’s grab her bags #onsale. Usually during some sort of price match price match deal!

Have an amazing day babes!

Dress // Heels // Necklace // Earrings // Watch // Handbag 

Hot Pink + MCM

Hot Pink + MCM

Hot Pink + MCMHot Pink + MCMHot Pink + MCMHot Pink + MCM

Hot Pink + MCM

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a FAB weekend! We hung out by the pool! It was my little babe Ashley’s birthday, she turned 12! I’m not sure if I have shared this…..but here it goes. I was married, and Ashley was my husbands daughter. I met her when she was tiny! I still remember her taking the ornaments off my my christmas tree every year. She was about 3 or 4. A few years ago he passed away in a private plan crash. I feel so blessed to be able to still have Ashley in my life. I love Ashely in every since of the word, and she still considers me  to her step mom, and I still consider her to be my daughter. Her mother, and I have a great relationship, and can there is literally nothing I wouldn’t do for either one of them.

Soooo, about this little dress! Its so cute! I needed some brightness in my life, with all this rain! My goodness, it has been raining non-stop! Such a drag! We have some new subscribers so WELCOME! I came across this dress a while back when taking my son to get shorts for Spring. It was regular price, so I said NOPE! I’ll wait. I took him to American Eagle the other day, and we walked through Dillard’s, and this little beauty was on the 65% off RACK! YESSS!!!!!!! I paid $27 dollars or something like that! Made my day for sure! It’s the little things ya’ll! Enjoy your day babes! Be blessed!

Dress (sold out, similar here, and here) // Heels  // Handbag (LOVE)  // Watch // Earrings

Black + Black + Camo + Platforms

Black + Black

Black + Black + Camo + Platforms
Black + Black Black + Black Black + Black Black + Black Black + Black

Black + Black Black + Black Black + Black

Hey ya’ll, hey! I hope everyone is having a fab Tuesday! The weather has been crazy in Texas per usual! We had temps in the high 80’s over the weekend to be hit with cooler weather yesterday. I wanted to break out my jacket!I love wearing black on black, but decided to throw on a pair of coco toned platforms to complete my look! When wearing any sort of short, short wear higher heels. They make your legs look amazing, and super long! My heels were a steal! I am having surgery this morning, but will be taking my computer with me. I will be in the hospital for a few days, but I’m not the type of person who whines, and moans about pain. I like to get up, and get moving around! So, don’t be shocked to see post from me! I promise to blog about everything that is going on very soon. I feel like I should blog about it all at once as a process, and not just give you bits and pieces! Love you babes! And thanks for all of your support!

Top(AMAZING)//Shorts (MUST)//Platforms(OMG)//Necklace//Watch//Bracelet

Makeup: Foundation//Lips//Highlight//Contour


eShakti + Florals


eShakti + FloralseShaktieShakti



Good Morning! Happy Monday! I hope everyone is having a FAB Monday so far! So, about this DRESS! Isn’t it GORGEOUS! Have you ever wanted to change something about a dress or top, etc? I have! I know the perfect online fashion apparel company that allows you to create certain styles that you love! Styles that may fit your body type better! Insert eShakti!

eShakti is the only online women’s fashion apparel company that offers sizes 0-36W, with the custom clothing option. Yes, I said custom! I was able to customize a dress to my style and liking! The process was extremely simple, and fun (click here for process)! The sizing is true to size, so do not size down if you often wear a different size sometimes. I ordered my usually dress size, and the dress was a fit perfect!

I love this pattern selection! The pops of the color are TDF! I will be wearing this beauty on REPEAT! I love eShakti, because they believe in REAL FASHION, FOR REAL PEOPLE. I personally feel that a persons size does not determine their beauty! Ya’ll are all beauties in my eyes babes! The pricing for a customized garment is affordable, and more than worth the money. I feel like having a custom piece is the best type of garment to OWN! Do yourself a favor, and try them out! You will not regret it!

Have a lovely day babes!

Dress c/o //Heels//Earrings//Watch//Bracelet//Lipstick//Highlight 


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