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Jean Jacket + Black

Jean Jacket + Black

Jean Jacket + BlacK 
Jean Jacket + Black Jean Jacket + Black Jean Jacket + Black Jean Jacket + Black

Hey! Happy Friday! This week seems like a blur! So glad it is Friday, this has been a long week! I have been MIA like crazy in every aspect of my life. Sometimes I have to knock on my own head and ask if anyone is home! LOL! My little mini human is back in school so we have been getting back into the swing of things with school. Let me stop! DEAR LESLEY, stop being a lazy ass, and post your blog post! Sincerely, GET OVER YOURSELF!!! LOL!

N-E-way! How cute is this little jean jacket?! I am dying over it! I can’t wait to style it in future post.I wore it with a little swing dress with all of the rain we were having, and it was perfect! Not to heavy at all! Def. a staple! Can we talk about this little handbag from BR for a second?!!! First you know I am the cheapest blogger on the planet right? I believe in choosing what you spend on fashion pieces wisely. Shoes are my favorite…probably because I spent a lot of time being overweight, and shoes always fit no matter what. I grabbed this little handbag when BR had an additional 40% off, and I had reward $$$ so it was a MAJOR win! This little beauty goes with everything! Someone asked in a IG post if this is really what I wear? ummmmmmmmm Yes? What do you mean? I wear all of my jewelry, and my makeup and heels when I get ready for the day. I think getting ready, and fully dressed helps a persons overall wellbeing. I think everyone judges people by their appearance. I would be lying if I said I never have. Do I skim past a person and don’t care about them at all, sure. I judge my Doctors in every since. If they are overweight, how can they give me advice about losing weight? Or advise me to lose weight. If they smell of cigarette smoke, F-O-R-G-E-T IT!!! Nothing they say has VALUE!!!!!

As always…I am rambling…

Happiness Boutique + Plaid

Happiness Boutique + Plaid Love

Happiness Boutique + Plaid 

Good Mornining everyone! I apologize for not being MIA! My laptop crashed so it has been CRAZY! N-E-Way, I want to talk about a few of the amazing pieces that I have received from Happiness Boutique! Happiness Boutique has all of the latest styles, and fashion trends! They are a vintage boutique! I found so many things on their website that I LOVED!!! They get new arrivals all the time! AND most importantly, their pieces are beautiful and AFFORADABLE!!! LOVE IT!!! I have been all about tassel earrings as of late, so of course these were my go too! Sooooo, head over to their boutique and check out their accessories! Without accessories an outfit just isn’t a blah outfit….AM I RIGHT??!!!

Earrings // Top // Sunnies // Shorts

Happiness Boutique + Plaid LoveIMG_3370IMG_3387IMG_3444

BEST MOTO Jacket EVER + Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!


BEST MOTO Jacket EVER + Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

The ANNIVERSARY SALE STARTS IN A FEW HOURS! EEKKKKK! It’s the first day that the #NSALE is open to everyone! I am linking most of what I bought to include my makeup finds! Soooo, the jacket I’m wearing is EVERYTHING! GRAB THIS BAD BOY UP YA’LL!!! It is worth the MONEY! Best #NSALE find! I bought some stuff in store, and ordered some stuff online. It would take FOREVER to style what I bought. Some of it is TOO HOT to attempt to style. Just take my word for it, okay, okay…okay good. All of my picks are things I bought, or things I would buy, and think you should grab. The NARS cheek palate is a MUST! I hope you like my stuff, and my PICKS! The sale opens to everyone in like 3 hours! EEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!!



So Basic Look + Blue

So Basic Look + Blue

So Basic Look + Blue So Basic Look + Blue So Basic Look + Blue So Basic Look + Blue So Basic Look + Blue So Basic Look + Blue




























Hey! I hope everyone is having a good morning so far! I have another #NSALE style for you guys! This stripe tee is a staple, and can be styled in so many different ways.I am sure you have seen this little tee floating around Instagram, but you have not seen me style it! LOL! This tee is not true to size, it runs quite large. I bought the olive color as well. I haven’t listed all of the items I bought from the #NSALE for one reason, I’m LAZY. LOL! I bet you thought I was going to say something else! I have linked a ton of the items that I have bought though.  I will continue post practical versatile pieces. If you are looking for long boots, you will not get that from me on my blog at this time.  LOL, not happening. See previous post for details.

I call this look my so basic look, and added my blue bag for a pop of color!

Have a fab day babes!


White Tank + Destroyed Denim Shorts

White Tank + Destroyed Denim Shorts

White Tank + Destroyed Denim ShortsWhite Tank + Destroyed Denim Shorts White Tank + Destroyed Denim Shorts White Tank + Destroyed Denim Shorts White Tank + Destroyed Denim Shorts White Tank + Destroyed Denim Shorts White Tank + Destroyed Denim Shorts White Tank + Destroyed Denim Shorts

Good Morning! I hope everyone is fairing well on this lovely Monday morning! The fact that you woke up is a blessing in itself. As I sit here writing, I think about how much of a blessing my blog is to me. I have met so many amazing people, and I am beyond grateful from their friendship! Being the good blogger bee that I am, I actually set up an editorial calendar and took photo’s ahead of time. I knew that I would be recovering from surgery, and that the last thing I would want is a camera in my face…LOL! And no joke, I really do love taking photo’s and having fun with photo’s.It’s really therapeutic, and free.

Photography started off as a hobby of my son’s, and it grew from there. I always remind ya’ll to remember that my blog brings, positivity, and idea’s for fashion, health and wellness. I am far from perfect! There are days, where I am s-t-r-u-g-g-l-i-n-g, and have to force myself to get out of bed. Instagram, and Facebook are meant to show the pretty side of everything. Most people aren’t going to put their horrible photo’s on social media! Am I right?

N-E-Way, I’m still in recovery mode, but my OOTD is TDF! I love this little top! It is seriously THE cutest! I always size up in shorts, because it is not my intention to show the world all of my business! LOL! The links are below!


Enjoy your day babes! 

Black + Black + Camo + Platforms

Black + Black

Black + Black + Camo + Platforms
Black + Black Black + Black Black + Black Black + Black Black + Black

Black + Black Black + Black Black + Black

Hey ya’ll, hey! I hope everyone is having a fab Tuesday! The weather has been crazy in Texas per usual! We had temps in the high 80’s over the weekend to be hit with cooler weather yesterday. I wanted to break out my jacket!I love wearing black on black, but decided to throw on a pair of coco toned platforms to complete my look! When wearing any sort of short, short wear higher heels. They make your legs look amazing, and super long! My heels were a steal! I am having surgery this morning, but will be taking my computer with me. I will be in the hospital for a few days, but I’m not the type of person who whines, and moans about pain. I like to get up, and get moving around! So, don’t be shocked to see post from me! I promise to blog about everything that is going on very soon. I feel like I should blog about it all at once as a process, and not just give you bits and pieces! Love you babes! And thanks for all of your support!

Top(AMAZING)//Shorts (MUST)//Platforms(OMG)//Necklace//Watch//Bracelet

Makeup: Foundation//Lips//Highlight//Contour


Sunnies at Nordstrom for $12.00! Yes, Please!

Tunic + Du North Designs

Sunnies at Nordstrom for $12! Yes, Please! 

Ya’ll! Check out all of all of these sunnies for $12.00 at Nordstrom! Most of them are dupes of designer sunnies, and they LEGIT look like the real thing! I bought like 3 pairs! Seriously, you can’t get a better deal! If you have ever wanted to step outside of your comfort zone with a different pair of sunnies, now is the perfect time! I linked a few others that are $24.00, but nothing over $50.00! I just thought they were too cute to not link! You know the drill! Click below to shop! ENJOY!