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Weekly Workout

Lace up + White Shorts

Weekly Workout 

Good Morning! I know there are a lot of new subscribers, so I your probably wondering what does she know about working out? LOL! Well I am a Certified Personal Trainer, and I did actually personal train for a little bit in a very small privately own gym. Not, going to lie…it was primarily women. I offer workouts on my blog as my way of giving back to my readers/subscribers. A little variety is always nice.

I’m trying to stay ahead of the game this week, and add a workout early. I’m hoping you check your email, and can have this workout for tomorrow morning. It’s kind of a gloomy this morning in San Anotnio, well I should say the Schertz’s area. I am actually able to sit out back, and write this post. My back yard is one of the two top things I love most about my house. I didn’t have such appreciation until about a year or so ago. It’s my place of serinty, and where I have found expound up my new love of meditation.

What do you all have going on today? I am once again tackling the beast that is my closet. I found that if I attack my closet in sections I feel more accomplished. I’m a clothing hoarder. With the change in seasons I need to purge my closet of things that I wore once last season, or that I didn’t wear at all. I’m trying really hard to stick to neutrals, with some pops of colors. But, my moto is to dress for the weather, and not for the season. If it’s hot out, you will not see me in knee high boots.

N-E-Way, Let’s gets grinding on a workout! Skinny jean season is coming, AND let’s not have to jump up, and down to get into our skinny jeans, or have to lay on the bed and pull, pull, pull to get them over our butt this skinny jean season!

(Plus size options are also included in the selections below)

Warm up- Repeat X 2 

20 Jumping Squats

20 Crunches

20 Jumping Jacks


Part 1 Repeat X 5 

10 Burpee’s

10 Lunge’s (In place, make sure your back knee touches the ground)

10 Jumping squats

10 Mountain Climbers

20 Crunches


Weekly Workout + HIIT

Leith Tank + Olive

Weekly Workout + HIIT

Good morning! I hope everyone is doing well this morning! I wanted to get a workout going for people who workout at home, or who are looking for some variety! I know I have a ton of the blog, but sometimes its fun to add something new. I am just out of surgery, so I am not working out at full capacity. I literally feel like I have been a smoker for like 20 years. It is sooo  hard to catch my breath. I know with diligence I will get back to a good fitness level!

N-E-Way lets get this workout going!

Warm Up 

100 Jumping Jacking’s 

Part 1 (Complete this Rep Scheme for 28 minutes, and DONE)! 

15 Burpee’s 

15 Mountain Climbers 

15 Superman’s 

15 Jumping Squats 

15 Push-Ups 


Weekly Workout + HIIT

Black + Black

Weekly Workout + HIIT 

I hope everyone is doing well today! I wanted to take some time and get a workout posted this morning. I know we can all get into the routine of doing the same workouts over and over. On Saturday I was driving to the bank in Cibolo and I noticed that an Orange Theory is going to be opening! I wish it was a Soul Cycle, but I have wanted to try out Orange Theory! Anyway, I think it would be neat to get a punch card or something. Maybe go once a week.

Alright, on to the workout!

Warm up 

25 Jumping Jacks

25 Squats

Part 1 Repeat X 5 

15 Burpee’s

15 Push-up’s

15 Sit-ups


Weekly Workout

Weekly Workout 

Hey! I hope everyone is doing well today! THIS TEXAS HEAT THO! It’s crazy to think that the weather hasn’t reached the level of miserable yet. N-E-Way, I hope the last few workouts have been helpful! I feel like I am in the worst possible shape of my life, do you ever feel that way? Kind of like you are dragging dead weight…LOL! Things always seem to go well, and then….PLUNK! Am I right. Dang, I have had more medical issues in the last year than I think I have had in my entire life. I’m always honest, I have to be careful because I have a non-reboundable personality. I have started meditating, everyday. It has been very helpful. I am looking forward to having surgery soon, and working on my inner and outer health!


Let’s do 100’s today

Skip the warm up! 

Part 1 Repeat X1 

100 Mountain Climbers

100 Crunches

100 Jumping Jacks

100 Squats

100 SuperMan’s

100 Lunges

50 High Knee’s/50 Butt Kicks

Weekly Workout (HIIT)

Mandy Flores + Muscles Like Mandy

Weekly Workout (HIIT)

Hey! I hope everyone’s Wednesday is off to a great start! How did yesterday’s workout go?

I have had to force myself to get back into a good workout routine. I have had so many doctors appointments as of late, and its been hardddddd!!!!!!  I caught myself picking certain workouts, easy workouts, and eating more carbs than I normally would. Carbs taste so good, and they sell them everywhere! I have the mind of an obese person, and I have to be mindful of this everyday of my life. I have also been under a lot of STRESS! Stress will wreck your body like no one’s business! I never sleep more than 3 or 4 hours so I can’t use that as an excuse…LOL! #veteranproblems

N-E-Way I did yesterday’s workout, and my legs are screaming! I made sure to do LISS, and I am going to make sure I stay consistent with LISS 3-4 times per week. LISS is hard to stay consistent with..it’s boring. Just keeping it real! Find a place of peace, and get your LISS done. It will shed body fat!

How do you hold yourself accountable?


Warm Up

50 Mountain Climbers 

50 Jumping Jacks 

Part 1 (Intended to be fast due to low reps) Complete for 11 minutes, 3 minute break, then again for 11 minutes 

10 Push-ups

10 Mountain Climbers 

10 Jumping Squats 

10 Sit-ups  

Mandy Is our featured athlete on the cover (follow her on instagram for inspiration @muscleslikemandy)

Weekly Workout + Burpee’s

Good Morning!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week! Spring is here, and those summer bodies are knocking on everyone’s front door! Are you ready for Summer? Swimsuit season? The swimsuits are AMAZE this season BTW.

Anyway, I am still taking things really easy. Listening to my body, and my body is saying to rest, and not take it for granted.

Alright! Let’s get this party started!


100 Jumping Jacks 


Part 1 (Only Part today) 

150 Burpee’s (DONE) Try and stay at a consistent pace, and rest as needed! 



Good Morning!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I am getting back into the swing of things after having surgery, slowly but surely! I am really loving the weather, it was a little brisk outside yesterday, but still amazing! So, are ya’ll ready to hold on tight to those summer bodies we built in the winter? Say, yes! I know you want too!

Okay, Lets get going with today’s workout!


25 Squats

25 Mountain Climbers


Part 1 (Repeat X3 or for 20 Minutes) 

24 Jumping Squats

24 Lunges

24 Step-Ups (12 each leg)

24 Crunches

24 Burpee’s

My #fav Splits59 workout GEAR!