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Camo + All Black Everything

Camo + All Black Everything

Camo + All Black Everything

Hey everyone! I hope all is well! I am back this week with another post as promised! My apologies that I can’t post as often as I would like too. I am battling with some health issues, and fatigue. I am hoping that I will start feeling better soon, and dying to have the energy that I once had back! I am praying that I can see a Neuropath a few hours away who is supposed to be one of the best! Nothing yet, but still hopeful. 

N-E-Way, I was able to get out with my mini human this weekend. That kid dies to get out every weekend. He wanted to spend some of his Christmas money on “Black Friday’ Deals! I don’t think there are really any “Black Friday” deals. Only “STEALS”. Get it! Ha! We found a few things in H&M, but I am always suspect of their sizing. I always recommend sizing up at H&M. Hopefully I can get some of the stuff I bought posted before it sells out. I am usually dead to the world by early afternoon. My fatigue has been outrageous.

So about this outfit! I love wearing ALL BLACK! I added the camo jacket just to shake things up a bit. CAMO seems to be all the rave lately. I bought this jacket a while back from the mens section at GAP, and sized down. Now you know my secret! I don’t think anyone can go wrong with all black! I added a red lip, and #boom! I dropped a few funny pictures of myself including the first picture. Sometimes the faces that I make kill me! I can never seem to stop talking. Ha! Real life isn’t perfect, nor my photos or my life.

Stoppable links below! 

Camo + All Black Everything Camo + All Black Everything
Camo + All Black Everything Camo + All Black Everything Camo + All Black Everything Camo + All Black Everything img_6284img_6307img_6202

Lenny & Larry’s The Complete Cookie (Vegan)

Lenny & Larry's The Complete Cookie (Vegan)

Lenny & Larry’s The Complete Cookie (Vegan)Lenny and Larry's

Sooooo, I’m sure you may have heard all of the rave about the Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie! Or maybe you haven’t. I have tried all of them, but I am only reviewing the Birthday Cake flavor today. The products claim to fame is that it’s Vegan (No Eggs, No Dairy, No Soy, No GMO).

I was able to found a good supply of this flavor at the Vitamin Shoppe. This flavor seems to be sold out at GNC, and our local grocery store (HEB). I also found large varieties on Amazon.com.

When you open the product, it does actually look like the packaging. It did taste like a birthday cake-ish flavor. The consistency was cake like, and it didn’t taste too chalky as I expected it too. It did have a sweet flavor like a real cookie. This particular flavor is one of my fav’s of the entire selection of Lenny & Larry’s The Complete Cookie. I usually cut this product in half and eat half of it, and save the other half for the next day.

Con’s- This product is TWO servings! I don’t like the fact that this cookie is two servings.

Nutritional Breakdown- 180 Cal, 4g Fat, 27g Carbs, 8g Protein (FOR HALF the COOKIE)

My only con was that the Complete Cookie is two servings. I feel like 360 calories in one go is a lot for me, but it may not be for others. The taste and consistency were great. It could serve as a great meal replacement for some. I don’t think that you would be disappointed in this product.



Weekly Workout + Lower Body Focus

Monday + Off the Shoulder

Weekly Workout + Lower Body Focus

Hey Ya’ll!

I hope everyone is having a great Monday so far. I had to go and pick up my little one, he wasn’t feeling to well at all. I was super bummed that I couldn’t get him an appointment today. His allergies are really getting the best of him this season, and I have been so worried about him, among other things. #mommyproblems.

N-E-Way, I am working out when I can. When I feel well enough to do so. Some days I just don’t have the energy. Or I will do a full blown workout, and then fell like shit for the rest of the day. I am still searching for balance and wellness post surgery. The surgery I had may not have been the best surgery for me. I had moderate reflux prior to having surgery, and now my REFLUX IS ON FIRE LIKE A BIA, and my bowels won’t quit. I’m starting to think I need a healer (neuropath) and not a doctor. Neuropaths are not covered by insurance, and are REALLY, REALLY expensive. But, I’m sick of spending my days on the toilet (TMI), and eating tum’s like they are tic tac’s. So, that is where I am, meditation has helped keep me still.

ALRIGHT! LETS get to some lower body focus!

Warm up

10 Jumping Squats 

10 Mountain Climbers

 10 Super Mans 

Part 1 Repeat X3 

60 Squats

60 Jumping Jacks

60 Crunches

60 Mountain Climbers

60 Jack Knives

Moto Jacket + BR Favorite

Moto Jacket + BR Favorite

Moto Jacket + BR FavoriteMoto Jacket + BR FavoriteMoto Jacket + BR FavoriteMoto Jacket + BR Favorite
Moto Jacket + BR FavoriteMoto Jacket + BR FavoriteMoto Jacket + BR Favoriteimage

Good Morning! I hope everyone is having a good Tuesday morning, and had a nice long weekend! I know we are into the Fall season, and despite the warm weather in Texas some people are actually experiencing Fall like weather! I m doing my best to transition somewhat, while dressing for the weather at the same time! I am attempting to be cognizant of all readers from everywhere! Ya’ll, we are still having BLAZING temps in TEXAS!

This Moto Jacket was an NSALE find, and it is TDF! So gorgeous! I think it comes in one other color and will link that color as well! This brand is known for their moto jackets and their prices are ALWAYS reasonable! SNAG you one, because you WILL not find one at a better PRICE!

Have an amazing day loves!

Destroyed + Off the Shoulder (trend to stay)

Destroyed + Off the Shoulder (trend to stay)image



It’s Labor Day…and I hope everyone has off today! If you don’t, wonk, wonk! I hope everyone had a great weekend! The weather has been so up, and down lately! One thing has remained the same…IT IS STILL HOT! N-E-Way, the off the shoulder trend seems to be in full force! I am a fan! It is extremely simple to throw on one of these tops and be on your way! You can find my exact top HERE! It was literally $11.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously a STEAL! I have never had any issues with this company. It does take about 10 days to get your stuff, but for the  price I cannot complain!

Weekly Workout

Lace up + White Shorts

Weekly Workout 

Good Morning! I know there are a lot of new subscribers, so I your probably wondering what does she know about working out? LOL! Well I am a Certified Personal Trainer, and I did actually personal train for a little bit in a very small privately own gym. Not, going to lie…it was primarily women. I offer workouts on my blog as my way of giving back to my readers/subscribers. A little variety is always nice.

I’m trying to stay ahead of the game this week, and add a workout early. I’m hoping you check your email, and can have this workout for tomorrow morning. It’s kind of a gloomy this morning in San Anotnio, well I should say the Schertz’s area. I am actually able to sit out back, and write this post. My back yard is one of the two top things I love most about my house. I didn’t have such appreciation until about a year or so ago. It’s my place of serinty, and where I have found expound up my new love of meditation.

What do you all have going on today? I am once again tackling the beast that is my closet. I found that if I attack my closet in sections I feel more accomplished. I’m a clothing hoarder. With the change in seasons I need to purge my closet of things that I wore once last season, or that I didn’t wear at all. I’m trying really hard to stick to neutrals, with some pops of colors. But, my moto is to dress for the weather, and not for the season. If it’s hot out, you will not see me in knee high boots.

N-E-Way, Let’s gets grinding on a workout! Skinny jean season is coming, AND let’s not have to jump up, and down to get into our skinny jeans, or have to lay on the bed and pull, pull, pull to get them over our butt this skinny jean season!

(Plus size options are also included in the selections below)

Warm up- Repeat X 2 

20 Jumping Squats

20 Crunches

20 Jumping Jacks


Part 1 Repeat X 5 

10 Burpee’s

10 Lunge’s (In place, make sure your back knee touches the ground)

10 Jumping squats

10 Mountain Climbers

20 Crunches


Gold + Cold Shoulder

Gold + Cold Shoulder

Gold + Cold ShoulderGold + Cold Shoulder Gold + Cold Shoulder Gold + Cold Shoulder Gold + Cold Shoulder _MG_0660_MG_0708Gold + Cold Shoulder























Hey! I hope everyone had a great weekend! We had a few moments of off the wall rain over the weekend, and then sunshine! Texas is so weird sometimes! I didn’t do N-E-THING! But, I said I wasn’t going to do anything, and I kept my promise. My son loves to take photo’s, so I took him to a few places to take a few cool snaps. I dragged myself out of my chase and threw on this little dress! I have those days where I have to force myself to move. This dress is gorgeous! I was kinda meh about it when It was sent to me as a suggestion, but it looks better on than it did folded up in the box.

I’m not sure, but I think it sold out…………long pause. While on Instagram over the weekend, a few other bloggers had my dress on! Yes, my dress! The price point for this dress is what most people are willing to pay. I figured it would sell out. Don’t worry! I linked favorites! I like to be honest and say that an item is sold out, so you’re not annoyed when it’s not the dress in my photo’s.

Fashion posts are for idea’s, and inspiration! I have always loved clothes, shoes and make-up. My ENTIRE LIFE! I could have the flu, and still have on a full face of make-up….LOL! I went with minimal accessories for this look, I felt that the detailing on the sleeves was enough to complete this look!

Dress sold out (similar here)  // Heels // Sunnies // Necklace 

White Tank + Destroyed Denim Shorts

White Tank + Destroyed Denim Shorts

White Tank + Destroyed Denim ShortsWhite Tank + Destroyed Denim Shorts White Tank + Destroyed Denim Shorts White Tank + Destroyed Denim Shorts White Tank + Destroyed Denim Shorts White Tank + Destroyed Denim Shorts White Tank + Destroyed Denim Shorts White Tank + Destroyed Denim Shorts

Good Morning! I hope everyone is fairing well on this lovely Monday morning! The fact that you woke up is a blessing in itself. As I sit here writing, I think about how much of a blessing my blog is to me. I have met so many amazing people, and I am beyond grateful from their friendship! Being the good blogger bee that I am, I actually set up an editorial calendar and took photo’s ahead of time. I knew that I would be recovering from surgery, and that the last thing I would want is a camera in my face…LOL! And no joke, I really do love taking photo’s and having fun with photo’s.It’s really therapeutic, and free.

Photography started off as a hobby of my son’s, and it grew from there. I always remind ya’ll to remember that my blog brings, positivity, and idea’s for fashion, health and wellness. I am far from perfect! There are days, where I am s-t-r-u-g-g-l-i-n-g, and have to force myself to get out of bed. Instagram, and Facebook are meant to show the pretty side of everything. Most people aren’t going to put their horrible photo’s on social media! Am I right?

N-E-Way, I’m still in recovery mode, but my OOTD is TDF! I love this little top! It is seriously THE cutest! I always size up in shorts, because it is not my intention to show the world all of my business! LOL! The links are below!


Enjoy your day babes! 

Another Day Another Maxi

Another Day + Another Maxi

Another Day Another Maxi
IMG_5393Another Day + Another MaxiAnother Day + Another MaxiAnother Day + Another MaxiAnother Day + Another Maxi




Another day another maxi! Maxi dresses are THE best! They are so versatile and can often be dressed up or down! This maxi was on sale, and is so soft!  I have been wearing my espadrilles to DEATH! They are my absolute FAV! They are definitely worth the money!

Maxi//Espadrilles//Watch//Bracelet//Earrings(Love These)Necklace

Have an amazing day babes! 



Chely Galvan=Competitive Athlete+Coach+Crossfit Mettle+Lion Life

Chely Galvan=Competitive Athlete+Coach+Crossfit Mettle+Lion Life

Chely Galvan=Competitive Athlete+Coach+Crossfit Mettle+Lion Life

Hey, ya’ll hey!

So, we are back with a feature with not only a Coach, but a competitive CrossFit Athlete!  My mind is always working, and thinking of the right people to feature in general! I knew Chely Galvan would be perfect! Not only is she a beauty, but she is STRENGTH defined! CrossFit is a large community, and I want to open this section up to include EVERYONE, from every BOX!

Chely Galvan (JEALOUS OF HER HAIR, IJS) (THAT’S THAT LION LIFE THO) Chely Galvan=Competitive Athlete+Coach+Crossfit Mettle+Lion Life















Chely Galvan=Competitive Athlete+Coach+Crossfit Mettle+Lion Life

So, you know I always have a story about my features right? My first encounter with Chely was during a Sunday CrossFit class. I was new to CrossFit, and back then no one really worked out on a Sunday. Except ME! Smart right? Dumb! The WOD had rope climbs, and I didn’t know how to rope climb yet. I figured she would find something else for me to do…NOPE! First she showed me her way, easy right?! FAIL! So, she say’s “just keeping trying” you’ll eventually get it sometime during the 20 minutes. WTF! LOL! GUESS WHAT? I did, eventually get an half ass rope climb. Crazy right? Sometimes, the best way to learn is to actually do it, and practice it!

Chely Galvan=Competitive Athlete+Coach+Crossfit Mettle+Lion Life

Chely Galvan is a competitive CrossFit athlete, and CrossFit Coach. Chely coaches at Crossfit Mettle from 5:00am-9:00am, Noon, and 1 evening class from 4:15-5:15pm. Chely was introduced to Crossfit in March of 2010, and was instantly hooked. After a short time period of CrossFitting she attending Regionals in 2011. The top athletes and teams, based on their performance in their region advance to regionals, Chely has advanced to regionals multiple times. The woman is talented!  Being a competitive athlete is one thing, but helping others better their lives is another. Chely coaches because its rewarding to see people make life changing behaviors that contribute to their overall health. Being a competitive athlete takes TONS of discipline, and consistent training. I don’t think people understand the amount of work it takes to compete at her level! It’s extremely inspirational! Chely feels that it’s always fun competing, and striving to be better, stronger and faster. But, the true reward and joy is seeing people in her Crossfit community make life altering health changes. Being able to have that sort of an impact on people is invaluable!

If you have certain goals that you want to reach or want to become better, faster or stronger, Chely’s contact info is below! She walks the walks, and will definitely challenge you! Chely is a personal trainer, and can tailor training to fit your specific needs. If you are interested in Crossfit in general give her a shout as well! Chely Galvan=Competitive Athlete+Coach+Crossfit Mettle+Lion Life


Chely Galvan 

Coach at Crossfit Mettle 

Regional Athlete 2011-2015 

Personal Trainer 




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