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Festive Green + Bell’s

Festive Green + Bell's

Hey ya’ll! I hope everyone is doing well! I woke up with a small burst of motivation…LOL! I figured I would post with that burst of energy! The temps are finally somewhat cooler in Texas!  I’m excited, and scared at the same time. Be careful what you wish for right? In a month from now everyone will be wishing for warm weather! Am I right?!

N-E-WAY, I am loving the fact that I can pull out some of my sweater’s and jackets! I am loving the bell bottom trend! NON-JEANS! THESE BELL’s are TDF!!! They are from Fin & Ellie and they are AMAZE! I plan to wear these a TON this season, and the price point is amazing! Call them and place your order! Sometimes you have to trust a blogger, and that blogger is me! You will love these. As far as sizing…..If you have larger legs, SIZE UP! Do not be modest when it comes to sizing. My thighs are big, and I needed to size up. If you don’t have big thighs, normal sizing will be fine. Be honest with yourself. ALL LINKS for the rest of my OOTD are below the photos!

Enjoy your DAY babes!!!


img_5926Festive Green + Bell's Festive Green + Bell's Festive Green + Bell's Festive Green + Bell's img_5949Festive Green + Bell's img_5923

Zaful + Sweater Dress

Zaful + Sweater Dress

Hey Everyone! I hope all is well! I have had a ton of things going on and have not be as present on the blog as I would like to be. I am still working on my wellness, and focusing on healing internally. Concentration and Meditation. It has helped so much versus running to the Doctor for every single ache and pain. It’s called the PRACTICING Medicine for a reason, because they are practicing on your ass! I am going to do my best to be you guys some good gift idea’s and content for the upcoming holiday season. I have had a few companies write and offer discount codes for black Friday, so that’s awesome! I try to respond to everyone, but that proves to be difficult at times. The number one question is about starting a blog, and earning money. First, DON”T expect to make money when starting a blog. You will be disappointed. People think that blogging is super easy, and you take photo’s and post. Far from the truth. Most successfully blogs that do earn full-time incomes are 3-5 years old or older. Blog because you are passionate about something that you would like to share. Any who! Zaful sent me this little sweater dress and it is so FAB! It is super soft, and the length is PERFECTION! Click on the hyper links with the paragraph to check this beauty out!


Zaful + Sweater Dress Zaful + Sweater Dress Zaful + Sweater Dress Zaful + Sweater Dress Zaful + Sweater Dress

Fall + Some Cold Shoulder

Fall + Some Cold Shoulder

Fall + Some Cold Shoulder Fall + Some Cold Shoulder Fall + Some Cold Shoulder Fall + Some Cold Shoulder
Hey guys! 

I hope everyone is doing well. I haven’t been able to blog as much, but I am determined to post a few times per week if possible! This little dress is super cute! It gives you a little shoulder exposure but warmth at the same time. Ribbed seems to be a trend for this season. I am sure that you could wear this dress with tights, or long boots. I went with booties since the temps are still rather warm in Texas. I’m wearing minimal make-up, just enough to not look like death! LOL! I linked everything below in hyperlinks! Shop style is having some error issues.

Cold Shoulder Rib Knit Dress;Cromwell Booties; Bracelets (DUPES) ; Watch (DUPE)


Having a great day!


Black Moto + OTK Boots

Black Moto + OTK BootsBlack Moto + OTK Boots Black Moto + OTK Boots Black Moto + OTK Boots Black Moto + OTK Boots Black Moto + OTK Boots Black Moto + OTK Boots

Hello! I hope all is well with everyone! The weather is starting to cool off somewhat in the morning hours in Texas, but it is still blazing in the afternoon. I figured I would break out a pair of OTK boots I grabbed last season. I have kept to my word and haven’t bought any new tall boots. LOL! I love wearing booties, but sometimes having a OTK boot is a good change of pace. My dress is another piece that I received from Zaful! I love this little dress! This dress seems to taper in at the waist, which helps with shaping out your figure. Enjoy the rest of your day beauties!

Also find my dress here!

The BEST Bodysuit + Stripes on Repeat

The BEST Bodysuit + Stripes on Repeat                                                                                               The BEST Bodysuit + Stripes on Repeat The BEST Bodysuit + Stripes on Repeat The BEST Bodysuit + Stripes on Repeat The BEST Bodysuit + Stripes on Repeat The BEST Bodysuit + Stripes on Repeat The BEST Bodysuit + Stripes on Repeat

Hi ya’ll! I hope all is well with everyone! Sooooo, I took both pieces from my #ootd directly from my closet! This bodysuit is LIFE! It is the best bodysuit to own, and I have a few from other brands. I have a few white bodysuits from American Apparel, and its imperative that you be careful when taking it off! I stained the neckline trying to pull it off with my makeup! #superpissed. The first time I went to American Apparel was interesting. I took my mini human upon request. I figured it was just a teen store. When we walked in the vibe was different, I felt like we walked into the 70’s! If you have never been to an American Apparel, you have to see for yourself! My pants are old, but I linked similar as well!

Enjoy your Monday!

Trendy + Zaful

Trendy + Zafulimg_3115Trendy + ZafulTrendy + Zafulimg_3138Trendy + Zaful

Hey ya’ll! I hope all is well with everyone. Last week was rough for me! N-E-Way, I am back with this sponsored post in colab with Zaful! So velvet is trending like no one’s business! When I spotted this dress, I knew I wanted to give it a try! I am not sure if I am on board with a velvet bodycon dress though…hmmmm.

Zaful is not based in the US, so it does take some time to get your items. I like to put this out to everyone! I feel like I am always behind on sponsored post, so I feel like I receive my items really quickly! LOL! I haven’t been well, and last week posed some challenges with posting. I am still waiting on a few items from Zaful, but its not big deal for me. If you like your items to arrive quickly, waiting may be difficult. A vast majority of Zaful’s items are more than affordable. I was happy with the quality of this dress, and feel that it is more than worth the price. This dress can be easily styled with knee high boots, or OTK boots. The color is AMAZING, and it what is happening for FALL! Find my DRESS HERE! 

Please remember to always SIZE up! Even if you are traditionally an extra small. Don’t tag shame yourself and order an extra small, to only receive your item to have it fit like a onezie. I selected this dress in a size medium, and I’m comfortable with my size selection. I can usually read the reviews and decide on sizing.

Be fierce babes…..xoxo

Fall + Dressing for the Weather

Fall + Dressing for the WeatherFall + Dressing for the Weather Fall + Dressing for the Weather Fall + Dressing for the Weather Fall + Dressing for the Weather Fall + Dressing for the Weather
Fall + Dressing for the Weather

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well! We are almost to the weekend, so that is always a great thing right? So, we are well into the fall season, but the temps in Texas are still extra WARM! While I don’t want to break out sunflower dresses (not my style anyway), I don’t want to bust out knee high boots either.

Can we talk about knee high boots for a tiny second. I have a few pair of OTK, and knee high boots, but I am not a big fan. ESPEC, when they SLOUCH! THAT IS THE WORST!!!!! I think two good pair of OTK, or knee high boots are perfect! Not black and nude. Shades, that you don’t currently own. Wanna know what bugs me the most! Flat knee high boots, and when people drag their feet! STOPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!! Pick yo feet up! Why are you sliding in your boots? You are totally ruining the heel! Okay, rant over!

N-E-Way, dressing for the weather. I understand that it’s fall and you want to break out the fall clothing. But, you can’t be decked out in sweaters and knee high boots if its 90 degrees outside! I found this dress to be appropriate for the weather and season, love this brand! I don’t like dresses that easily wrinkle, that is the one con to this dress! But, other than that I LOVE! The mules are TDF and are so comfy! They are ON SALE!!!!  I am quickly becoming a fan of mules. I can’t wait to style these with some skinnies when the temps drop! These are a must have!

Enjoy your day!






Hey y’all! I hope everyone is safe on this rainy Monday! Well it’s rainy is Schertz/San Antonio Texas. It has literally been raining all night. Did not sleep AT ALL! But, my house is spic and SPAN! LOL! We had pretty good weather on Saturday and snapped these photos, later that day my mini human ventured downtown. I am not a big fan of crowds of people in enclosed spaces. If we are spread out cool, but if we are like sardines….I CANNOT DEAL! LOL! He LOVE’s The Pearl, and anything historic. More so for the beauty, and photo’s! So I obliged and took him downtown. We ate at LaGloria, which is HIS favorite! If you are ever in San Antonio you have to give it a try.

So N-E-Way, this little dress, hat and BOOTIES are TDF? Am I right! Sooooo, this hat was apart of the POPSUGAR box that they graciously sent to me. I LOVE IT! The September box it worthy for this HAT ALONE! I will leave a link below that you can  grab to snag $5.00 dollars off! Seriously, you need this months box!

These booties THO???!!!! Ya’ll they are so comfy, and I could walk around in these bad boys for hours! I cleansed my closet last season of a lot of old booties that I wasn’t wearing, or that just weren’t my style anymore. That left me with like 2 pairs of booties. I am being picky about my selection of booties this season, I see so many of the same booties on repeat on Insta, and I AM DYING slowly for creativity__________________! The long line was me crashing, and flat lining, like resuscitate me! Ha!


The September MUST HAVE are everything! Use http://bit.ly/2bGxCSA to get 5 dollars off! Use code SHOP5 !!! @popsugarmh #septembermusthave

I hope you babes have a good one! 


Monday + Off the Shoulder

Monday + Off the ShoulderMonday + Off the Shoulderimg_0541


Monday + Off the Shoulderimg_0542Monday + Off the Shoulder

Hey guys! I hope everyone is off to a great start! I know we are well into fall, but we are still feeling the heat in Texas! I am still incorporating dressing for the weather looks as well as some fall looks! It’s hot ya’ll, and I can’t pretend like its’s not, and walk around in knee high boots and sweater dresses! That is not my reality! Although, I adore fall fash! My dress was $11.99 and can be find HERE! I will link it below as well! I am NOT rich, contrary to popular belief 😉 and shop bargains just like everyone else! Everyone has to shop for clothes to wear, why not be fashionable in the process? Am I right or am I right? I went to the VA for an appointment 2 weeks ago or so, and this lady…OBVI a VA employee, LOUDLY say’s you look so cute. BUT why are your JEANS ALL TORN, you ruined your whole outfit! She LITERALLY caught me on the wrong day….I said but WHAT in the WORLD ARE YOU WEARING THOUGH? I’m sorry, but I had too. She was so rude! It was on my SNAPCHAT! I LOVE SNAP. People need to mind their own business and manners! #theend This little dress was cute online, and ugly in the box! LOL! Then cute once I put it on! Ya’ll know how that goes! N-E-Way, gotta blast, and spend a few minutes with my mini human before he leaves for school!

FIND MY DRESS HERE!!!!!! $11.99!!!!!!

Pink + Be You

Pink + Be You                                                                                                                                       image

Hey ya’ll! I hope everyone is enjoying their Monday! My Monday started off kind of crazy! My post is late because of it! #bloggerproblems. I literally wanted to take my computer and chunk it out of my front door this morning. No joke! Everyone say’s that the computer I have is one of the best, but it LITERALLY shut off right in the middle of my post…WITHOUT SAVING! WTF?????N-E-Way, do you like my pink and silver/white hair? I know you LOVE IT!  The title of this blog post is pink + be you. Blogging has to be fun, if its not fun, you will reach the point of burn out.  Blogging requires creativity. My blog is my creative outlet-and inexpensive therapy. I get to spill my guts to you guys FOR FREE? Win win, RIGHT? I’m asked about starting a blog everyday, no joke. The best advice I can give to anyone is, BE YOU. When I first started my blog, I tried to fit the mold of everyone else. I CRINGE looking back at old photos! They were not me at all! I’m not like everyone else. I don’t like taking photo’s of flowers in my front seat with Starbucks. Cuss words often slip out of my mouth in snaps, or on my blog post. I am unapologetic about this aspect of myself. This is me, being me. Trying to be like everyone else will not set you apart from other blogs. You can’t set your blog up around what you think a brand may want you to be! BE YOU, or be PINK!



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