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Black + Valentines Day Romper

Black + Valentines Day Romper

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well, and had a great weekend. The weather was so nice over the weekend and well into the 80’s. My son and I were able to meet up with my best friend for dinner on Saturday  who is more like my sister to celebrate my birthday early. It was nice spending time with my best friend. We don’t see each other that often despite being about 45 minutes apart. I haven’t done much of anything as I have been recovering and dealing with my overall health. Getting out with my friends and family felt great, and was a nice change of pace!

I am so thankful for my blog and my readers. My blog gives me a pause in life. When I’m out taking photos with my son its as if all the bad, sad and wrong doesn’t exist. It’s my son sharing his love of photography and me sharing my love of fashion. What’s your outlet? Or hobby? Everyone has to have one, its the best form of therapy. AND its cheaper! Am I right?

Alright! On to this Valentines day business! Who has plans to get out and enjoy this day with loved ones? I have come across so many different looks. LOTS of red. I figured I would don this black romper with a pop of gold from my heels and a red LIP! My red lip was my flirt of red. This romper is everything! Red can be hard to wear so I opted for something neutral that can be worn over and over. I love this little romper because it appears to be a dress but it’s not. SUPER cute! Rompers are the best, but I have learned to not go crazy with all sorts of patterns of flowers. Don’t get me wrong, I love patterns and flowers. But have learned not to over do it.

Thanks for hanging in there with me as I shuffle through this so called life. I am doing my best to post at least once per week. Please know that my blog isn’t simply a collection of pictures, but a collection of love. I care for my readers and people. The absolute best is hearing how my story helped you or how you gained inspo from one of my outfits! That is what gives me the MOST joy!

Keep shining babes!



Destroyed Denim + Blue Velvet Booties + Department of Veteran Affairs

Destroyed Denim + Blue Velvet Booties

Destroyed Denim + Blue Velvet Booties

Hey Ya’ll! I hope all is well with everyone! It’s almost Friday so that is always a good thing right? I want to take a moment to mention a new section of my blog that I will be adding. Having served in the military is one aspect of my life that I am most proud of. My military service was one of the best decisions of my life. I have learned so much being a Veteran navigating through the Department of Veteran Affairs, some good and some horrific. Having a platform is an amazing way to share the good, and the blunders. Believe me when I say there have been tons of blunders. My goal is to have an entire tab with Veteran information. Over the last two years I have experienced what has been an absolute nightmare. I would not want anyone to ever go through what I went through so I am going to write about it, and suggest what I think is important to stay on top of your healthcare as a Veteran. My first suggestion would be to obtain a complete copy of your medical records, and READ THEM! The Department of Veteran Affairs will provide your medical record to you on a CD. Get an electronic copy so that you can print your records and read them at your leisure. The Department of Veteran Affairs does not include consent forms nor certain “addendums” that certain providers write about you in your medical record. How do I know? I scoured my medical record, and found notes that referred to certain addenda, but couldn’t locate the providers addendum. I made a complaint to HHS, as it is Federal Law that the VA has to provide me with a complete copy of my medical record. I have yet to hear back from HHS and they have been investigating this for months. The VA does not want me to have them. But guess what? I am obtaining those addenda’s. They are doing something or hiding something they have no business hiding. If you don’t know some of the abbreviations or medical terminology in your medical record, GOOGLE THEM! Compare the notes in your medical record to make sure they actually match up with what you actually spoke to your provider about. Second, check out your medical providers through State Licensing agencies. Check to make sure they are actually a specialist in the field in which you suspect them to be. The Department of Veteran Affairs does not follow State Laws, and often employee foreign Physicians with non-equivalent medical school and training. Recently it was brought to my attention that a surgeon at the VA in San Antonio Texas was not the specialist in which the Director of the VA in San Antonio certified her to be. This particular surgeon performed less 8 procedures of the same procedure she performed on me. But informed me that she performed this surgery ALL the TIME! She left a VAST amount of damage that cannot be reversed. I trusted the VA, and trusted this agency to employee Doctors who are actually specialist. Despite State Records showing otherwise, the Director of VAMC-SA continued to make public disclosures in reference to this surgeon being a specialist. She has most likely had deaths of patients she has operated on after 30 days. VAMC-San Antonio wouldn’t reveal this information. They wouldn’t reveal this information as I am sure tons of patients have died by the hands of this Physician. This Physician is now FLEEING the country to Japan in the next couple of days, but my worry is when she returns back to the United States!!! SO CRAZY! More to come on this entire story!

N-E-WAY! How is everyone liking the velvet boot trend! I have two pairs, and kinda regret purchasing one of the two pairs. The best thing with any trend is to not over do it! The only trend that can anyone can be safe with is the off the shoulder TREND! That trend seems to be here to stay! I am in love with these BLUE Velvet Booties! Seriously, I would wear them with everything if I could! I hope everyone has an amazing day, and be amazing babes! Destroyed Denim + Blue Velvet Booties Destroyed Denim + Blue Velvet Booties Destroyed Denim + Blue Velvet Booties Destroyed Denim + Blue Velvet Booties


Lust, Must or Bust

Lust, Must or Bust

Hey Ya’ll! I wanted to get a Lust, Must or Bust posted! Lust, Must or Bust is just as it sounds. Lust are the things that we lust over that are just neat to oh and aw over, Must are a MUST,  and then sometimes we just BUST and buy it! BUST are a MUST sometimes! Bust rarely happen for me and are usually a handbag that I have wanted for like a year or two. Ya know, when no one else is carrying it. LOL! Lust will often sit in my cart for an eternity and I will just stare at it every so often!

Anyway, all of my picks are below. I have to blog in the next coming weeks because companies are sending me free stuff, LOL, LOL!!! I think you guys will like some of the things that are coming up….NO SERIOUSLY! Super neat products, and I am going to push for discount codes for you guys! Some beauty products, which are always FAB! I stopped sponsored post for a long while but figured I would do a few here, and there. I love my blog, and I feel this void when I am not in this space. I have recently received a lot of request to do food reviews, or I guess you could say, healthy product reviews. An Egg Farm reached out to me, very odd. But, okay. I’m rambling…..enjoy the picks!


Small Fall Transitions + (Outre’s “Neesha” Review)

Small Fall Transitions + (Outre’s “Neesha” Review)                                                                     

Small Fall Transitions Small Fall Transitions Small Fall Transitions Small Fall Transitions Small Fall Transitions img_2419img_2353

Hey ya’ll! I hope all is well with everyone. We are almost to Friday so that is always a good thing right? I have LITERALLY had a Doctor’s appointment’s everyday this week! Such a drain on my LIFE! N-E-Way, I am incorporating aspects of fall into my outfits, but to TBH it is still blazing in Texas. I see women wearing knee high boots, and think HOW? LIKE how? It’s 90 degrees outside! The Things we do for fashion! So this little dress is the BEST! So flattering, and you can easily dress it up with a pair of heels. My DRESS is only $14.99!!!!! I paired my look with a pair of booties. My booties have a scuffed up look, am I RIGHT? I can’t remember if they came like that, or if I was extra careless. Either way, I LOVE them imperfect.

My dress can be found HERE! 

Hair – So I consider my hair to be an accessory! I have had a few people ask me about video’s, Youtube is so much different than the blogger platform. But, I am in the R&D phase, but still wanted to give you reviews on my hair. LOL! My actual hair natural hair is in a protective braided style underneath the wig (unit), and I place a wig cap on top on my natural hair to protect it. The #1 question I am asked via direct message, or email is if people of all nationalities can wear units. The answer is YES! And if you see a style you love, get it and werrrrkkkkkkk. If you have really thick or long hair, you will most likely need someone to braid your hair so that the wig will fit appropriately over your natural hair. When people ask you if it’s your “real hair”, simply stare back at them blankly! People STAY on my NERVES with that QUESTION! When a wig is worn correctly people can’t tell where you hairline starts,  or if it is in fact a wig. I know, my stylist knows, but the everyday person DOES not know. The wig also needs to be secure! What gives off a wig-ish appearance is when the wig is moving all around on your head. Don’t be her ya’ll, don’t be her.

I am wearing OUTRE’S LACE FRONT, L PART WIG “NEESHA” in the color DR425. Neesha has a yaki texture, meaning this unit doesn’t have a softer relaxed look. This unit is synthetic, meaning its made up of synthetic fibers not human hair. I LOVE this unit. I love the color, and volume of this unit. I usually don’t step out of my comfort zone, but wanted to give DR425 a go. This unit is kinda hot, but is perfect for fall. I would say, buy this until if you are looking for something different for the fall and not willing to dye, but or change your own hair.

Outre Lace Front Wig L Part NEESHA
MATERIAL: Synthetic – Heat resistant fiber
TYPE: Lace front wig
HEAT SAFE: Yes – Up to 400F / Heat resistant fiber

Monday + Off the Shoulder

Monday + Off the ShoulderMonday + Off the Shoulderimg_0541


Monday + Off the Shoulderimg_0542Monday + Off the Shoulder

Hey guys! I hope everyone is off to a great start! I know we are well into fall, but we are still feeling the heat in Texas! I am still incorporating dressing for the weather looks as well as some fall looks! It’s hot ya’ll, and I can’t pretend like its’s not, and walk around in knee high boots and sweater dresses! That is not my reality! Although, I adore fall fash! My dress was $11.99 and can be find HERE! I will link it below as well! I am NOT rich, contrary to popular belief 😉 and shop bargains just like everyone else! Everyone has to shop for clothes to wear, why not be fashionable in the process? Am I right or am I right? I went to the VA for an appointment 2 weeks ago or so, and this lady…OBVI a VA employee, LOUDLY say’s you look so cute. BUT why are your JEANS ALL TORN, you ruined your whole outfit! She LITERALLY caught me on the wrong day….I said but WHAT in the WORLD ARE YOU WEARING THOUGH? I’m sorry, but I had too. She was so rude! It was on my SNAPCHAT! I LOVE SNAP. People need to mind their own business and manners! #theend This little dress was cute online, and ugly in the box! LOL! Then cute once I put it on! Ya’ll know how that goes! N-E-Way, gotta blast, and spend a few minutes with my mini human before he leaves for school!

FIND MY DRESS HERE!!!!!! $11.99!!!!!!

Weekly Workout (HIIT)

Lace up + White Shorts

Weekly Workout (HIIT)

Hey ya’ll! I hope every is having a great week so far! I am trying to get back into a good workout routine. I was able to go to Crossfit this morning. First time in many mornings. GAH! I swear I have literally had a doctors appointment almost every morning. Shit is beyond annoying to my LIFE!  Having 3 surgeries since February is ALOT! I am still meditating, and tying to clear my head space. I am listening to some amaze podcast that have been life changing….real tho! Putting so much in perceptive.

I can’t see myself having anymore surgeries. Shit gives me anxiety thinking about it. I feel like I have anesthesia brain, I can’t remember ANYTHING! I have to write everything down!

I am always going to keep things real with ya’ll. My exercise routine has been horrible! I have been a CARDIO queen. Cardio is easy, you don’t have to do any thinking to do cardio. Just go! I can see a difference in my body from doing only cardio. My arms are saggy, baggy! Even body weight movements can help toning! Nothing is heavier than your own body weight!

Alright! Let’s get this party started!

Warm Up 

15 Push-Ups 

15 Super Man’s 

15 Jumping Squats 


Only 1 Part today- Repeat X 3 Take up to 30 Minutes! 

50 Push-Up’s 

50 Mountain Climbers 

50 Jumping Squats 

50 Crunches 

Moto Jacket + BR Favorite

Moto Jacket + BR Favorite

Moto Jacket + BR FavoriteMoto Jacket + BR FavoriteMoto Jacket + BR FavoriteMoto Jacket + BR Favorite
Moto Jacket + BR FavoriteMoto Jacket + BR FavoriteMoto Jacket + BR Favoriteimage

Good Morning! I hope everyone is having a good Tuesday morning, and had a nice long weekend! I know we are into the Fall season, and despite the warm weather in Texas some people are actually experiencing Fall like weather! I m doing my best to transition somewhat, while dressing for the weather at the same time! I am attempting to be cognizant of all readers from everywhere! Ya’ll, we are still having BLAZING temps in TEXAS!

This Moto Jacket was an NSALE find, and it is TDF! So gorgeous! I think it comes in one other color and will link that color as well! This brand is known for their moto jackets and their prices are ALWAYS reasonable! SNAG you one, because you WILL not find one at a better PRICE!

Have an amazing day loves!

Destroyed + Off the Shoulder (trend to stay)

Destroyed + Off the Shoulder (trend to stay)image



It’s Labor Day…and I hope everyone has off today! If you don’t, wonk, wonk! I hope everyone had a great weekend! The weather has been so up, and down lately! One thing has remained the same…IT IS STILL HOT! N-E-Way, the off the shoulder trend seems to be in full force! I am a fan! It is extremely simple to throw on one of these tops and be on your way! You can find my exact top HERE! It was literally $11.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously a STEAL! I have never had any issues with this company. It does take about 10 days to get your stuff, but for the  price I cannot complain!

Gold + Cold Shoulder

Gold + Cold Shoulder

Gold + Cold ShoulderGold + Cold Shoulder Gold + Cold Shoulder Gold + Cold Shoulder Gold + Cold Shoulder _MG_0660_MG_0708Gold + Cold Shoulder























Hey! I hope everyone had a great weekend! We had a few moments of off the wall rain over the weekend, and then sunshine! Texas is so weird sometimes! I didn’t do N-E-THING! But, I said I wasn’t going to do anything, and I kept my promise. My son loves to take photo’s, so I took him to a few places to take a few cool snaps. I dragged myself out of my chase and threw on this little dress! I have those days where I have to force myself to move. This dress is gorgeous! I was kinda meh about it when It was sent to me as a suggestion, but it looks better on than it did folded up in the box.

I’m not sure, but I think it sold out…………long pause. While on Instagram over the weekend, a few other bloggers had my dress on! Yes, my dress! The price point for this dress is what most people are willing to pay. I figured it would sell out. Don’t worry! I linked favorites! I like to be honest and say that an item is sold out, so you’re not annoyed when it’s not the dress in my photo’s.

Fashion posts are for idea’s, and inspiration! I have always loved clothes, shoes and make-up. My ENTIRE LIFE! I could have the flu, and still have on a full face of make-up….LOL! I went with minimal accessories for this look, I felt that the detailing on the sleeves was enough to complete this look!

Dress sold out (similar here)  // Heels // Sunnies // Necklace 

Shorts + Booties

Shorts + Booties

Shorts + BootiesShorts + Booties Shorts + Booties Shorts + Booties Shorts + Booties Shorts + Booties Shorts + Booties

Hey! I hope everyone’s Monday is off to a great start! I loved all of the Father’s Day post yesterday! Pretty Amazing! I want to start off by saying that the last few weeks, and days have been filled with so much tragedy and loss. It has been absolutely heart wrenching. It’s hard to watch any kind of news, much less be on social media. I pray God restores peace, and solace in the hearts of those who have suffered the loss of loved ones. I pray for love, in a time in which I feel our country needs it most. And lastly, I pray that no Presidential candidate use tragedy as political gain, and focus only on the needs of the American People.

Every now and again I like to remind everyone about the perception on social media. Social media portrays the best version of ourselves. I know my Instagram does. I have seen some Instagram accounts, especially (weight-loss) that show the real deal. I commend the ladies that show their true before and afters. But, the majority of people do not show their true form. ME! LOL!

My photo’s are taken with a digital camera, which look very different from iPhone photo’s. VERY DIFFERENT! Sometimes I take a selfie and I’m like, NOPE! LOL! j/k. j/k! All of my photos have a filter to fit the theme of my Insta. I don’t wear a full face of make-up everyday. But, when I am going out for the day, I do get dressed and wear make-up. I feel like this is good for me mentally, and physically. Even if I feel the worst, I make myself. My life is not perfect, it’s far from it. We all have personal things that go on in our life, you know? It’s easy to get sucked up into social media, and think that a person is #perfection, and they are not. The snaps we take most likely take 10-15 minutes of our entire day. The editing most likely takes the most time, which I don’t do. My son does my editing! He is so good at anything photography wise, and social media in general. Snaps occur 1-2 times per week out of love for fashion, style or make-up. The same love as someone who may love to run, or bike or swim. I think people forget, that we love fashion what goes into having a blog, and that writing/blogging is out of love. I am extremely selective about the content that I offer. I say no ALOT!  Just remember that no one is perfect as you scroll insta, I know I’m not!

Top // Shorts // Booties // Clutch  (similar) // Sunnies // Earrings

Have an amazing day babes! 

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