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Black + Valentines Day Romper

Black + Valentines Day Romper

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well, and had a great weekend. The weather was so nice over the weekend and well into the 80’s. My son and I were able to meet up with my best friend for dinner on Saturday  who is more like my sister to celebrate my birthday early. It was nice spending time with my best friend. We don’t see each other that often despite being about 45 minutes apart. I haven’t done much of anything as I have been recovering and dealing with my overall health. Getting out with my friends and family felt great, and was a nice change of pace!

I am so thankful for my blog and my readers. My blog gives me a pause in life. When I’m out taking photos with my son its as if all the bad, sad and wrong doesn’t exist. It’s my son sharing his love of photography and me sharing my love of fashion. What’s your outlet? Or hobby? Everyone has to have one, its the best form of therapy. AND its cheaper! Am I right?

Alright! On to this Valentines day business! Who has plans to get out and enjoy this day with loved ones? I have come across so many different looks. LOTS of red. I figured I would don this black romper with a pop of gold from my heels and a red LIP! My red lip was my flirt of red. This romper is everything! Red can be hard to wear so I opted for something neutral that can be worn over and over. I love this little romper because it appears to be a dress but it’s not. SUPER cute! Rompers are the best, but I have learned to not go crazy with all sorts of patterns of flowers. Don’t get me wrong, I love patterns and flowers. But have learned not to over do it.

Thanks for hanging in there with me as I shuffle through this so called life. I am doing my best to post at least once per week. Please know that my blog isn’t simply a collection of pictures, but a collection of love. I care for my readers and people. The absolute best is hearing how my story helped you or how you gained inspo from one of my outfits! That is what gives me the MOST joy!

Keep shining babes!



Henley + My Favorite Pair of Jeans

Henley + My Favorite Pair of Jeans

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and is off to a great Monday! Who loves Mondays? Kidding!  The weather was really nice in the San Antonio area. It was well into the 70’s, and one day 80’s. Current events have been so crazy lately. Yesterday there was a shooting at a mall that my son and I frequent, about 10 minutes or less from my house.  In many instances I have allowed my son to go to Rolling Oaks Mall with his friend to shop etc. My heart sunk as one of his friends sent him a text message saying that they were physically there at the time of the shooting. I am still horrified. One person was killed, and seven were injured. Two individuals were attempting to rob a jewelry store. I am still in disbelief. Why would someone do such a thing? Public shootings have really become a norm in our country and its VERY scary. My kiddo immediately said he never wanted to go to that mall again. I am so sad that he has to live his life in fear. I didn’t live my child or teen years in fear of mass or public shootings. It’s disheartening. Praying for peace in our country.

Alright! Sorry for the moment of sadness! Finding clothes during this up and down weather has proven to be a task! I REFUSE to bust out shorts. Its not that type of party. Besides the extreme paleness of my legs would SCARE everyone. I appreciate that I can wear sandals in the “colder” months, LOL, so I pulled out my Animal Print Steven Madden Carson’s. Ya’ll, I SEARCHED high, and low and cannot find these anywhere. Steve Madden usually repeats shoes over multiple seasons, and I though for sure these would be repeats! NOPE! Don’t worry, I linked similar! As the season progresses into Spring I will post all of my Spring favorites. White t-shirts are always a staple in my wardrobe…LADIES please don’t allow your bra to show. I’ll leave it there. My jeans are EVERYTHING! Ya’ll grab these! I was able to squeeze these thighs of mine into a size 2, they must run BIG! LOL! I would say they run large. This particular pair of destroyed denim is VERY popular. They had them in like 2 stores in SA. I bought two pair, jeans are not forgiving on me at all! Anywho- Have an AMAZING DAY babes!


Lust, Must or Bust

Lust, Must or Bust

Hey Ya’ll! I wanted to get a Lust, Must or Bust posted! Lust, Must or Bust is just as it sounds. Lust are the things that we lust over that are just neat to oh and aw over, Must are a MUST,  and then sometimes we just BUST and buy it! BUST are a MUST sometimes! Bust rarely happen for me and are usually a handbag that I have wanted for like a year or two. Ya know, when no one else is carrying it. LOL! Lust will often sit in my cart for an eternity and I will just stare at it every so often!

Anyway, all of my picks are below. I have to blog in the next coming weeks because companies are sending me free stuff, LOL, LOL!!! I think you guys will like some of the things that are coming up….NO SERIOUSLY! Super neat products, and I am going to push for discount codes for you guys! Some beauty products, which are always FAB! I stopped sponsored post for a long while but figured I would do a few here, and there. I love my blog, and I feel this void when I am not in this space. I have recently received a lot of request to do food reviews, or I guess you could say, healthy product reviews. An Egg Farm reached out to me, very odd. But, okay. I’m rambling…..enjoy the picks!


Weekly Workout + Lower Body Focus

Monday + Off the Shoulder

Weekly Workout + Lower Body Focus

Hey Ya’ll!

I hope everyone is having a great Monday so far. I had to go and pick up my little one, he wasn’t feeling to well at all. I was super bummed that I couldn’t get him an appointment today. His allergies are really getting the best of him this season, and I have been so worried about him, among other things. #mommyproblems.

N-E-Way, I am working out when I can. When I feel well enough to do so. Some days I just don’t have the energy. Or I will do a full blown workout, and then fell like shit for the rest of the day. I am still searching for balance and wellness post surgery. The surgery I had may not have been the best surgery for me. I had moderate reflux prior to having surgery, and now my REFLUX IS ON FIRE LIKE A BIA, and my bowels won’t quit. I’m starting to think I need a healer (neuropath) and not a doctor. Neuropaths are not covered by insurance, and are REALLY, REALLY expensive. But, I’m sick of spending my days on the toilet (TMI), and eating tum’s like they are tic tac’s. So, that is where I am, meditation has helped keep me still.

ALRIGHT! LETS get to some lower body focus!

Warm up

10 Jumping Squats 

10 Mountain Climbers

 10 Super Mans 

Part 1 Repeat X3 

60 Squats

60 Jumping Jacks

60 Crunches

60 Mountain Climbers

60 Jack Knives

Destroyed + Off the Shoulder (trend to stay)

Destroyed + Off the Shoulder (trend to stay)image



It’s Labor Day…and I hope everyone has off today! If you don’t, wonk, wonk! I hope everyone had a great weekend! The weather has been so up, and down lately! One thing has remained the same…IT IS STILL HOT! N-E-Way, the off the shoulder trend seems to be in full force! I am a fan! It is extremely simple to throw on one of these tops and be on your way! You can find my exact top HERE! It was literally $11.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously a STEAL! I have never had any issues with this company. It does take about 10 days to get your stuff, but for the  price I cannot complain!

Weekly Workout

Lace up + White Shorts

Weekly Workout 

Good Morning! I know there are a lot of new subscribers, so I your probably wondering what does she know about working out? LOL! Well I am a Certified Personal Trainer, and I did actually personal train for a little bit in a very small privately own gym. Not, going to lie…it was primarily women. I offer workouts on my blog as my way of giving back to my readers/subscribers. A little variety is always nice.

I’m trying to stay ahead of the game this week, and add a workout early. I’m hoping you check your email, and can have this workout for tomorrow morning. It’s kind of a gloomy this morning in San Anotnio, well I should say the Schertz’s area. I am actually able to sit out back, and write this post. My back yard is one of the two top things I love most about my house. I didn’t have such appreciation until about a year or so ago. It’s my place of serinty, and where I have found expound up my new love of meditation.

What do you all have going on today? I am once again tackling the beast that is my closet. I found that if I attack my closet in sections I feel more accomplished. I’m a clothing hoarder. With the change in seasons I need to purge my closet of things that I wore once last season, or that I didn’t wear at all. I’m trying really hard to stick to neutrals, with some pops of colors. But, my moto is to dress for the weather, and not for the season. If it’s hot out, you will not see me in knee high boots.

N-E-Way, Let’s gets grinding on a workout! Skinny jean season is coming, AND let’s not have to jump up, and down to get into our skinny jeans, or have to lay on the bed and pull, pull, pull to get them over our butt this skinny jean season!

(Plus size options are also included in the selections below)

Warm up- Repeat X 2 

20 Jumping Squats

20 Crunches

20 Jumping Jacks


Part 1 Repeat X 5 

10 Burpee’s

10 Lunge’s (In place, make sure your back knee touches the ground)

10 Jumping squats

10 Mountain Climbers

20 Crunches


Weekly Workout + HIIT

Leilani Garrett = 's Wife+Mother+Coach+Life Changer

Weekly Workout

Good Morning! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I am going to keep up with the weekly workouts, as I know summer weight-loss can be a challenge. My weight is always my challenge..LOL!

Alright! Here we go! 

Warm Up  Repeat X 2 

25 Super Man’s

25 Jumping Squats

Part 1 Repeat X 4 or for 18 minutes! #done

50 Jumping Jacks

40 Walking Lunges

50 Jumping Jacks

Gold + Cold Shoulder

Gold + Cold Shoulder

Gold + Cold ShoulderGold + Cold Shoulder Gold + Cold Shoulder Gold + Cold Shoulder Gold + Cold Shoulder _MG_0660_MG_0708Gold + Cold Shoulder























Hey! I hope everyone had a great weekend! We had a few moments of off the wall rain over the weekend, and then sunshine! Texas is so weird sometimes! I didn’t do N-E-THING! But, I said I wasn’t going to do anything, and I kept my promise. My son loves to take photo’s, so I took him to a few places to take a few cool snaps. I dragged myself out of my chase and threw on this little dress! I have those days where I have to force myself to move. This dress is gorgeous! I was kinda meh about it when It was sent to me as a suggestion, but it looks better on than it did folded up in the box.

I’m not sure, but I think it sold out…………long pause. While on Instagram over the weekend, a few other bloggers had my dress on! Yes, my dress! The price point for this dress is what most people are willing to pay. I figured it would sell out. Don’t worry! I linked favorites! I like to be honest and say that an item is sold out, so you’re not annoyed when it’s not the dress in my photo’s.

Fashion posts are for idea’s, and inspiration! I have always loved clothes, shoes and make-up. My ENTIRE LIFE! I could have the flu, and still have on a full face of make-up….LOL! I went with minimal accessories for this look, I felt that the detailing on the sleeves was enough to complete this look!

Dress sold out (similar here)  // Heels // Sunnies // Necklace 

Weekly Workout (HIIT)

Mandy Flores + Muscles Like Mandy

Weekly Workout (HIIT)

Hey! I hope everyone’s Wednesday is off to a great start! How did yesterday’s workout go?

I have had to force myself to get back into a good workout routine. I have had so many doctors appointments as of late, and its been hardddddd!!!!!!  I caught myself picking certain workouts, easy workouts, and eating more carbs than I normally would. Carbs taste so good, and they sell them everywhere! I have the mind of an obese person, and I have to be mindful of this everyday of my life. I have also been under a lot of STRESS! Stress will wreck your body like no one’s business! I never sleep more than 3 or 4 hours so I can’t use that as an excuse…LOL! #veteranproblems

N-E-Way I did yesterday’s workout, and my legs are screaming! I made sure to do LISS, and I am going to make sure I stay consistent with LISS 3-4 times per week. LISS is hard to stay consistent with..it’s boring. Just keeping it real! Find a place of peace, and get your LISS done. It will shed body fat!

How do you hold yourself accountable?


Warm Up

50 Mountain Climbers 

50 Jumping Jacks 

Part 1 (Intended to be fast due to low reps) Complete for 11 minutes, 3 minute break, then again for 11 minutes 

10 Push-ups

10 Mountain Climbers 

10 Jumping Squats 

10 Sit-ups  

Mandy Is our featured athlete on the cover (follow her on instagram for inspiration @muscleslikemandy)

Life AsRx + WristWrap Review

Life AsRx-WristWrap-Review

Good Morning!

“It’s always safer when you wrap it. ASRX wristwraps are built to handle the toughest CrossFit WOD and are made in the USA.”


I hope everyone is doing well! How is the Crossfit Open going for everyone? Hopefully great! I had the opportunity to collaborate with Life AsRx on a few things, and I’m excited to give you my review on their wristwraps!

So, when I started CF I knew nothing! I mean nada! I was living in a world of one pair of running shoes, and no gym bag. Sooo, one day I sign up for a noon CF class, and see that almost everyone has a gym bag, lifting shoes, wrist wraps, weightlifting belts, speed ropes etc, and what did I have? I had my car keys, and a bottle of water…. LOL! Who am I kidding, I still show up like that sometimes! LOL! After a few months of CF I understood how different support gear offered support to different movements.

I knew AsRx wristwraps would be the perfect item to review, and to give some understanding to the purpose of this specific piece of support gear. The purpose of wristwraps are to  provide support to the wrist during heavy movements, especially heavy overhead movements. Our wrist can be put under a ton of tension with heavy loads.

I like that AsRx wristwraps are long in length, making their product suitable for people of all body types (we are all at different places in our fitness journey’s). The wristwraps are cotton, and wrap all the way around the wrist, and are secured by a black 1/2 inch string tie. I felt like the fit was amazing! Very snug, and not irritating at all, loved the color! If only they had a PINK color! I have a velcro pair, and those don’t work for me, I am in for the win with AsRX wristwraps! 

Life AsRx-Wrist Wrap-Review