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Black + Valentines Day Romper

Black + Valentines Day Romper

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well, and had a great weekend. The weather was so nice over the weekend and well into the 80’s. My son and I were able to meet up with my best friend for dinner on Saturday  who is more like my sister to celebrate my birthday early. It was nice spending time with my best friend. We don’t see each other that often despite being about 45 minutes apart. I haven’t done much of anything as I have been recovering and dealing with my overall health. Getting out with my friends and family felt great, and was a nice change of pace!

I am so thankful for my blog and my readers. My blog gives me a pause in life. When I’m out taking photos with my son its as if all the bad, sad and wrong doesn’t exist. It’s my son sharing his love of photography and me sharing my love of fashion. What’s your outlet? Or hobby? Everyone has to have one, its the best form of therapy. AND its cheaper! Am I right?

Alright! On to this Valentines day business! Who has plans to get out and enjoy this day with loved ones? I have come across so many different looks. LOTS of red. I figured I would don this black romper with a pop of gold from my heels and a red LIP! My red lip was my flirt of red. This romper is everything! Red can be hard to wear so I opted for something neutral that can be worn over and over. I love this little romper because it appears to be a dress but it’s not. SUPER cute! Rompers are the best, but I have learned to not go crazy with all sorts of patterns of flowers. Don’t get me wrong, I love patterns and flowers. But have learned not to over do it.

Thanks for hanging in there with me as I shuffle through this so called life. I am doing my best to post at least once per week. Please know that my blog isn’t simply a collection of pictures, but a collection of love. I care for my readers and people. The absolute best is hearing how my story helped you or how you gained inspo from one of my outfits! That is what gives me the MOST joy!

Keep shining babes!



Christmas and Holiday Parties…Cute and Classic!

Holiday Looks

Hey ya’ll! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I sat in my closet for a good 1 hour or more yesterday attempting to put together some Christmas/Holiday Party looks for y’all. All the while my mini human rushing me because he didn’t want to take these photo’s 😉  Riddle me that? He wanted to watch the Star Wars Marathon…..go figure. He is so good at taking photos, but it has to be when he wants to do it, or he will drag his feet the entire time. Typical Teenager! There is a difference in my photo’s as a lot of my recent photos were taken on our way out with an iPhone (LAZY). These are with his Digital Camera with his hood, blah, blah, blah. I don’t know that stuff…HA! But there is a difference, and I would rather do one blog post a month correctly than half ass it. You know? I feel like I owe my readers that much, despite whatever physical battles I may be facing.

ALRIGHT! So Christmas/Holiday Looks! I went for cute and classic. My dress was an H&M find and I belted it to spice it up! I added a pom hat! Wearing a hat inside is always appropriate for women, who are we kidding right? A red lip is ever the classic, as well as CLB’s!!! If you don’t have the Liquid Lipstick American Doll by ABH, WHY? Its everything! I added extra picks because why not?

Holiday Looks Holiday Looks Holiday Looks Holiday Looks Holiday Looks Holiday Looks Holiday Looks Holiday Looks Holiday looks Holiday Looks img_6778

Lust, Must or Bust

Lust, Must or Bust

Hey Ya’ll! I wanted to get a Lust, Must or Bust posted! Lust, Must or Bust is just as it sounds. Lust are the things that we lust over that are just neat to oh and aw over, Must are a MUST,  and then sometimes we just BUST and buy it! BUST are a MUST sometimes! Bust rarely happen for me and are usually a handbag that I have wanted for like a year or two. Ya know, when no one else is carrying it. LOL! Lust will often sit in my cart for an eternity and I will just stare at it every so often!

Anyway, all of my picks are below. I have to blog in the next coming weeks because companies are sending me free stuff, LOL, LOL!!! I think you guys will like some of the things that are coming up….NO SERIOUSLY! Super neat products, and I am going to push for discount codes for you guys! Some beauty products, which are always FAB! I stopped sponsored post for a long while but figured I would do a few here, and there. I love my blog, and I feel this void when I am not in this space. I have recently received a lot of request to do food reviews, or I guess you could say, healthy product reviews. An Egg Farm reached out to me, very odd. But, okay. I’m rambling…..enjoy the picks!


Anastasia Beverly Hill Favorite’s!

Anastasia Beverly Hill Favorite’s!

Hi everyone! Make up, and beauty product’s have been giving me life lately. Even when you feel like crap, make up can still make us shine BRIGHT! I linked some of my favorite ABH products today! I love ALMOST ALL OF their products! Especially the clear brow gel! All of her illuminators are BOSS!

REMEMBER a woman can never have too much HIGHLIGHT! So keep on shinning!


e.l.f Cosmetic’s Brushes

e.l.f Cosmetic's Brushes

e.l.f Cosmetic’s Brushes

Hey Ya’ll! I hope everyone is doing well today! I had a special request from my girl Stephanie Garcia in regards to good some cosmetic brushes! Sooooo, I wanted to put together some of my favorite brushes! First, to keep it real for years, I used my fingers! I know, rookie right? I found out very quickly that cosmetic brushes are EXPENSIVE!!! I have told ya’ll before that I can spend hours on Youtube learning tons of things about makeup, and LEMME tell you, my makeup has come a longgggg way!

In Youtube video’s you don’t see the makeup artist using the sponge that often comes with the make-up. They throw it in the trash. They are using a brush, because it MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE! They often don’t show that they mix foundations to get a perfect match for their skin tone either. I mix 2, sometimes 3,  because I have yellow undertones. WHICH ARE hard to match. I use MAC PRO LONGERWEAR and mix it with a Covergirl Foundation. I know, I know weird. Anyway, I apply about 6 dots total of both foundation’s onto my e.l.f total face kabuki brush. This seems to give me medium coverage. If I want full coverage, I use a beauty blender, I linked that below as well. The ULTIMATE KABUKI brush is everything for contouring! Seriously! It blends so well, and it’s like $10.00!

Make-up can be very complex, and there is a brush for everything. I figured starting here, with some essentials would be a good start. I use everything, from illuminator, to highlight, foundation, BB Cream, Concealer….everything. When my BFF comes to my house, her favorite thing is for me to do her makeup. A FULL BEAT FACE OF MAKEUP CAN TAKE NEARLY 2 HOURS!!!!! It’s not because someone is ugly…GAH! It’s because of the steps in between application. 

In all light seriousness, I’m not paying $50.00 dollars for a brush…..SORRY! I have had excellent results with e.l.f products, one of their brushes broke, and pissed me off! Other than that, I have had no other issues. A lot of e.l.f products can be found at CVS, Target (usually always SOLD OUT), ULTA, and (HEB in Texas). People are on top of the e.l.f game, and know that their brushes are budget friendly and game changers. HENCE them being sold out in stores, grab them online or when ever you see them!

My Fav’s below! Most as all BELOW $10.00! 

Chambray + Reebok Classics

Chambray + Reebok ClassicsChambray + Reebok ClassicsChambray + Reebok ClassicsChambray + Reebok ClassicsChambray + Reebok Classics

Chambray + Reebok Classicsimg_0915

Hey, ya’ll hey ! I have decided that I am going to continue to kill the game with the off the shoulder trend. I will simply drap, a moto jacket over my shoulders! I mean….why not! Everyone is loving the sneaker trend! Again, I have had MY classics since DAY one, stay one! LOL! 😉 As well as my Air Force 1’s low’s, and mid’s. I’m not a gangster or anything…LOL! I just know sneakers a little bit. N-E-Way rocking Chambray with classics is always easy, and quick. You can never go wrong. Everyone needs a Chambray off the shoulder dress in their wardrobe! I added a little cross body, that I scored @ 40% off and I was good to go!

Chambray Dress for $13.99

Blue Striped Off The Shoulder Ruffle Dress $14.99  

Have a good one babes!