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Jean Skirts + Body Suit

Jean Skirts + Body Suit

Jean Skirts + Body Suit

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! I hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday. The weather has been so nice this week. Nice weather always brightens my spirit!!!

Anyway- We took these photos the other day and I opted to wear long sleeves. The weather is really nice, but there still seems to be a breeze. I am ALWAYS cold, and the long sleeve body suit added the right amount of warmth! Although I am living for off the shoulder tops! Look for me wearing off the shoulder tops on #repeat this summer!

Have a lovely weekend y’all!Jean Skirts + Body Suit Jean Skirts + Body Suit Jean Skirts + Body Suit Jean Skirts + Body Suit Jean Skirts + Body Suit Jean Skirts + Body SuitJean Skirts + Body Suit Jean Skirts + Body Suit Jean Skirts + Body Suit Jean Skirts + Body Suit

HEY + Spring + Shorts

HEY + Spring + Shorts

HEY + Spring + Shorts

Hey Ya’ll! I hope everyone is doing well! Dang, I almost forgot my password to login to my blog! I KID! No, but it has been a long while since I have posted. Like everyone in the world, my life has been a little bit hectic. Remember, life isn’t always the way it appears of social media. As I always tell y’all social media isn’t real life! HA! In any event, it is my hope to get back into somewhat of a posting schedule. The summer time is going to be a bit busy, but still I want to get back to my baby, my blog! It’s so crazy how I had a regular posting schedule at one time!

SO N-E-WAY, who is ready for shorts and tanks tops! ME! I am dying over all of the cute trends for Spring and Summer. I found some of the cutest rompers and dresses and cannot wait to share! Wedges are going to be my staple this season. They are easy on the feet. I  linked some of my favorites below!

I hope everyone is doing well, and thanks for your continued support!

L . HEY + Spring + Shorts HEY + Spring + Shorts HEY + Spring + Shorts HEY + Spring + Shorts HEY + Spring + Shorts HEY + Spring + Shorts HEY + Spring + Shorts HEY + Spring + Shorts

Moto Jacket + Body Con Dress

Moto Jacket + Body Con Dress 

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well! The weather was a bit chilly despite my cheesy smile. We took these photos and I literally hauled but back to my car! Shop style is down today so I hyper linked my #ootd below. I hope everyone has an amazing day!

Dress, Here and Here as well, Heels, Moto, Sunnies, Lipstick


Henley + My Favorite Pair of Jeans

Henley + My Favorite Pair of Jeans

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend and is off to a great Monday! Who loves Mondays? Kidding!  The weather was really nice in the San Antonio area. It was well into the 70’s, and one day 80’s. Current events have been so crazy lately. Yesterday there was a shooting at a mall that my son and I frequent, about 10 minutes or less from my house.  In many instances I have allowed my son to go to Rolling Oaks Mall with his friend to shop etc. My heart sunk as one of his friends sent him a text message saying that they were physically there at the time of the shooting. I am still horrified. One person was killed, and seven were injured. Two individuals were attempting to rob a jewelry store. I am still in disbelief. Why would someone do such a thing? Public shootings have really become a norm in our country and its VERY scary. My kiddo immediately said he never wanted to go to that mall again. I am so sad that he has to live his life in fear. I didn’t live my child or teen years in fear of mass or public shootings. It’s disheartening. Praying for peace in our country.

Alright! Sorry for the moment of sadness! Finding clothes during this up and down weather has proven to be a task! I REFUSE to bust out shorts. Its not that type of party. Besides the extreme paleness of my legs would SCARE everyone. I appreciate that I can wear sandals in the “colder” months, LOL, so I pulled out my Animal Print Steven Madden Carson’s. Ya’ll, I SEARCHED high, and low and cannot find these anywhere. Steve Madden usually repeats shoes over multiple seasons, and I though for sure these would be repeats! NOPE! Don’t worry, I linked similar! As the season progresses into Spring I will post all of my Spring favorites. White t-shirts are always a staple in my wardrobe…LADIES please don’t allow your bra to show. I’ll leave it there. My jeans are EVERYTHING! Ya’ll grab these! I was able to squeeze these thighs of mine into a size 2, they must run BIG! LOL! I would say they run large. This particular pair of destroyed denim is VERY popular. They had them in like 2 stores in SA. I bought two pair, jeans are not forgiving on me at all! Anywho- Have an AMAZING DAY babes!


Christmas and Holiday Parties…Cute and Classic!

Holiday Looks

Hey ya’ll! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I sat in my closet for a good 1 hour or more yesterday attempting to put together some Christmas/Holiday Party looks for y’all. All the while my mini human rushing me because he didn’t want to take these photo’s 😉  Riddle me that? He wanted to watch the Star Wars Marathon…..go figure. He is so good at taking photos, but it has to be when he wants to do it, or he will drag his feet the entire time. Typical Teenager! There is a difference in my photo’s as a lot of my recent photos were taken on our way out with an iPhone (LAZY). These are with his Digital Camera with his hood, blah, blah, blah. I don’t know that stuff…HA! But there is a difference, and I would rather do one blog post a month correctly than half ass it. You know? I feel like I owe my readers that much, despite whatever physical battles I may be facing.

ALRIGHT! So Christmas/Holiday Looks! I went for cute and classic. My dress was an H&M find and I belted it to spice it up! I added a pom hat! Wearing a hat inside is always appropriate for women, who are we kidding right? A red lip is ever the classic, as well as CLB’s!!! If you don’t have the Liquid Lipstick American Doll by ABH, WHY? Its everything! I added extra picks because why not?

Holiday Looks Holiday Looks Holiday Looks Holiday Looks Holiday Looks Holiday Looks Holiday Looks Holiday Looks Holiday looks Holiday Looks img_6778

Lust, Must or Bust

Lust, Must or Bust

Hey Ya’ll! I wanted to get a Lust, Must or Bust posted! Lust, Must or Bust is just as it sounds. Lust are the things that we lust over that are just neat to oh and aw over, Must are a MUST,  and then sometimes we just BUST and buy it! BUST are a MUST sometimes! Bust rarely happen for me and are usually a handbag that I have wanted for like a year or two. Ya know, when no one else is carrying it. LOL! Lust will often sit in my cart for an eternity and I will just stare at it every so often!

Anyway, all of my picks are below. I have to blog in the next coming weeks because companies are sending me free stuff, LOL, LOL!!! I think you guys will like some of the things that are coming up….NO SERIOUSLY! Super neat products, and I am going to push for discount codes for you guys! Some beauty products, which are always FAB! I stopped sponsored post for a long while but figured I would do a few here, and there. I love my blog, and I feel this void when I am not in this space. I have recently received a lot of request to do food reviews, or I guess you could say, healthy product reviews. An Egg Farm reached out to me, very odd. But, okay. I’m rambling…..enjoy the picks!


Fall + Some Cold Shoulder

Fall + Some Cold Shoulder

Fall + Some Cold Shoulder Fall + Some Cold Shoulder Fall + Some Cold Shoulder Fall + Some Cold Shoulder
Hey guys! 

I hope everyone is doing well. I haven’t been able to blog as much, but I am determined to post a few times per week if possible! This little dress is super cute! It gives you a little shoulder exposure but warmth at the same time. Ribbed seems to be a trend for this season. I am sure that you could wear this dress with tights, or long boots. I went with booties since the temps are still rather warm in Texas. I’m wearing minimal make-up, just enough to not look like death! LOL! I linked everything below in hyperlinks! Shop style is having some error issues.

Cold Shoulder Rib Knit Dress;Cromwell Booties; Bracelets (DUPES) ; Watch (DUPE)


Having a great day!


Small Fall Transitions + (Outre’s “Neesha” Review)

Small Fall Transitions + (Outre’s “Neesha” Review)                                                                     

Small Fall Transitions Small Fall Transitions Small Fall Transitions Small Fall Transitions Small Fall Transitions img_2419img_2353

Hey ya’ll! I hope all is well with everyone. We are almost to Friday so that is always a good thing right? I have LITERALLY had a Doctor’s appointment’s everyday this week! Such a drain on my LIFE! N-E-Way, I am incorporating aspects of fall into my outfits, but to TBH it is still blazing in Texas. I see women wearing knee high boots, and think HOW? LIKE how? It’s 90 degrees outside! The Things we do for fashion! So this little dress is the BEST! So flattering, and you can easily dress it up with a pair of heels. My DRESS is only $14.99!!!!! I paired my look with a pair of booties. My booties have a scuffed up look, am I RIGHT? I can’t remember if they came like that, or if I was extra careless. Either way, I LOVE them imperfect.

My dress can be found HERE! 

Hair – So I consider my hair to be an accessory! I have had a few people ask me about video’s, Youtube is so much different than the blogger platform. But, I am in the R&D phase, but still wanted to give you reviews on my hair. LOL! My actual hair natural hair is in a protective braided style underneath the wig (unit), and I place a wig cap on top on my natural hair to protect it. The #1 question I am asked via direct message, or email is if people of all nationalities can wear units. The answer is YES! And if you see a style you love, get it and werrrrkkkkkkk. If you have really thick or long hair, you will most likely need someone to braid your hair so that the wig will fit appropriately over your natural hair. When people ask you if it’s your “real hair”, simply stare back at them blankly! People STAY on my NERVES with that QUESTION! When a wig is worn correctly people can’t tell where you hairline starts,  or if it is in fact a wig. I know, my stylist knows, but the everyday person DOES not know. The wig also needs to be secure! What gives off a wig-ish appearance is when the wig is moving all around on your head. Don’t be her ya’ll, don’t be her.

I am wearing OUTRE’S LACE FRONT, L PART WIG “NEESHA” in the color DR425. Neesha has a yaki texture, meaning this unit doesn’t have a softer relaxed look. This unit is synthetic, meaning its made up of synthetic fibers not human hair. I LOVE this unit. I love the color, and volume of this unit. I usually don’t step out of my comfort zone, but wanted to give DR425 a go. This unit is kinda hot, but is perfect for fall. I would say, buy this until if you are looking for something different for the fall and not willing to dye, but or change your own hair.

Outre Lace Front Wig L Part NEESHA
MATERIAL: Synthetic – Heat resistant fiber
TYPE: Lace front wig
HEAT SAFE: Yes – Up to 400F / Heat resistant fiber

Fall + Dressing for the Weather

Fall + Dressing for the WeatherFall + Dressing for the Weather Fall + Dressing for the Weather Fall + Dressing for the Weather Fall + Dressing for the Weather Fall + Dressing for the Weather
Fall + Dressing for the Weather

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well! We are almost to the weekend, so that is always a great thing right? So, we are well into the fall season, but the temps in Texas are still extra WARM! While I don’t want to break out sunflower dresses (not my style anyway), I don’t want to bust out knee high boots either.

Can we talk about knee high boots for a tiny second. I have a few pair of OTK, and knee high boots, but I am not a big fan. ESPEC, when they SLOUCH! THAT IS THE WORST!!!!! I think two good pair of OTK, or knee high boots are perfect! Not black and nude. Shades, that you don’t currently own. Wanna know what bugs me the most! Flat knee high boots, and when people drag their feet! STOPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!! Pick yo feet up! Why are you sliding in your boots? You are totally ruining the heel! Okay, rant over!

N-E-Way, dressing for the weather. I understand that it’s fall and you want to break out the fall clothing. But, you can’t be decked out in sweaters and knee high boots if its 90 degrees outside! I found this dress to be appropriate for the weather and season, love this brand! I don’t like dresses that easily wrinkle, that is the one con to this dress! But, other than that I LOVE! The mules are TDF and are so comfy! They are ON SALE!!!!  I am quickly becoming a fan of mules. I can’t wait to style these with some skinnies when the temps drop! These are a must have!

Enjoy your day!






Hey y’all! I hope everyone is safe on this rainy Monday! Well it’s rainy is Schertz/San Antonio Texas. It has literally been raining all night. Did not sleep AT ALL! But, my house is spic and SPAN! LOL! We had pretty good weather on Saturday and snapped these photos, later that day my mini human ventured downtown. I am not a big fan of crowds of people in enclosed spaces. If we are spread out cool, but if we are like sardines….I CANNOT DEAL! LOL! He LOVE’s The Pearl, and anything historic. More so for the beauty, and photo’s! So I obliged and took him downtown. We ate at LaGloria, which is HIS favorite! If you are ever in San Antonio you have to give it a try.

So N-E-Way, this little dress, hat and BOOTIES are TDF? Am I right! Sooooo, this hat was apart of the POPSUGAR box that they graciously sent to me. I LOVE IT! The September box it worthy for this HAT ALONE! I will leave a link below that you can  grab to snag $5.00 dollars off! Seriously, you need this months box!

These booties THO???!!!! Ya’ll they are so comfy, and I could walk around in these bad boys for hours! I cleansed my closet last season of a lot of old booties that I wasn’t wearing, or that just weren’t my style anymore. That left me with like 2 pairs of booties. I am being picky about my selection of booties this season, I see so many of the same booties on repeat on Insta, and I AM DYING slowly for creativity__________________! The long line was me crashing, and flat lining, like resuscitate me! Ha!


The September MUST HAVE are everything! Use http://bit.ly/2bGxCSA to get 5 dollars off! Use code SHOP5 !!! @popsugarmh #septembermusthave

I hope you babes have a good one! 


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