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Lace up + White Shorts

Lace up + White ShortsLace up + White Shorts Lace up + White Shorts


Hey! It’s Friday! Time to unwind, right! This sweater is TDF! It’s also apart of the NSALE and is back in stock!!! It’s super lighttttt, and was not too hot to throw on with shorts and heels! LOVE IT! My heels, what can I say besides….they are THE BEST! MY sunnies are linked but they show up in a taupe like color! The should let you select the color red! These sunnies, are LIFE!
Have a great one babes!

Perfect Sleeveless Tunic + NSALE

Perfect Sleeveless Tunic + NSALE

Perfect Sleeveless Tunic + NSALEPerfect Sleeveless Tunic + NSALE Perfect Sleeveless Tunic + NSALE Perfect Sleeveless Tunic + NSALE Perfect Sleeveless Tunic + NSALE Perfect Sleeveless Tunic + NSALE Perfect Sleeveless Tunic + NSALE
Hey! I hope everyone is doing well this morning! Its almost Friday, so that is always a good thing right? So the #NSALE is almost over, and this is another top that I was able to grab! LOVE IT! I am so frustrated with shopstyle lately. I like to post clickable links with photo’s and something is wrong with their platform, and its giving me major ANXIETY!!! WAAAAAAAA! So annoyed. I’m a visual person so I like to see what I click! What about you? Anyway, this sleeveless tunic is TDF!!! You can throw a moto over it, or wear it now with shorts, leggings or destroyed denim. I have ZERO fashion rules, and will wear the most off the wall tops with shorts! IDK, it always come out cuteeeeeee!!! I am still recovering, and drinking a shit ton of water. TBH, I hate water. It’s just not my beverage of choice, get my drift. LOL!


The BEST black DRESS!

The BEST black DRESS!

The BEST black DRESS!The BEST black DRESS! The BEST black DRESS!

The BEST black DRESS! The BEST black DRESS! The BEST black DRESS! The BEST black DRESS!


















Hey! I hope everyone is having a FAB Sunday! Soooooooo! This is The BEST black DRESS! This dress was an #NSALE find and was a GREAT deal! At first I was like nah, because it reminded me of a moo moo…am I right? Then when it came in the mail, I was like I can totally rock with this dress! When I was reallllyyyy overweight I lived in dresses! Dresses hide weight very well. Nordy’s had a few other color available, and I will like those as well! It’s time to start transitioning away from the floral pieces. Do not get the cranberry COLOR! Everyone and their family bought that color! LOL! These mules are a must! So, real quick! I know I don’t post a lot of before and after photo’s on my Instagram, but my weightloss and being overweight is something that I have never kept a secret. My weight has always been an  issue. So before you open your cute little mouth, and say that my before are after’s are not me, or not “real”, please think TWICE! LOL! I would never lie about a time in my life that was extremely painful. Being overweight is hard, and no matter what journey you choose to take to lose the weight, no journey is easier than another. Be KIND PEOPLE!

SORRY, the WIDGETS are not working so I couldn’t display photo’s of the products. I tired for like 2 hours….waaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! I linked everything below tho!



Enjoy your Sunday babes!

More Stripes + Platforms

More Stripes + Platforms

More Stripes + PlatformsMore Stripes + Platforms More Stripes + Platforms image

More Stripes + Platforms More Stripes + Platforms image

Hey! I hope everyone is enjoying this rainy Thursday! I added a few more picks from the #nsale! I also added a bunch of sunnies that are all $12! Just scroll through the selections above! I included some new heels that are a MUST for FALL, and NOW! A ton of stuff has sold out, but I have noticed that some of the items have been restocked! Be sure to check my other post for other picks!

Tour Shirt + Destroyed Denim

Tour Shirt + Destroyed Denim

Tour Shirt + Destroyed DenimTour Shirt + Destroyed DenimTour Shirt + Destroyed DenimTour Shirt + Destroyed DenimTour Shirt + Destroyed Denim

Hey! I hope everyone had a great day! I had surgery yesterday, and I am on the road to recovery. So glad it over, and I am so ready to go home. I’m still in the hospital, but had the best surgeon ever! But, wait? How did you take these photos? Go, figure…well before of course! We snapped these over the weekend while out and about. I snagged these boots at the #nsale, and this T-shirt was the best find and under $18.00! I will blog more about this whole process as I get better, and have more strength!

Have a great one babes!


BEST MOTO Jacket EVER + Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!


BEST MOTO Jacket EVER + Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

The ANNIVERSARY SALE STARTS IN A FEW HOURS! EEKKKKK! It’s the first day that the #NSALE is open to everyone! I am linking most of what I bought to include my makeup finds! Soooo, the jacket I’m wearing is EVERYTHING! GRAB THIS BAD BOY UP YA’LL!!! It is worth the MONEY! Best #NSALE find! I bought some stuff in store, and ordered some stuff online. It would take FOREVER to style what I bought. Some of it is TOO HOT to attempt to style. Just take my word for it, okay, okay…okay good. All of my picks are things I bought, or things I would buy, and think you should grab. The NARS cheek palate is a MUST! I hope you like my stuff, and my PICKS! The sale opens to everyone in like 3 hours! EEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!!



Boho Chic + LaceysLayers

American Eagle + Maxi Dress

Boho Chic + LaceysLayersLacey's Layers Lacey's Layers Lacey's Layers Lacey's Layers Lacey's Layers Lacey's Layers Lacey's Layers Lacey's Layers IMG_4754IMG_4808












Happy Monday ya’ll! So how about this boho look! OMG! I am in love with LaceysLayers Jewerly! Everyone I know loves Etsy! Am I right? I love Etsy because it empowers people to be in business, and live out their passion!

Lacey Deppisch is the owner of Laceys Layers, and lives in San Diego California. She is not new to the fashion industry, and is in the Visual Mechandising Managing, and styling industry. Lacey began expressing her creativity while home with her new baby on maternity leave. Her friends, and family loved her jewelry so much that she decided to expand her creativity to Etsy! Her jewelry line is Boho Chic inspired, and GORGEOUS!

As many of you know, I am always on the look out for a GREAT deal! All of Lacey’s pieces can be purchased for UNDER $20.00, with $3.00 flat RATE shipping! Seriously a STEAL! All of her jewelry is handmade, and made with LOVE! The best kind of jewelry to own! Be sure to follow her on Instagram @laceyslayers ! She does fab give aways as well as sales, and contest!

Dress//Sandals//Earrings(Sold out, similar here)//Necklace c/o


All opinions are my own! 



















Thursday Sales!

Off The Shoulder + Denim Dress

Thursday Sales!

Hey! Really quick before I dive in, I was asked on insta why I never do quick mirror snaps, etc. I really have no excuse! LOL! My only excuse is that I’m LAZY! LOL! I will do my best going forward to get quick snaps of my lipstick, nail polish, bedroom furniture, living room etc. My lifestyle, per say. I’m not the biggest fan of mirror snaps, and would just rather do all my #ootd’s with an digi, but I know that’s unfair and not realistic. I always eat my food before thinking of a photo, so that’s out the window!


So, I am always on the look out for a good deal, or a sale! I mean, I blog about fashion….LOL! A human can never  too many pairs of shoes, or jeans! Anyway, Express is having a an amazing SALE, it’s basically 20% off of all of their clearance merchandise! I linked a few of my fav’s, as well as a few of my fav’s from Forever 21 that are all under $20! My Forever 21 picks all under $20! Snatch them up!

The shoes I linked from Express are a STEAL! I bought the red heeled fringed pair, YES I already have a pair from BR. I bought this pair because they are a little different, and a red heel can add that instant pop to any outfit! Everyone needs a red heel! For the PRICE, its A WIN!

Happy Thursday!

Stripes + Red + Print

Stripes + Red + More

Stripes + Red + PrintStripes + Red + Print Stripes + Red + MoreStripes + Red + Print Stripes + Red + MoreStripes + Red + MoreStripes + Red + MoreStripes + Red + MoreStripes + Red + More
























































































































Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! From the looks off my #ootd looks like I was having a blast as well too huh??! These pants are so much fun! Sooo, I spend my life on Instagram these days, joking, but not really! I follow #BR (Banana Republic) on Instagram, and they #re-grammed someone wearing these pants! But of course, by the time I was able to click on the link to purchase the pants, they were sold out! Talking about bummed! Literally happens to me every SINGLE TIME! Kidding, its rare, that I really want to purchase something really really bad that sells out. LOL! I can usually wait it out.

So, I moved on with my blogger life! LOL! I had to go to Lulu in the Quarry Market (Lululemon), I needed to grab a few spring essentials, so I figured I would pop in, and pop out really quickly after my workout. My eyes scanned BR as my Jeep passed by to go to LULU, I literally busted a U-turn…oops, parked my jeep, and skipped a few steps into BR.

Insert ******angels singing****, there hung the pants in the very front of the store. Only 3 pairs left! Shit! Of course they only had 3 pairs left. They were one INSTA! What are the odds that they were going to have my size, and seriously, I thought these pants were AMAZE, but I didn’t feel like driving all over SA looking for my size. They had a size 4, 6 and a size 2! TBH, I really don’t wear pants like this too often so I don’t know my slack size. I took all three like the greedy blogger that I am to the dressing room. Guess what I did?! I bought the size 2, and the size 4! LOL! HAaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! They both fit, and I wanted to have a baggy pair, and baggier pair! Call me greedy go ahead. IDC! LOL! I’m really fatter in person, I promise! I have NO I idea how I can fit into a size 2. This pant must run extremely big! The pant’s in the photo are the size 2.

N-E-Way, if you want this pant, you will have to go into the store to see if they have it. It’s not available online, they sold out. I am linking some similar’s that are pretty awesome as well! I won’t leave you hanging..but if you don’t ready my story, and you just click, you may be pretty mad at me! LOL! Your fault not mine! I was able to get snag these babies for 40% off, with an additional 50% off my entire purchase. Or something like that! So, it was a pretty sweet deal! Oh, what a day it was….the day in the life L&E, you know you’re glad you are my friend and follow my journeys on here!

Love ya!

Top//Pants(Here, and Here) //Heels//Clutch(MUST HAVE) Bracelet//Necklace//Bangles


Sale Saturday!

Sale Saturday

Sale Saturday!

Happy Saturday!

I hope everyone’s Saturday morning is off to an amazing start! Soooo, there are a TON SALES going on right now! Especially at #EXPRESS !!! They are having 40% off of their entire store! I linked a ton of my favorites! I snagged this dress, because its a CLASSIC, and will never ever go out of STYLE! It was only $35.00 BUCKS! #steal! N-E-Way, my picks are below! Seriously, this is THE best time to stock up on a few affordable Spring, and Summer pieces!

Love ya!

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