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Destroyed Denim + Blue Velvet Booties + Department of Veteran Affairs

Destroyed Denim + Blue Velvet Booties

Destroyed Denim + Blue Velvet Booties

Hey Ya’ll! I hope all is well with everyone! It’s almost Friday so that is always a good thing right? I want to take a moment to mention a new section of my blog that I will be adding. Having served in the military is one aspect of my life that I am most proud of. My military service was one of the best decisions of my life. I have learned so much being a Veteran navigating through the Department of Veteran Affairs, some good and some horrific. Having a platform is an amazing way to share the good, and the blunders. Believe me when I say there have been tons of blunders. My goal is to have an entire tab with Veteran information. Over the last two years I have experienced what has been an absolute nightmare. I would not want anyone to ever go through what I went through so I am going to write about it, and suggest what I think is important to stay on top of your healthcare as a Veteran. My first suggestion would be to obtain a complete copy of your medical records, and READ THEM! The Department of Veteran Affairs will provide your medical record to you on a CD. Get an electronic copy so that you can print your records and read them at your leisure. The Department of Veteran Affairs does not include consent forms nor certain “addendums” that certain providers write about you in your medical record. How do I know? I scoured my medical record, and found notes that referred to certain addenda, but couldn’t locate the providers addendum. I made a complaint to HHS, as it is Federal Law that the VA has to provide me with a complete copy of my medical record. I have yet to hear back from HHS and they have been investigating this for months. The VA does not want me to have them. But guess what? I am obtaining those addenda’s. They are doing something or hiding something they have no business hiding. If you don’t know some of the abbreviations or medical terminology in your medical record, GOOGLE THEM! Compare the notes in your medical record to make sure they actually match up with what you actually spoke to your provider about. Second, check out your medical providers through State Licensing agencies. Check to make sure they are actually a specialist in the field in which you suspect them to be. The Department of Veteran Affairs does not follow State Laws, and often employee foreign Physicians with non-equivalent medical school and training. Recently it was brought to my attention that a surgeon at the VA in San Antonio Texas was not the specialist in which the Director of the VA in San Antonio certified her to be. This particular surgeon performed less 8 procedures of the same procedure she performed on me. But informed me that she performed this surgery ALL the TIME! She left a VAST amount of damage that cannot be reversed. I trusted the VA, and trusted this agency to employee Doctors who are actually specialist. Despite State Records showing otherwise, the Director of VAMC-SA continued to make public disclosures in reference to this surgeon being a specialist. She has most likely had deaths of patients she has operated on after 30 days. VAMC-San Antonio wouldn’t reveal this information. They wouldn’t reveal this information as I am sure tons of patients have died by the hands of this Physician. This Physician is now FLEEING the country to Japan in the next couple of days, but my worry is when she returns back to the United States!!! SO CRAZY! More to come on this entire story!

N-E-WAY! How is everyone liking the velvet boot trend! I have two pairs, and kinda regret purchasing one of the two pairs. The best thing with any trend is to not over do it! The only trend that can anyone can be safe with is the off the shoulder TREND! That trend seems to be here to stay! I am in love with these BLUE Velvet Booties! Seriously, I would wear them with everything if I could! I hope everyone has an amazing day, and be amazing babes! Destroyed Denim + Blue Velvet Booties Destroyed Denim + Blue Velvet Booties Destroyed Denim + Blue Velvet Booties Destroyed Denim + Blue Velvet Booties


Lust, Must or Bust

Lust, Must or Bust

Hey Ya’ll! I wanted to get a Lust, Must or Bust posted! Lust, Must or Bust is just as it sounds. Lust are the things that we lust over that are just neat to oh and aw over, Must are a MUST,  and then sometimes we just BUST and buy it! BUST are a MUST sometimes! Bust rarely happen for me and are usually a handbag that I have wanted for like a year or two. Ya know, when no one else is carrying it. LOL! Lust will often sit in my cart for an eternity and I will just stare at it every so often!

Anyway, all of my picks are below. I have to blog in the next coming weeks because companies are sending me free stuff, LOL, LOL!!! I think you guys will like some of the things that are coming up….NO SERIOUSLY! Super neat products, and I am going to push for discount codes for you guys! Some beauty products, which are always FAB! I stopped sponsored post for a long while but figured I would do a few here, and there. I love my blog, and I feel this void when I am not in this space. I have recently received a lot of request to do food reviews, or I guess you could say, healthy product reviews. An Egg Farm reached out to me, very odd. But, okay. I’m rambling…..enjoy the picks!


Festive Green + Bell’s

Festive Green + Bell's

Hey ya’ll! I hope everyone is doing well! I woke up with a small burst of motivation…LOL! I figured I would post with that burst of energy! The temps are finally somewhat cooler in Texas!  I’m excited, and scared at the same time. Be careful what you wish for right? In a month from now everyone will be wishing for warm weather! Am I right?!

N-E-WAY, I am loving the fact that I can pull out some of my sweater’s and jackets! I am loving the bell bottom trend! NON-JEANS! THESE BELL’s are TDF!!! They are from Fin & Ellie and they are AMAZE! I plan to wear these a TON this season, and the price point is amazing! Call them and place your order! Sometimes you have to trust a blogger, and that blogger is me! You will love these. As far as sizing…..If you have larger legs, SIZE UP! Do not be modest when it comes to sizing. My thighs are big, and I needed to size up. If you don’t have big thighs, normal sizing will be fine. Be honest with yourself. ALL LINKS for the rest of my OOTD are below the photos!

Enjoy your DAY babes!!!


img_5926Festive Green + Bell's Festive Green + Bell's Festive Green + Bell's Festive Green + Bell's img_5949Festive Green + Bell's img_5923

Black Moto + OTK Boots

Black Moto + OTK BootsBlack Moto + OTK Boots Black Moto + OTK Boots Black Moto + OTK Boots Black Moto + OTK Boots Black Moto + OTK Boots Black Moto + OTK Boots

Hello! I hope all is well with everyone! The weather is starting to cool off somewhat in the morning hours in Texas, but it is still blazing in the afternoon. I figured I would break out a pair of OTK boots I grabbed last season. I have kept to my word and haven’t bought any new tall boots. LOL! I love wearing booties, but sometimes having a OTK boot is a good change of pace. My dress is another piece that I received from Zaful! I love this little dress! This dress seems to taper in at the waist, which helps with shaping out your figure. Enjoy the rest of your day beauties!

Also find my dress here!

Fall + Dressing for the Weather

Fall + Dressing for the WeatherFall + Dressing for the Weather Fall + Dressing for the Weather Fall + Dressing for the Weather Fall + Dressing for the Weather Fall + Dressing for the Weather
Fall + Dressing for the Weather

Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well! We are almost to the weekend, so that is always a great thing right? So, we are well into the fall season, but the temps in Texas are still extra WARM! While I don’t want to break out sunflower dresses (not my style anyway), I don’t want to bust out knee high boots either.

Can we talk about knee high boots for a tiny second. I have a few pair of OTK, and knee high boots, but I am not a big fan. ESPEC, when they SLOUCH! THAT IS THE WORST!!!!! I think two good pair of OTK, or knee high boots are perfect! Not black and nude. Shades, that you don’t currently own. Wanna know what bugs me the most! Flat knee high boots, and when people drag their feet! STOPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!! Pick yo feet up! Why are you sliding in your boots? You are totally ruining the heel! Okay, rant over!

N-E-Way, dressing for the weather. I understand that it’s fall and you want to break out the fall clothing. But, you can’t be decked out in sweaters and knee high boots if its 90 degrees outside! I found this dress to be appropriate for the weather and season, love this brand! I don’t like dresses that easily wrinkle, that is the one con to this dress! But, other than that I LOVE! The mules are TDF and are so comfy! They are ON SALE!!!!  I am quickly becoming a fan of mules. I can’t wait to style these with some skinnies when the temps drop! These are a must have!

Enjoy your day!


Protein Bar Review (Zone Perfect Nutrition Bar)

Zone Perfect Nutrition Bar

Protein Bar Review

Protein Bar’s are ALWAYS HIT or MISS! As soon as I take the first bite I prepare to be disappointed. Isn’t that sad? I think it’s because I have had so many protein bar’s that have been down right DISGUSTING! People always say, “it’s good” , when you ask them how the bar actually taste. I ALWAYS reply back and ask…NO, SERIOUSLY what does it really taste like? I have been on a quest to find high protein bars and snacks that really taste like the description. Most of the products are not super “clean” nor “paleo” or primal. That’s just life people. Most of the items are highly processed. It’s give and take.  If your body doesn’t allow you to have any of the products I review, don’t eat them, K? Okay.

This week I am reviewing the Zone Perfect Nutrition Bar (Salted Carmel Brownie) 

So this bar was recommended to me, and the person PROMISED it would be good! The Zone bar is not sold separtely, and is sold in a box of five for $4.87 at H-E-B, and $4.47 at Wal-Mart. My expectation of the bar was for it to be extremely crisp and sturdy like most protein bars. This bar was soft, like a brownie. This bar tasted EXACTLY like a BROWNIE! If you are not a big fan of chocolate you will not like this bar. It was soft, and the salted and drizzled chocolate on top provided a slight crunch.

Nutritional Break Down

200 Calories, 9g Fat, 19g Carbs, 11g Protein 14g, Sugar

If I am watching my carb intake I wouldn’t eat this protein bar. My daily limit for carbs would be a little less than 40g of carbs for the day. This bar would take half of my carbs! Holy moly! This bar would be more of a treat of a dessert.  If I was ever in a pinch, I would eat this bar in a second! My son love them, and it’s a better choice for him. I am always going to be honest about a product that I review. The taste is amazing, one of the BEST protein bars I have ever eaten…HANDS DOWN!
Zone Perfect Nutrition Bar

Destroyed + Off the Shoulder (trend to stay)

Destroyed + Off the Shoulder (trend to stay)image



It’s Labor Day…and I hope everyone has off today! If you don’t, wonk, wonk! I hope everyone had a great weekend! The weather has been so up, and down lately! One thing has remained the same…IT IS STILL HOT! N-E-Way, the off the shoulder trend seems to be in full force! I am a fan! It is extremely simple to throw on one of these tops and be on your way! You can find my exact top HERE! It was literally $11.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously a STEAL! I have never had any issues with this company. It does take about 10 days to get your stuff, but for the  price I cannot complain!

Jean Jacket + Black

Jean Jacket + Black

Jean Jacket + BlacK 
Jean Jacket + Black Jean Jacket + Black Jean Jacket + Black Jean Jacket + Black

Hey! Happy Friday! This week seems like a blur! So glad it is Friday, this has been a long week! I have been MIA like crazy in every aspect of my life. Sometimes I have to knock on my own head and ask if anyone is home! LOL! My little mini human is back in school so we have been getting back into the swing of things with school. Let me stop! DEAR LESLEY, stop being a lazy ass, and post your blog post! Sincerely, GET OVER YOURSELF!!! LOL!

N-E-way! How cute is this little jean jacket?! I am dying over it! I can’t wait to style it in future post.I wore it with a little swing dress with all of the rain we were having, and it was perfect! Not to heavy at all! Def. a staple! Can we talk about this little handbag from BR for a second?!!! First you know I am the cheapest blogger on the planet right? I believe in choosing what you spend on fashion pieces wisely. Shoes are my favorite…probably because I spent a lot of time being overweight, and shoes always fit no matter what. I grabbed this little handbag when BR had an additional 40% off, and I had reward $$$ so it was a MAJOR win! This little beauty goes with everything! Someone asked in a IG post if this is really what I wear? ummmmmmmmm Yes? What do you mean? I wear all of my jewelry, and my makeup and heels when I get ready for the day. I think getting ready, and fully dressed helps a persons overall wellbeing. I think everyone judges people by their appearance. I would be lying if I said I never have. Do I skim past a person and don’t care about them at all, sure. I judge my Doctors in every since. If they are overweight, how can they give me advice about losing weight? Or advise me to lose weight. If they smell of cigarette smoke, F-O-R-G-E-T IT!!! Nothing they say has VALUE!!!!!

As always…I am rambling…

Lace up + White Shorts

Lace up + White ShortsLace up + White Shorts Lace up + White Shorts


Hey! It’s Friday! Time to unwind, right! This sweater is TDF! It’s also apart of the NSALE and is back in stock!!! It’s super lighttttt, and was not too hot to throw on with shorts and heels! LOVE IT! My heels, what can I say besides….they are THE BEST! MY sunnies are linked but they show up in a taupe like color! The should let you select the color red! These sunnies, are LIFE!
Have a great one babes!

Weekly Workout + HIIT

Leith Tank + Olive

Weekly Workout + HIIT

Good morning! I hope everyone is doing well this morning! I wanted to get a workout going for people who workout at home, or who are looking for some variety! I know I have a ton of the blog, but sometimes its fun to add something new. I am just out of surgery, so I am not working out at full capacity. I literally feel like I have been a smoker for like 20 years. It is sooo  hard to catch my breath. I know with diligence I will get back to a good fitness level!

N-E-Way lets get this workout going!

Warm Up 

100 Jumping Jacking’s 

Part 1 (Complete this Rep Scheme for 28 minutes, and DONE)! 

15 Burpee’s 

15 Mountain Climbers 

15 Superman’s 

15 Jumping Squats 

15 Push-Ups 


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