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Fall + Some Cold Shoulder

Fall + Some Cold Shoulder

Fall + Some Cold Shoulder Fall + Some Cold Shoulder Fall + Some Cold Shoulder Fall + Some Cold Shoulder
Hey guys! 

I hope everyone is doing well. I haven’t been able to blog as much, but I am determined to post a few times per week if possible! This little dress is super cute! It gives you a little shoulder exposure but warmth at the same time. Ribbed seems to be a trend for this season. I am sure that you could wear this dress with tights, or long boots. I went with booties since the temps are still rather warm in Texas. I’m wearing minimal make-up, just enough to not look like death! LOL! I linked everything below in hyperlinks! Shop style is having some error issues.

Cold Shoulder Rib Knit Dress;Cromwell Booties; Bracelets (DUPES) ; Watch (DUPE)


Having a great day!


Trendy + Zaful

Trendy + Zafulimg_3115Trendy + ZafulTrendy + Zafulimg_3138Trendy + Zaful

Hey ya’ll! I hope all is well with everyone. Last week was rough for me! N-E-Way, I am back with this sponsored post in colab with Zaful! So velvet is trending like no one’s business! When I spotted this dress, I knew I wanted to give it a try! I am not sure if I am on board with a velvet bodycon dress though…hmmmm.

Zaful is not based in the US, so it does take some time to get your items. I like to put this out to everyone! I feel like I am always behind on sponsored post, so I feel like I receive my items really quickly! LOL! I haven’t been well, and last week posed some challenges with posting. I am still waiting on a few items from Zaful, but its not big deal for me. If you like your items to arrive quickly, waiting may be difficult. A vast majority of Zaful’s items are more than affordable. I was happy with the quality of this dress, and feel that it is more than worth the price. This dress can be easily styled with knee high boots, or OTK boots. The color is AMAZING, and it what is happening for FALL! Find my DRESS HERE! 

Please remember to always SIZE up! Even if you are traditionally an extra small. Don’t tag shame yourself and order an extra small, to only receive your item to have it fit like a onezie. I selected this dress in a size medium, and I’m comfortable with my size selection. I can usually read the reviews and decide on sizing.

Be fierce babes…..xoxo

Protein Bar Review (Zone Perfect Nutrition Bar)

Zone Perfect Nutrition Bar

Protein Bar Review

Protein Bar’s are ALWAYS HIT or MISS! As soon as I take the first bite I prepare to be disappointed. Isn’t that sad? I think it’s because I have had so many protein bar’s that have been down right DISGUSTING! People always say, “it’s good” , when you ask them how the bar actually taste. I ALWAYS reply back and ask…NO, SERIOUSLY what does it really taste like? I have been on a quest to find high protein bars and snacks that really taste like the description. Most of the products are not super “clean” nor “paleo” or primal. That’s just life people. Most of the items are highly processed. It’s give and take.  If your body doesn’t allow you to have any of the products I review, don’t eat them, K? Okay.

This week I am reviewing the Zone Perfect Nutrition Bar (Salted Carmel Brownie) 

So this bar was recommended to me, and the person PROMISED it would be good! The Zone bar is not sold separtely, and is sold in a box of five for $4.87 at H-E-B, and $4.47 at Wal-Mart. My expectation of the bar was for it to be extremely crisp and sturdy like most protein bars. This bar was soft, like a brownie. This bar tasted EXACTLY like a BROWNIE! If you are not a big fan of chocolate you will not like this bar. It was soft, and the salted and drizzled chocolate on top provided a slight crunch.

Nutritional Break Down

200 Calories, 9g Fat, 19g Carbs, 11g Protein 14g, Sugar

If I am watching my carb intake I wouldn’t eat this protein bar. My daily limit for carbs would be a little less than 40g of carbs for the day. This bar would take half of my carbs! Holy moly! This bar would be more of a treat of a dessert.  If I was ever in a pinch, I would eat this bar in a second! My son love them, and it’s a better choice for him. I am always going to be honest about a product that I review. The taste is amazing, one of the BEST protein bars I have ever eaten…HANDS DOWN!
Zone Perfect Nutrition Bar

Pink + Be You

Pink + Be You                                                                                                                                       image

Hey ya’ll! I hope everyone is enjoying their Monday! My Monday started off kind of crazy! My post is late because of it! #bloggerproblems. I literally wanted to take my computer and chunk it out of my front door this morning. No joke! Everyone say’s that the computer I have is one of the best, but it LITERALLY shut off right in the middle of my post…WITHOUT SAVING! WTF?????N-E-Way, do you like my pink and silver/white hair? I know you LOVE IT!  The title of this blog post is pink + be you. Blogging has to be fun, if its not fun, you will reach the point of burn out.  Blogging requires creativity. My blog is my creative outlet-and inexpensive therapy. I get to spill my guts to you guys FOR FREE? Win win, RIGHT? I’m asked about starting a blog everyday, no joke. The best advice I can give to anyone is, BE YOU. When I first started my blog, I tried to fit the mold of everyone else. I CRINGE looking back at old photos! They were not me at all! I’m not like everyone else. I don’t like taking photo’s of flowers in my front seat with Starbucks. Cuss words often slip out of my mouth in snaps, or on my blog post. I am unapologetic about this aspect of myself. This is me, being me. Trying to be like everyone else will not set you apart from other blogs. You can’t set your blog up around what you think a brand may want you to be! BE YOU, or be PINK!



Weekly Workout (HIIT)

Lace up + White Shorts

Weekly Workout (HIIT)

Hey ya’ll! I hope every is having a great week so far! I am trying to get back into a good workout routine. I was able to go to Crossfit this morning. First time in many mornings. GAH! I swear I have literally had a doctors appointment almost every morning. Shit is beyond annoying to my LIFE!  Having 3 surgeries since February is ALOT! I am still meditating, and tying to clear my head space. I am listening to some amaze podcast that have been life changing….real tho! Putting so much in perceptive.

I can’t see myself having anymore surgeries. Shit gives me anxiety thinking about it. I feel like I have anesthesia brain, I can’t remember ANYTHING! I have to write everything down!

I am always going to keep things real with ya’ll. My exercise routine has been horrible! I have been a CARDIO queen. Cardio is easy, you don’t have to do any thinking to do cardio. Just go! I can see a difference in my body from doing only cardio. My arms are saggy, baggy! Even body weight movements can help toning! Nothing is heavier than your own body weight!

Alright! Let’s get this party started!

Warm Up 

15 Push-Ups 

15 Super Man’s 

15 Jumping Squats 


Only 1 Part today- Repeat X 3 Take up to 30 Minutes! 

50 Push-Up’s 

50 Mountain Climbers 

50 Jumping Squats 

50 Crunches 

Moto Jacket + BR Favorite

Moto Jacket + BR Favorite

Moto Jacket + BR FavoriteMoto Jacket + BR FavoriteMoto Jacket + BR FavoriteMoto Jacket + BR Favorite
Moto Jacket + BR FavoriteMoto Jacket + BR FavoriteMoto Jacket + BR Favoriteimage

Good Morning! I hope everyone is having a good Tuesday morning, and had a nice long weekend! I know we are into the Fall season, and despite the warm weather in Texas some people are actually experiencing Fall like weather! I m doing my best to transition somewhat, while dressing for the weather at the same time! I am attempting to be cognizant of all readers from everywhere! Ya’ll, we are still having BLAZING temps in TEXAS!

This Moto Jacket was an NSALE find, and it is TDF! So gorgeous! I think it comes in one other color and will link that color as well! This brand is known for their moto jackets and their prices are ALWAYS reasonable! SNAG you one, because you WILL not find one at a better PRICE!

Have an amazing day loves!

Jean Jacket + Black

Jean Jacket + Black

Jean Jacket + BlacK 
Jean Jacket + Black Jean Jacket + Black Jean Jacket + Black Jean Jacket + Black

Hey! Happy Friday! This week seems like a blur! So glad it is Friday, this has been a long week! I have been MIA like crazy in every aspect of my life. Sometimes I have to knock on my own head and ask if anyone is home! LOL! My little mini human is back in school so we have been getting back into the swing of things with school. Let me stop! DEAR LESLEY, stop being a lazy ass, and post your blog post! Sincerely, GET OVER YOURSELF!!! LOL!

N-E-way! How cute is this little jean jacket?! I am dying over it! I can’t wait to style it in future post.I wore it with a little swing dress with all of the rain we were having, and it was perfect! Not to heavy at all! Def. a staple! Can we talk about this little handbag from BR for a second?!!! First you know I am the cheapest blogger on the planet right? I believe in choosing what you spend on fashion pieces wisely. Shoes are my favorite…probably because I spent a lot of time being overweight, and shoes always fit no matter what. I grabbed this little handbag when BR had an additional 40% off, and I had reward $$$ so it was a MAJOR win! This little beauty goes with everything! Someone asked in a IG post if this is really what I wear? ummmmmmmmm Yes? What do you mean? I wear all of my jewelry, and my makeup and heels when I get ready for the day. I think getting ready, and fully dressed helps a persons overall wellbeing. I think everyone judges people by their appearance. I would be lying if I said I never have. Do I skim past a person and don’t care about them at all, sure. I judge my Doctors in every since. If they are overweight, how can they give me advice about losing weight? Or advise me to lose weight. If they smell of cigarette smoke, F-O-R-G-E-T IT!!! Nothing they say has VALUE!!!!!

As always…I am rambling…

Weekly Workout + HIIT

Leith Tank + Olive

Weekly Workout + HIIT

Good morning! I hope everyone is doing well this morning! I wanted to get a workout going for people who workout at home, or who are looking for some variety! I know I have a ton of the blog, but sometimes its fun to add something new. I am just out of surgery, so I am not working out at full capacity. I literally feel like I have been a smoker for like 20 years. It is sooo  hard to catch my breath. I know with diligence I will get back to a good fitness level!

N-E-Way lets get this workout going!

Warm Up 

100 Jumping Jacking’s 

Part 1 (Complete this Rep Scheme for 28 minutes, and DONE)! 

15 Burpee’s 

15 Mountain Climbers 

15 Superman’s 

15 Jumping Squats 

15 Push-Ups 


The BEST black DRESS!

The BEST black DRESS!

The BEST black DRESS!The BEST black DRESS! The BEST black DRESS!

The BEST black DRESS! The BEST black DRESS! The BEST black DRESS! The BEST black DRESS!


















Hey! I hope everyone is having a FAB Sunday! Soooooooo! This is The BEST black DRESS! This dress was an #NSALE find and was a GREAT deal! At first I was like nah, because it reminded me of a moo moo…am I right? Then when it came in the mail, I was like I can totally rock with this dress! When I was reallllyyyy overweight I lived in dresses! Dresses hide weight very well. Nordy’s had a few other color available, and I will like those as well! It’s time to start transitioning away from the floral pieces. Do not get the cranberry COLOR! Everyone and their family bought that color! LOL! These mules are a must! So, real quick! I know I don’t post a lot of before and after photo’s on my Instagram, but my weightloss and being overweight is something that I have never kept a secret. My weight has always been an  issue. So before you open your cute little mouth, and say that my before are after’s are not me, or not “real”, please think TWICE! LOL! I would never lie about a time in my life that was extremely painful. Being overweight is hard, and no matter what journey you choose to take to lose the weight, no journey is easier than another. Be KIND PEOPLE!

SORRY, the WIDGETS are not working so I couldn’t display photo’s of the products. I tired for like 2 hours….waaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! I linked everything below tho!



Enjoy your Sunday babes!

Shorts + Booties

Shorts + Booties

Shorts + BootiesShorts + Booties Shorts + Booties Shorts + Booties Shorts + Booties Shorts + Booties Shorts + Booties

Hey! I hope everyone’s Monday is off to a great start! I loved all of the Father’s Day post yesterday! Pretty Amazing! I want to start off by saying that the last few weeks, and days have been filled with so much tragedy and loss. It has been absolutely heart wrenching. It’s hard to watch any kind of news, much less be on social media. I pray God restores peace, and solace in the hearts of those who have suffered the loss of loved ones. I pray for love, in a time in which I feel our country needs it most. And lastly, I pray that no Presidential candidate use tragedy as political gain, and focus only on the needs of the American People.

Every now and again I like to remind everyone about the perception on social media. Social media portrays the best version of ourselves. I know my Instagram does. I have seen some Instagram accounts, especially (weight-loss) that show the real deal. I commend the ladies that show their true before and afters. But, the majority of people do not show their true form. ME! LOL!

My photo’s are taken with a digital camera, which look very different from iPhone photo’s. VERY DIFFERENT! Sometimes I take a selfie and I’m like, NOPE! LOL! j/k. j/k! All of my photos have a filter to fit the theme of my Insta. I don’t wear a full face of make-up everyday. But, when I am going out for the day, I do get dressed and wear make-up. I feel like this is good for me mentally, and physically. Even if I feel the worst, I make myself. My life is not perfect, it’s far from it. We all have personal things that go on in our life, you know? It’s easy to get sucked up into social media, and think that a person is #perfection, and they are not. The snaps we take most likely take 10-15 minutes of our entire day. The editing most likely takes the most time, which I don’t do. My son does my editing! He is so good at anything photography wise, and social media in general. Snaps occur 1-2 times per week out of love for fashion, style or make-up. The same love as someone who may love to run, or bike or swim. I think people forget, that we love fashion what goes into having a blog, and that writing/blogging is out of love. I am extremely selective about the content that I offer. I say no ALOT!  Just remember that no one is perfect as you scroll insta, I know I’m not!

Top // Shorts // Booties // Clutch  (similar) // Sunnies // Earrings

Have an amazing day babes!