Weekly Workout (HIIT)

Hey! I hope everyone’s Wednesday is off to a great start! How did yesterday’s workout go?

I have had to force myself to get back into a good workout routine. I have had so many doctors appointments as of late, and its been hardddddd!!!!!!  I caught myself picking certain workouts, easy workouts, and eating more carbs than I normally would. Carbs taste so good, and they sell them everywhere! I have the mind of an obese person, and I have to be mindful of this everyday of my life. I have also been under a lot of STRESS! Stress will wreck your body like no one’s business! I never sleep more than 3 or 4 hours so I can’t use that as an excuse…LOL! #veteranproblems

N-E-Way I did yesterday’s workout, and my legs are screaming! I made sure to do LISS, and I am going to make sure I stay consistent with LISS 3-4 times per week. LISS is hard to stay consistent with..it’s boring. Just keeping it real! Find a place of peace, and get your LISS done. It will shed body fat!

How do you hold yourself accountable?


Warm Up

50 Mountain Climbers 

50 Jumping Jacks 

Part 1 (Intended to be fast due to low reps) Complete for 11 minutes, 3 minute break, then again for 11 minutes 

10 Push-ups

10 Mountain Climbers 

10 Jumping Squats 

10 Sit-ups  

Mandy Is our featured athlete on the cover (follow her on instagram for inspiration @muscleslikemandy)

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