Weekly Workout (HIIT)

Hey ya’ll! I hope every is having a great week so far! I am trying to get back into a good workout routine. I was able to go to Crossfit this morning. First time in many mornings. GAH! I swear I have literally had a doctors appointment almost every morning. Shit is beyond annoying to my LIFE!  Having 3 surgeries since February is ALOT! I am still meditating, and tying to clear my head space. I am listening to some amaze podcast that have been life changing….real tho! Putting so much in perceptive.

I can’t see myself having anymore surgeries. Shit gives me anxiety thinking about it. I feel like I have anesthesia brain, I can’t remember ANYTHING! I have to write everything down!

I am always going to keep things real with ya’ll. My exercise routine has been horrible! I have been a CARDIO queen. Cardio is easy, you don’t have to do any thinking to do cardio. Just go! I can see a difference in my body from doing only cardio. My arms are saggy, baggy! Even body weight movements can help toning! Nothing is heavier than your own body weight!

Alright! Let’s get this party started!

Warm Up 

15 Push-Ups 

15 Super Man’s 

15 Jumping Squats 


Only 1 Part today- Repeat X 3 Take up to 30 Minutes! 

50 Push-Up’s 

50 Mountain Climbers 

50 Jumping Squats 

50 Crunches 

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